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  1. Halloween 2019!

    Nothing except the skin.
  2. Halloween 2019!

    Halloween 2019! Happy Halloween! We're proud to present Destiny's third halloween event. Halloween Theme Once again, a super awesome halloween theme is active throughout Ragol during the event. Credits: Graphics, areas, HUD, etc. by @Shiva Music and sound by @Shiva Special Phantastic Bazaar activities @Orgodemirk Hallo Rappies Obviously the Hallo Rappies are back, dropping Jack-O'-Lanterns that contain various mag cells. x10 XP & free section ID change For the entire event! Trick or Treat throughout Ragol You can now go ahead and trick or treat the monsters in ragol. Actually by trick or treat we mean kill them. But they do sometimes drop treats in the form of presents! Besides the usual 3 presents, this year around there's a 4th one to obtain. They come wrapped Are limited edition (only obtainable during halloween) One of the presents is a weapon, and it comes tekked with a random tier 4 special Presents drop the same way as crates, individually No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a present. Note that it's not allowed to farm presents with multiple accounts at the same time. Get S-ranks Once you collected a bunch of jack-o'-lanterns, you have the chance to trade 25 of them for an s-rank weapon (no special) with a GM. Redeeming s-ranks starts when the event ends. Like last year, the Headless Horseman and The Grim Reaper have returned to cause havoc! Find the Headless Horseman in episode 1 ruins. Find the Grim Reaper in episode 2 tower. These monsters are more powerful than regular Ragol residents, and there's a high chance you'll meet death (lol), so you better bring some friends. However, to make the pain and suffering worthwhile, they both drop some brand new items: DEMON WING (LIMITED EDITION) "A pair of demonic wings that boost support techniques and attack power." This shield boosts Jellen & Zalure range by 100%, and ATP by 60. Class: All. Limited edition, meaning it drops during Halloween only, and may or may not return next year. ETHEREAL ARMOR "This legendary piece of equipment gives the wielder a set of extraordinary abilities. Only usable by forces." Boosts: Megid Penetration, Attack Speed +80% Class: fomar, fomarl, fonewm, fonewearl ILL GILL REAPER Video: Check it out on youtube "An ultimate scythe worn by Ill Gill. When equipped, three different attacks can be used." Type: Partisan ATP: 900 Special: Unreduced Tempest/Blizzard/Hell, depending on button press. In addition to the special attack, also deals regular damage. Targets: 10 Class: all For more information about these items check playpso.net/database. For droprates check out the droptable. Note: For balance reasons, the quest Defend the Main Room (epsisode 2) has been temporarily removed. Why we're late: HAPPY (LATE) HALLOWEEN!!! Credit to shiva for the awesome picture!!! Enjoy! Hotfix #1: An issue has been fixed with Ill Gill Reapers sometimes not able to be tekked.
  3. Halloween Event Update

    Sorry for the lack of updates regarding the status of halloween event, guys. But I finally have some good news. Most of the issues have been resolved and I am in the process of finalizing the event. Halloween event will go live friday evening around 8:00 PM server time (GMT). Thanks all for your patience.
  4. Halloween Event Update

    Hi all, this is a small update regarding the status of halloween event. We're all working very hard to finish it as fast as possible. However, despite all efforts, one of the new items still has some bugs and isn't as stable as we want it to be. For this reason the event will be delayed a bit longer. I know this sucks, but we want to release items that are up to the standards you came to know us by. And sadly, that isn't currently the case. To make up for this, we decided to activate x10 XP, Free Section ID, and random Photon Token drops until the event officially starts. Once the event goes live Photon Tokens will stop dropping, as they're not normally part of Halloween. Thanks for understanding, and apologies for the inconvenience. PS. Here's a little teaser of one of the new items...
  5. Destiny PSOBB 2nd Anniversary!

    Event is now over. Thanks everyone for playing!
  6. Destiny PSOBB 2nd Anniversary!

    The duplicate stats bug is now fixed. More information can be found in the Destiny 0.6.19 patchnotes topic. If you have a glitched item with duplicate stats, as @VEL said, reload blocks with the item in your inventory to fix it.
  7. Destiny v0.6.19

