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  1. Hello

    Welcome bro
  2. B> Final Egg Blaster

    Looking to buy Final Egg Blaster. PM me.
  3. Please close

    Looking to buy Death Reaper & State/Maintenance. PM me.

    Hey thx again bro. Fast service and just what I requested. Thx again and I'll be coming back to you soon to do business again
  5. B> Dark Meteor

    Looking to buy Dark Meteor. Paying in DTS. PM me
  6. VEL's Trade List

    Hello, Do you still have these weapons? CELESTIAL FUSION [0/50/50/0|50] / 20DTs YASMINKOV 9000M [Demon's] [0/20/0/30|0] 10pds TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [0/30/25/0|0] / 10PDs ARMAGEDDON 0/0/0/40 / 25PDs COMBUSTION CANNON [0/0/25/30|0] [untekked] 10pds YASMINKOV 9000M [Charge] [0/0/25/20|0] Immortal/Power *3 / 9PDs each RED PHANTOM FIELD *? /7PDs each V503 / 40PDs MOLTEN RING *2 /5PDs each If so, how much is it all for DTs?
  7. Hello everyone

    Thanks for all of your help guys 🙂
  8. Hello everyone

    Hey everybody I'm new to the server. I been playing PSO since Dreamcast days. Is there a Donation system here? Whats the best weapons? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.