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  1. Hello everyone! This Topic is all about Time Attack Records. You got some fast runs? So, let us know about them! Rules : - Hacking, cheating to get fast times is not allowed (will result in a ban) - In team the whole party must complete the quest together and nobody is allowed to leave the room before Falz, to get shorter Darvant waves. better position at vol-opt1 etc. - Only Ultimate Records - All player custom weapons who aren't equal to their originals are not allowed. (including custom skinned one, modified special one etc) other items are allowed it even includes crate reward, anniversary/event limited items. - If a time seems unserious and you are in possession of a custom weapon you probably need to proof your time with a video/picture of your inventory (video is prefered) - Using a second account for Shifta/Deband counts as 2 Player! - If you and your team built PB or used PB before quest start, it will be counted as PB run. If you and your team used PB during the run, it won't be counted as PB run. When you post a time, you have to mention : - If you played in solo or team, - The name of the quest. - If you used PB before quest start. - Your time - The names of the players and their classes - And finally the picture/video proof. (Video prefered) Last Rule: Always follow the forum rules! Episode 1 (NO PB) Episode 2 (NO PB) Episode 2 (PB) Episode 4 (NO PB) Topic will be updated as soon your TA records getting posted Good luck to everyone and cheers
  2. Gael Giel mags by Shisui

    Hey there, You want a Gael Giel mag? No clue how to feed it or just want to avoid that work? Shisui is the answer I‘ve specialized myself in feeding Gael Giel mags. Because its one of the best looking mags in game (my opinion) and on top of that it‘s the best mag of the entire server! I won't provide 0def mags I can provide the mag cell! PM me here or on discord if you looking for a Gael Giel mag! Cheers Shisui
  3. How to feed 0 DEF mags

    Hello everyone, this is my tutorial how to feed a 0 DEF mag without gaining one single DEF point! First of all.. How do we get 0 DEF mags? Pretty simple: You can get them randomly from a Legendary Item Crate! Now into the feeding: Feed it with a blueful HUnewearl Step 1: Mag 0DEF / 0POW / 0DEX / 0MIND Now feed the mag with 19x Antidotes Step 2: Deposit the mag in the bank and withdraw it Now feed the mag with 1 more Antidote Now your mags stats are ~0,99DEF / 2POW / 8DEX / 0MIND Also your mag evolves into Varuna and gains the Photon Blast "Farlla" Step 3: Feed your mag 4x antiparalysis (to loose some DEF-points) And now change blocks to save your mag Step 4: Feed your mag only antidotes until it reaches lvl 35 At lvl 35 the mag evolves into the mag Marutah and gains the Photon Blast "Pilla" Step 5: Feed your mag 1x antiparalysis and then 5x dimates (first the antiparalysis then the dimates!!!) Repeat that step until your mag reaches lvl 49 Step 6: Once your mag reached lvl 49 trade it to a HUmar with the ID Redria Repeat step 5 until your mag reaches lvl 50 At the moment your mag Marutah hit lvl 50 it evolves into the mag Ila and gains the Photon Blast "Mylla & Youlla" Congratulation! You can now use a custome mag cell on that mag and lvl it up to lvl 200 and it haven't gained any DEF-points! (feeding custom mag: POW=feed it dimates, DEX=feed it antidotes, Mind=feed it difluids) If you want to make the mag Kama to let it evolve into a Tellusis or a Gael Giel follow step 7 & 8: Step 7: (evolving into a KAMA) Trade the mag Ila back to your blueful HUnewearl. Now feed the mag Ila dimates until POW gets higher than DEX. If that's the case then your mag will evolve into the mag KAMA The mag is now ready to use the mag cell Dragon Scale on it to let it evolve into a Tellusis (Any Kama mag + Dragon Scale = Tellusis) Step 8: (only for Gael Giel) after your mag evolved into the mag Kama feed it dimates (for POW) / antidotes (for DEX) / difluids (for MIND) untill it reaches lvl 100 BUT you need to have POW higher than DEX and DEX higher than MIND also don't forget that your mag will evolve into a 4th evolution mag (Savitri) when your mag hits lvl 100 that only happens when your mags DEF plus POW is equal to DEX plus MIND The mag is now ready to use the mag cell D-Photon Core on it to let it evolve into a Gael Giel (Any Kama mag at lvl 100+ plus D-Photon Core = Gael Giel) If you got any questions about mags just leave a question here in the comments or send me a private message with your question! Hope you like that tutorial! Cheers Shisui Here is the mag feeding chart! While mag feeding the feeding chart should always be your best friend! https://playpso.net/forums/topic/328-mag-feeding-charts/

    I tried everything. There is no 4 yellow stat plan with 2 free slots. Sorry
  5. B> 3RD ANNIVERSARY BLADE one of each, paying in dts (stats do not matter)