    Hotfix #2: A bug was fixed with crate stat distribution where, in some cases, weapons received wrong or duplicate attributes. This fix also slightly increases your chances to receive better stats on items from crates. Posted below is some additional information related to this bug, potentially affected items and how to fix them. I received an item with a duplicate attribute. Can I get my item replaced? No. I know this sucks, but the truth is that we are not sure in every case what any potential stats were supposed to be. Plus, some glitched items are long reset by relogging, or have stats/hit added to them. Which makes it pretty much impossible for Destiny staff to validate potential stat adjustments in all cases. For these reasons we will not be replacing glitched items individually, sorry. Keep in mind it’s not guaranteed to receive certain stats on items received from crates. It’s all random, and the chance for a reward to be affected by this bug was equal for everyone. What is the chance this bug affects a stat-worthy weapon from a crate? In case of Anniversary Crate, we estimate around 0.96%. However, getting duplicate stats on an item is lower. Duplicated stats was only part of the bug. Was my item with duplicate stats supposed to have hit instead? No, it’s not certain that the item was supposed to have hit. If it was supposed to have another stat, it could’ve been any stat. What happens now? With the bug fixed, there’s a small increase in receiving weapons with more or better attributes, as well as some more variation in stat types. Consider this as a small buff in regards to stat generation on crate rewards from now on. How do I fix my item with duplicate stats? Reload blocks or relog with the item in your inventory. The item will automatically be fixed.
  8. Destiny PSOBB 2nd Anniversary!

    Even if those stats were possible, they'd get reset on the next relog anyway. lol Anyways, we've been investigating this bug, and a fix is in the works. I'll post some more information on this topic later.
  9. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  10. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  11. Destiny PSOBB 2nd Anniversary!

  12. Destiny PSOBB 2nd Anniversary!

    Destiny PSOBB 2nd anniversary! Happy Birthday Destiny! 2 Years ago we launched Destiny PSOBB to the public. As some of you know, it wasn't exactly a smooth launch lol. But after 2 years, we're still here! I'm super proud on our (mostly drama-free) community, and our passionate staff team that continues to improve the game. Thanks to everyone, staff and players, for the amazing support over the years. For the next 2 weeks we celebrate Destiny's birthday! Festive Lobby A special lobby in honor of Destiny's 2nd anniversary, made by @Shiva ! Anniversary Crate Like last year, We've prepared a special "Anniversary Crate". It can contain a LOT of different items and just like the daily crates can contain items with up to 100% attributes/hit (even though at a very rare chance). They are dropping randomly from any monster in the game. Rules: Anniversary crates drop individually for each player. No daily limit, you can find/pickup as many crates as you want. It's not allowed to farm crates with multiple accounts at the same time. Happy hour doesn't influence the crate droprates. Rates: Free PDs Well, not entirely free. But for the duration of anniversary, @Orgodemirk altered the infamous quest World of Illusion. Normally this quest awards a random material after each of the 7 stages. This time around, the last 5 stages award a Photon Drop instead. Remember, in this quest, dying is game over! Limited Edition Anniversary Wings To celebrate anniversary, limited edition 2nd Anniversary Wings will drop throughout Ragol for the duration of the event. 2ND ANNIVERSARY WINGS "Special wings obtained during Destiny PSOBB 2nd anniversary." Class: All. DFP: 180. EVP: 190. Required Level: 100. Boosts: ATA +30, Resta 100%, Jellen 200%. Each ID drops 2nd Anniversary Wings in a different color. For example, Redria drops red wings, Greenill drops green wings... etc. For a total of 10 different colors. The wings are LIMITED EDITION. Meaning only obtainable during Anniversary, and will NOT return later. Drop locations: Viridia Wings: Shambertin 1/19.69 Greenill Wings: Olga Flow 1/14.22 Skyly Wings: Dark Falz 1/25.6 Bluefull Wings: Olga Flow 1/14.22 Purplenum Wings: Dark Falz 1/25.6 Pinkal Wings: Saint Million 1/19.69 Redria Wings: Epsilon 1/426.67 Oran Wings: Shambertin 1/19.69 Yellowboze Wings: Saint Million 1/19.69 Whitill Wings: Epsilon 1/426.67 x10 XP & Free Section ID changes x10 experience is enabled for the duration of Anniversary. Free section ID is enabled in weekends. To change your id, use the command /sectionid. Anniversary lasts for ~2 weeks. Enjoy & happy anniversary!!!
  13. Destiny v0.6.19

    Hotfix #1: Fixed an issue with drop notifications happening in multi rooms.
  14. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  15. Destiny v0.6.19

    Destiny v0.6.19 Game Added a drop notifications command. This displays a small message whenever an enemy drops a Photon Drop, Daily Crate or event item. Usage: /dropnotifications 1 to enable, /dropnotifications 0 to disable. Added the ability to see specials on rare weapons that have none by themselves, such as Yasminkov series. Changes are live. Enjoy! Hotfix #1: Fixed an issue with drop notifications happening in multi rooms. Hotfix #2: A bug was fixed with crate stat distribution where, in some cases, weapons received wrong or duplicate attributes. This fix also slightly increases your chances to receive better stats on items from crates. Posted below is some additional information related to this bug, potentially affected items and how to fix them.