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Found 20 results

  1. Destiny v0.7.3

    Game changes Shared dropstyle has been disabled, from now on individual dropstyle is default and all rooms created have it set to individual. We did this because almost no one uses shared drops anyway, and moving forward to new content, it's unreasonable for us to keep maintaining two dropstyles. Fixed an issue where weapons were not dropping with over 70% attributes. All this time the attribute percentage generation wasn't working correctly and it was actually impossible to find higher than 70% attributes on weapons. Even though still very rare, it's possible now to find weapons with up to 90% attributes. The chance is give or take 1/10,000, the default rate for PSO. Special thanks to @VEL(JP) and everyone else involved who pointed out this issue to me. I ran multiple simulations that eventually confirmed their suspicion, and in the end found the issue. The fix works in my testing, but as always, make sure to report any issues you may find. Custom monsters in events no longer appear globally, but instead appear in specific quests, which have their own category in the quest menu. These categories are only available during the respective event. Event item drops are also now tied to specific quests. The actual droprates can be found in the respective event topic. Various bugfixes and anticheat improvements.
  2. Destiny v0.7.2

    Items The texture for the string of "dots" on From the Depths and DF shield have been improved and now properly animate. Two new combines have been added for Orb of Illusions. An Orb of Illusions used on a Cataclysm Shield will turn it into a Hellfire Shield, and when used on a Three Seals, creates a Profound Darkness. As always, the changes by Orb of Illusions are cosmetic only and the item stats are equal to the original item. Game Photon Drops now drop in random stacks of 1-3 photon drops just like materials. Bugfixes Some very nasty desync bugs were fixed. Special thanks to @Mylandra, @Shisui and erveryone else that reported desync issues. At the moment we're still actively improving and monitoring the current state of desync. This has been our highest priority for a while, and will remain our highest priority until it's considered fixed. For the time being other upcoming features will somewhat take the backseat, but we believe this is for the greater good. Thanks for all the patience. Changes are live.
  3. Destiny v0.7.1

    Bugfixes Ultimate Double Cannon and Orb of Illusions combination now works properly. Humar and Hunewearl get Lavis Storm, Hucast and Hucaseal get Double Fury. Fixed Iron Faust and Cryo Warhead combination. We've also implemented various anti-desync measures. We're keeping a close eye on server-client desync and are investigating more potential causes that result in desync, and will be rolling out more stability improvements in the next few weeks. In the meantime here are some tips to minimize the risk of desync: Always reload block before using a combine item. And optionally reload block afterwards to ensure the item was combined properly. When making high value trades, reload block before making the trade and always trade in a fresh room. Secondly always use trade window instead of drop trading. If trade window throws an error, reload block and remake the room.
  4. Destiny v0.7.0

    Destiny v0.7.0 Instead of completely new gear, this update addresses a few long awaited changes to some of the existing custom items. We didn't want to add new stuff again while many items are underused, broken or weak. We hope you enjoy their new powers/looks. Here we go! Items Dark Bridge now also boosts Rabarta by 50%. That's right, this makes it the first ever PSO weapon with 4 tech boosts: Rafoie, Razonde, Rabarta and Grants. Dark Bridge now has a special. It ‘s able to launch level 23 Grants to up to 3 targets in front of the wielder at once. L&K38 combat is now combo unlocked when equipped on a ranger. Nightmare skin updated: Nightmare description updated: “Yamigarasu's true form. Its special attack launches a series of relentless strikes, that when hit, instantly kill.” Nightmare’s special attack updated. Instead of regular reduced hell, it now has unreduced hell that hits multiple targets in a cone in front of the wielder. Subzero now has unreduced blizzard instead of regular blizzard. Subzero skin updated: Ethereal Armor’s speed boost has been increased from 80% to 100%. Christmas Spirit is now also usable on forces. Bugfixes Dark Flow handle texture now properly spins again. Changes are live. Enjoy!
  5. Destiny v0.6.19

