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  1. EASTER EVENT 2020: Chaotic Casino

    Easter event has now ended. Thanks for participating and I hope everyone had a great time!
  2. Legality of server

    The way I see it, we could be taken down if sega really wants to, just like any other private server out there. But in reality I don't believe they care much. No current pso server community is large enough to be a significant threat to them. Maybe if there was a server with thousands of online players at a given time they would consider taking it down. But even then, as mylandra said, action would be taken against the server owners, never against the players. So at most you lose your time invested in your characters.
  3. Destiny v0.7.2

    Hotfix #1: Fixed pds still dropping as max 1. Now properly drops in stacks of 1-3 as intended.
  4. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    180 to make up for the long wait
  5. EASTER EVENT 2020: Chaotic Casino

    DESTINY PSOBB EASTER EVENT 2020 Happy Easter from Destiny PSOBB! Ultra HD Sonic Theme A super awesome sonic theme throughout Ragol, made by @Shiva ™. Now also includes themed monsters. Egg Rappies Of course the Egg Rappies are back, dropping Easter Eggs that contain various stuff. Find the Rappies in Episode 2 Temple. Chaotic Casino An infamous evil Doctor decided to open a casino in mines! But some things didn't go according to plan, and now the slot machines are raging out of control. Do you have what it takes to enter the chaotic casino and save Ragol from this mechanical madness? Drops: New armor: Primal Nexus "This strange artifact is embedded with ancient magic. A proficient caster can harness this magic to empower offensive techniques and magic resistance." DFP: 180-200 EVP: 250-300 EFR: 45 ETH: 45 EIC: 45 EDK: 40 ELT: 40 Required Level: 200 Boosts ALL offensive techs by 30% Drops from: Corrupted Slot Machine / Episode 1 Mines / Ultimate / All ids Hellfire Shield This item is a new cosmetic illusion for Cataclysm Shield, with equal stats. It drops for the duration of this event, afterwards it's only obtainable by using an Orb of Illusions on a Cataclysm Shield. Drops from: Corrupted Slot Machine / Episode 2 Spaceship / Ultimate / All ids Profound Darkness This item is a new cosmetic illusion for Three Seals, with equal stats. It drops for the duration of this event, afterwards it's only obtainable by using an Orb of Illusions on a Three Seals. Drops from: Dark Falz / Episode 1 Ruins / Ultimate / Skyly, Redria, Oran Returning drop: Zu's Punishment "A mysterious cane created from the head of a Zu. Its special attack launches 3 fireballs." ATP: 465 ATA: 60 Required MST: 1100 Tech Boosts: foie 60%, gifoie 50%, rafoie 40% Special: Launches 3 level 16 foie forward. The foies benefit fully from tech boosts, making each one around 80% as effective as a single foie. Skin by @Shiva Code by @Magictrick Drops from: Shambertin / Episode 4 / Ultimate / All ids x10 XP & Free Section ID For the entire duration of the event! Use /sectionid to change your section id. The event lasts for around 4 weeks. ENJOY!!!
  6. Destiny v0.7.2

    Items The texture for the string of "dots" on From the Depths and DF shield have been improved and now properly animate. Two new combines have been added for Orb of Illusions. An Orb of Illusions used on a Cataclysm Shield will turn it into a Hellfire Shield, and when used on a Three Seals, creates a Profound Darkness. As always, the changes by Orb of Illusions are cosmetic only and the item stats are equal to the original item. Game Photon Drops now drop in random stacks of 1-3 photon drops just like materials. Bugfixes Some very nasty desync bugs were fixed. Special thanks to @Mylandra, @Shisui and erveryone else that reported desync issues. At the moment we're still actively improving and monitoring the current state of desync. This has been our highest priority for a while, and will remain our highest priority until it's considered fixed. For the time being other upcoming features will somewhat take the backseat, but we believe this is for the greater good. Thanks for all the patience. Changes are live.
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  14. Error 903

    Whitelisting in Windows firewall isn't needed, but rather in windows defender. You'll need to whitelist the Destiny folder or at the very least psobb.exe, psobb.pat, psobbw.exe and psobbw.pat. Make sure to restart your pc afterwards. Sometimes the files remain blocked until you restart it regardless of the exception.