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  1. finally after months of hunting I got you Olga flow!!!

    Congrats! I feel this, took many months one to drop for me as well. Nothing like the moment ya finally get it.

    In case you don’t get one, you can hunt the mag cell for it (rappy beak) yourself in ep4 very hard on bluefull, both sand and del rappy drop them on that Id.
  3. Brand new

    Welcome, if you hate starting from scratch, you found the right server. With x10 exp on now you will fly through those levels. The helpful community and happy hours every 15.5 hours will ensure you find gear fast too.
  4. Is this my lucky day?

    Fun game ty, I choose 36 and 49.
  5. What's coming to Destiny PSOBB?

    Starting up that hype train, alllll aboard! Woo woo! Next stop jam’n new PSO stuff.
  6. S> wings of life 20dt SOLD pls close

    Update: price slashed down to 20 dt (was 30 dt).
  7. Dad Gamer playing PSO again

    Welcome, happy to show you around if I run into you, all my characters have Hamma in the name.
  8. WTB> Yamigarasu w/ hit CLOSED

    Well if you looking to for 80 hit and you have dt, Vel has in shop https://playpso.net/forums/topic/547-vels-selltrade-list/
  9. S> wings of life 20dt SOLD pls close

    Selling 1 min stats wings of life, asking price is 20 dt. Open to other offers. SOLD
  10. List of server features

    Welcome and yes you will notice lots of differences from vanilla pso right off the bat. You sure did start with 100k meseta, all new accounts do. That helps keep your FO good on fluids and cover all those consumable items when you start out. I am no admin but I can tell you the number of the players on the server increases during the happy hour that occurs every 15.5 hours and lasts for 3 hours. It goes up even more when events are going on. There is currently no event going on, expect the next jump in player numbers to occur when the Easter event starts.
  11. List of server features

    Yes many of destiny’s files get flagged as a virus even though they are all false positives so you need to white list the whole folder in your antivirus. I know I had to, otherwise my antivirus just deletes all of my destiny files. I assure you all of destiny’s files are safe.
  12. List of server features

    Good stuff Sam, nice summary. The link to thread you referred to with all the details is here.
  13. bugs/ item combinations not working/ etc

    I can at least help clarify m85 fury mechanics. Iirc it takes 27 shots or 9 button presses of light or hard attack to charge or “heat up” the gun. Bullets do not have to be shot at monsters. Once charged (electric visual effect on gun indicates) you can use the special 3 times (3 button presses) before the charge is spent. The bullets will be larger if charge is active while using special. You cannot have more than 1 charge at once (no stacking). When used with a charge, the does more damage than a heavy atk, I know it is at least as much as any sacrificial special would do (maybe more) but not sure exactly how much attack multiplier is. The bullets are all blinding lights so it can be tough to see damage numbers. LKcombat is better if you have high lvl shifta on. Imo m8fury only worth if you are going to use it consistently so you can get those big damage charges. Still a very cool gun. Anyone is welcome to correct me/ add more info. I also noticed ancient prophecy zal range not boosted by zal booster. Tried it with bat wings and no range increase. Definitely would be nice to see the boosts work.
  14. S> 1 wings of life 40 DT CLOSED

    Selling 1 min stats wings of life for 40 DT, willing to hear other offers. This offer will only last till 3 hours from time of this post. PM me if interested. Offer closed now, ty.
  15. Sell 1 wings of life 35 DT, DONE, SOLD!

    Done, sold to Howitzer!