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  1. Donations are back online

    Donations were temporarily disabled for a while in regards to updates around the bitcoin cash network. Back in the day we accepted Bitcoin only, but replaced it with Bitcoin Cash due to absurdly high transaction fees when the bitcoin network overloaded in late 2017 (up to $30 per transaction). The fees are now back to normal, and for this reason we've added back the original Bitcoin alongside Bitcoin Cash. The service is back online and the overall system is more streamlined. Check it out here playpso.net/donate Donating with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash will still give you 20% extra Donation Tokens. Happy hunting!
  2. Halloween 2018!

    Event ends Sunday december 2nd around 12:00 PM server time (GMT). Make sure to change your ids back.
  3. About Daily Quest rules

    It appears the rules regarding our Daily Quest feature weren't entirely clear. When we launched this feature, we've mentioned the maximum allowed amount of accounts per day to obtain Daily Crates with is 2. To avoid confusion we've updated the rules with a dedicated "Daily Quests" section: It explicitly explains the intention, participation and rules of our daily quest system. You can read it here. So once again for good measure, the maximum amount of daily crates you're allowed to get is 2 crates per player per day. From now on we will start to monitor daily crate activity more extensively. Note that farming Daily Crates with two or more accounts at the same time (multi logging) was never allowed, and the rules have always been clear about that. Please all play fair, if not, there will be consequences. Thanks all for understanding.
  4. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  5. Destiny v0.6.14 - Walking through Flames

    Fixed some small things with today's maintenance: Fixed Zu's Punishment special not working due to this update. Reduced Last Emperor required ATP from 950 to 750. Fixed an issue where Maximum Attack quests didn't show their version ( A, B, or C ) in the name and dailyquest banner. Fixed disconnect from Paganini item exchange in Gallon Shop
  6. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  7. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  8. Halloween 2018!

    Hahaha, it's our pleasure. We're actually really late but we didn't just want to copy/paste last year, and some of the things we did had terrible technical difficulties. But we made it! Also, credit must be given where due, I'm super proud on everyone that worked so hard to make this happen. This event wouldn't be possible without the hard work of our amazing staff team. By the way, for the people that are curious, here's a Grim Reaper teaser:
  9. Halloween 2018!

    Halloween 2018! Happy Halloween! We're proud to present Destiny's second halloween event. Halloween Theme A super awesome halloween theme is active throughout Ragol during the event. Credits: Graphics, areas, HUD, etc. by @Shiva Music and sound by @Shiva & @Rsnemesis Special Phantastic Bazaar activities @Orgodemirk Hallo Rappies Obviously the Hallo Rappies are back, dropping Jack-O'-Lanterns that contain various mag cells. x10 XP For the entire event! Trick or Treat throughout Ragol You can now go ahead and trick or treat the monsters in ragol. Actually by trick or treat we mean kill them. But they do sometimes drop treats in the form of presents! 3 Different presents exist. They come wrapped Are limited edition (only obtainable for the next 4 weeks) One of the presents is a weapon, and it comes tekked with a random tier 4 special Presents drop the same way as crates, individually No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a present. Note that it's not allowed to farm presents with multiple accounts at the same time. Get S-ranks Once you collected a bunch of jack-o'-lanterns, you have the chance to trade 25 of them for an s-rank weapon (no special) with a GM. Redeeming s-ranks starts when the event ends. Like last year, the Headless Horseman has returned! but this time around, he invited an infamous friend: The Grim Reaper! Find the Headless Horseman in episode 1 ruins. Find the Grim Reaper in episode 2 tower. These monsters are more powerful than regular ragol residents, and there's a high chance you'll meet death (lol), so you better bring some friends. However, to make the pain and suffering worthwhile, they both drop some brand new items: ANCIENT PROPHECY "An ancient double saber said to have the power to weaken enemies around it." Special: Lv 17 Zalure. Class: Ramar, Ramarl, Racast, Racaseal, Humar, Hunewearl, Hucast, Hucaseal LAST EMPEROR "An ultimate double claw powered by mental strength. Its special attack uses TP to blast enemies." Special: Uses 40TP to launch a special blast that hits enemies in front of the wielder. Class: Ramar, Ramarl, Humar, Hunewearl, Fomar, Fomarl, Fonewm, Fonewearl BAT WING (LIMITED EDITION) "A pair of mysterious wings. Its strange powers boost certain techniques." This shield boosts Jellen & Zalure range by 100%, and ATP by 60. Class: All. Limited edition, meaning it drops during Halloween only, and may or may not return next year. For more information about these items check playpso.net/database. And last but not least: Here's an awesome halloween themed fomar skin by @shadie! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8k0ztqkvbq39y6v/Mercurials_FOmar.rar HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Event will approximately end about 4 weeks from now. Credit to shiva for the awesome picture!!! And a special mention to @Sabrina for the countless hours testing our stuff. Enjoy!
  10. Destiny v0.6.14 Game Celestial Fusion now properly displays a banner after receiving it from a crate. Items Final Egg Blaster range increased from 80 to 130. Quests A brand new Destiny exclusive episode 2 quest has been added: Walking through Flames by @Orgodemirk. This quest has around 30 epsilons, and some very cool twists & surprises, so no need to miss LHB, because: Lost Heart Breaker (Episode 2 - Retrieval) removed for these reasons. You can now add 5 and 10 hit at a time for photon tokens in the Phantastic Bazaar quest. The option to view, add and swap specials on certain weapons that have none by themselves has been added. Weapons such as yasminkov series, Type weapons, etc. Adding a special costs 50 pds. The prices are subject to change and may increase/decrease as we see fit, but currently its 50 pds. Buying photon tokens in the Phantastic Bazaar now costs 6 pds instead of 10. Hotfix #1: Fixed Zu's Punishment special not working due to this update. Reduced Last Emperor required ATP from 950 to 750. Fixed an issue where Maximum Attack quests didn't show their version ( A, B, or C ) in the name and dailyquest banner. Fixed Paganini item exchange in Gallon Shop.
  11. hi magic im looking to donate next month and i was wondering where it says donate here and u click it it goes to account and password is that for bitcoin or coin based account or can u use a bank account that can switch to bitcoin cash? i was just curious thank u any response is good