  6. About Item Readers & Destiny Reader (Beta)

    This is a problem of the UAC settings. They shall try lowering the UAC by 1 level and then retry if the game still crashes. At a certain lvl it wont crash anymore!
  7. B> 1x Heavenly/Resist - done thanks @Piv

  8. Show your screenshots

    Got number 2 out of 10 also got 2 of those. 1 with ok-ish stats
  9. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    na the thing is, so chances in TA are for everyone the same, even in that „special category“ some players have more advantage compared to others because of their custome weapon, etc
  10. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    @VEL thanks for your opinion, i appreciate that! What i wrote in the main post about rules: "- Server made weapons are allowed (except player custome weapons)", in this case actually Alpha Eagle would be allowed, acording to the rules set. Now the thing is, if we ban alphas for example, we also would have to ban player custome weapons even if they are equal to their original, but due to max hit and only obtainable for 1 player (would be unfair too), also what about items which dropped once and never come back? like Dark Falz Buster, back in the days a lot of players had them, but nowadays? there arent many left. Then the next thing would be 2nd Aniv wings, which only dropped during 2nd anniversary event and will never come back, so player who will join the server and never get the chance to obtain them would mean - we should also ban 2nd Aniv wings from TA runs even if they were obtainable once, thats the same about alphas.. they were obtainable back then in the alpha, as far as i know magic made 3 of them (+ 2 for him and sabby) which means there are 5 out there (not confirmed) well if we ban AE from TA runs due to it is unobtainable to other players, we will have to ban every item that droped once, but does not drop anymore (to keep TA clean, also for new players coming in future)
  11. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    @VEL also what i forget to mention.. you said „for alpha testers only“ i am no alpha tester so what does the community say? is the run legit? or do i have to redo it with boondocks instead of alphas? 😅
  12. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    http://universps.online.fr/pso/bb/skin/listeSkinUS.php5?cat=17 from here are the area skins
  13. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    well state/maintenance negate the negative effect of j/z so you run roct just without buffs/debuffs on you tbh i think it doesnt really matter, Boondock Saints maxxed does nearly the same amount of dmg and has handgun range, while alphas have mechgun range my boondocks are 0 dark, and they do a little less than half of the dmg that alphas do, if you want, i can do the run again with boondocks instead of alphas hahahah
  14. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    I tried something different now @Nickie came up with the idea! So i started training some ROCT solo runs, this one is my first ever solo ROCT! And i started last weekend with learning patterns, etc. But there is a lot of space for improvement! basically the last 3 floors were just luck to me since i never got the time to check out spawns or figuring out a strat. Raid on Central Tower - Episode 2 - NO PB Shisui (RAcast) - 10‘08 remaining here the video enjoy ^~^
  15. Error 903

    @Magictrick @DameHamara i had this problem once aswell, I fixed it by allowing psobb.exe/psobbw.exe in the firewall should be just a checkbox to activate EDIT: you can find this under allowed Apps in the firewall, then just activate the checkbox (if its not already activated)
  16. Show your screenshots

    Got online today and checked what daily it is. It was Max S ep2. So i thought ok let's go for this one. I didn't check my ID or went for a specific ID. just took the one i had since I logged out the last time. Also didn't check the droptable. like 1 or 2 minutes after I started the run:
  17. Hi! I am Wrath...

    @Wrath thanks for the nice words! but you definitley forgot about one of the most important stuff member... @Mylandra
  18. Price guide

    that d-virus launcher i'd say 15-20 dts, if it has other stats even more d virus armor has no range in stats so there is no min/max, but it was being sold for 15 dts lately (in my eyes little bit too much, but its hard to get it so its still a fair price)
  19. Show your screenshots

    was about time
  20. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    Thats one awesome time! CG! It has been added to the TA-record list
  21. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    Thanks for supporting my work :3 actually never made this sheet official lol
  22. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    I can confirm this somehow! The limitation of 1 scape doll per char/bank/common bank was made to make the gameplay diffrent.. to make it a little bit harder same counts for the knock back as @Lipelis mentioned it already. This consists since server release But all these changes are definitely compensated through added custom items. Thats the philosophy on how our admin wanted to run the server. About luck mats. I never played PSOBB on dreamcast or wherever it was playable back in the days, but since i play PSOBB, luck mats were always beeing a red box (also on other servers untill they changed the box skin for them), so I'd say it always have been red boxes? EDIT: Once i was brave enough to go on an adventure with @Piv (HUct lvl 130 quest: PW4) and had only one moon atomizer on me. I carried piv through this game. @Lipelis this is the way of playing with piv haha, in any other way he wont learn how to survive.
  23. Show your screenshots

    to anyone who already found an item with an incredible hard droprate: TRY TO BEAT THIS there is only bulclaw on yellowboze who drops psycho wand in ruins. Sadly didnt take a shot of /roominfo
  24. Show your screenshots

    My first rgs drop ever :3 not to bad stats tho! Thanks to @Howitzer for the runs<3 (Next one is yours )