    1. Magictrick


      I've send you a PM.

  12. It's more than a year since we first introduced the daily quest concept. Since then a ton of items were added to the game, so we decided it's time for a new crate to replace the old fashioned legendary item crate. We present the brand new... Phantasmal Crate! This crate completely replaces legendary item crate. Any leftover legendary crates you have can still be opened like normal, and rare item crates are unaffected by this change. Meaning in normal-vhard daily quest you still get a rare crate, and in ultimate you get a Phantasmal Crate. As some of you know, Gush Needle was an item solely obtainable from the legendary crates. It may or may not return somewhere down the road, but currently it's unobtainable. So what's in it?! For starters there are no longer addslots of photon crystals in the crate. Instead, now you get Photon Drops and Photon Tokens just like anniversary crates. Secondly we've added a complete new item to the game which is, just like Gush Needle, solely obtainable from Phantasmal Crates. Cryo Warhead "A special warhead loaded with ultra-low temperature photons. Can be used with a certain rocket launcher." Use it with a level 200 ranger on a fully grinded Iron Faust to create Arctic Faust. Many thought it was impossible, and this weapon took a very long time to research and implement correctly into the game (mainly in regards to balance), but we're proud of the result. Arctic Faust "A rocket launcher armed with a special warhead. It's special attack freezes enemies in the blast radius." This weapon features truly unreduced blizzard. Used with v503, it's about as effective as Arrest Needle. Here's some action: Changes are live. Good luck!
  13. Duo Time Attack Event

    In addition to the prize item, both players of the 1st place team also receive a special badge on the forums: Good luck
  14. We removed GuardianGirth's quests

    Alright, fair enough. LHB is essential to certain droprates, but once we have a replacement, LHB will be removed (and most likely LSG restored). I'm sure many will miss the quest but we're going to honor our initial decision. We stand for a safe online environment, not affiliated with pedophiles and their creations. Thanks @Mylandra for the thorough research.
  15. Weird files flagged as Trojans

    Well, there's no actual "file" named Occamy.C, or Fuerboos for that matter, anywhere in the client. These are names for "threats" the antivirus software finds (or claims to find). The files the software is concerned about are psobb.exe/psobbw.exe files and in psobb.pat/psobbw.pat. The latter are the same files but in patch form. Since our client changes with each update, there's not much telling what kind of flags it gets picked up on each time. Last update we only had 6 flags, this time we're not so lucky it seems. But I assure you, there's no malware in our client. Use your best judgement, but you should know that all psobb servers have virus flags in their files (some even in additional .dlls). Even the original stock psobb client had a ton of flags. If you want to play here without issues, you pretty much have to whitelist the folder (or at least the 4 files I mentioned).