    Destiny v0.6.19 Game Added a drop notifications command. This displays a small message whenever an enemy drops a Photon Drop, Daily Crate or event item. Usage: /dropnotifications 1 to enable, /dropnotifications 0 to disable. Added the ability to see specials on rare weapons that have none by themselves, such as Yasminkov series. Changes are live. Enjoy! Hotfix #1: Fixed an issue with drop notifications happening in multi rooms. Hotfix #2: A bug was fixed with crate stat distribution where, in some cases, weapons received wrong or duplicate attributes. This fix also slightly increases your chances to receive better stats on items from crates. Posted below is some additional information related to this bug, potentially affected items and how to fix them.
  6. Destiny v0.6.18 Game We added a new feature: Scheduled happy hours. From now on, happy hours are not random anymore, but rather every 16 hours a happy hour starts automatically. This will make sure happy hours is fairly distributed between different time zones. You can see the time left until next happy hour by using the /hh command. Random happy hours may still occur in special occasions, though. The command /npc now tells you what skin you've selected. The /arrow command now uses the same color numbers as the /sectionid command. Fixed the adjectives in banners. Some adjectives were wrong, for example "player has found a A New Friend". Bugfixes Fixed an issue with the daily quest generator where the system sometimes picked battle training as daily. A bug has been fixed where certain mag colors weren’t able to be randomly picked. This affects mags received from crates and found in mines. Quests A new quest has been added to the game. We’re proud to present the biggest quest ever added to Destiny PSOBB: THE ETERNAL AGE! by @Orgodemirk The quest features randomly generated runs and boss fights, and ends in an epic final showdown in Seabed and Olga Flow. This new adventure is loaded with secrets, shortcuts, puzzles and a unique challenge for the bravest of hunters. We will reveal some of the things in the quest in about a week from now, so stay tuned, but for now, it’s up to the champions of Destiny to unravel its mysteries. The brand new quest can be found under Episode 2 / Destiny at the quest counter. The following quests are no longer eligible to be daily quest: Harmony of Despair 2 Today’s Rate Beyond the Veil The East Tower The West Tower The Phantastic Bazaar (lol) The following quests have been updated/fixed: Forest Offensive (Episode 1): Fixed crash when anyone other than red slot player attempted to receive rewards. Everyone can now properly get a reward from the machine. Max Attack S (Episode 2): Increased time after stage completion. Strange Sighting (Episode 1): Fixed issue with bank not being usable. Removed fixed camera angle. Endless Nightmare 4 (Episode 1): Changed a door that required 2 people to open. Now the quest should be doable solo. Path to Salvation (Episode 1): Changed it so everyone has to talk to quest giver to obtain meseta reward. Previously, when one player talked to the quest giver, it popped up a message for all players which could be annoying while tekking/banking. World of Illusion (Episode 2): Removed DFP and EVP mats. Changed the code to allow receiving mats even if you're 30/30 as long as you could hold more of the randomly chosen material. Random Attack Xrd Stage (Episode 2): Fixed issues with players getting stuck in Mountain area. Random Attack Xrd Stage (Episode 1): Fixed a small issue with it not clearing the correct area from the mainwarp. Items The following items now have descriptions: Armageddon Boondock Saints Celestial Fusion Combustion Cannon Death Cannon Death Reaper Dragon Sword Exterminator Frostbite Glide Divine S Glide Divine X Grave Digger Hell Striker Judgement Blade Kitetsu Mitsunari Oblivion Planet Eater Soul Biter Sword of Despair Tiger’s Fang & Dragon’s Claw Tormentor Twin Pallasch Taste of Affection Passion Haze Claw of Elements A new item has been added to the game: Soul Devourer! Take a look in the summer event 2019 topic or in the database for more information on this weapon. Changes are live. Huge thanks to our amazing staff team for making this all possible.
  7. Destiny v0.6.17

    Destiny v0.6.17 Items Rathalos Greatsword skin has been fixed. Arctic Faust now properly has Iron Faust range instead of Panzer Faust. Fixed Sega's range calculations for certain projectile based weapons. Before this change, some weapons were able to target a monster but not always hit it. For example, this was clearly noticeable with weapons such as Death Cannon and Christmas Spirit able to target Dark Falz at the other side of the platform, but not actually hitting him with their projectile. Weapons affected: - Panzer Faust - Iron Faust - Arctic Faust - Ruby Bullet - Death Cannon - Christmas Spirit - Rathalos Greatsword (explosion only) - Final Egg Blaster (explosion only) - Gi Gue Bazooka ...and possibly more. These weapons now perform significantly better. Last Emperor no longer strikes with its regular attack when the special is used. Some of you might be sad, but this weapon is literally the definition of overpowered. So a nerf was required that doesn't make it entirely useless as well, and we think we've achieved that with this change. Game In ultimate difficulty, the following tools are now always available in the shop: - Monomate - Dimate - Trimate - Monofluid - Difluid - Trifluid - Sol Atomizer For balance reasons, Star Atomizers and Scape Dolls are still only occasionally sold. This feature has been tested quite a bit, but if you encounter problems, don't hesitate to post here or in the bugtracker
  8. Destiny v0.6.16

    Destiny v0.6.16 Items Dark Meteor now fires 7 shots instead of 5. This makes it the only 7 target weapon currently in the game. Dark Flow, when using the wave attack, no longer ignores its normal attack. Meaning you can hit up to 5 enemies with the wave and up to 10 with the regular strike. This change makes Dark Flow more powerful and more reliable. Quests New quest Beyond the Veil added in Episode 1 / Special. Read more about this quest in the Xmas event topic.
  9. Destiny v0.6.14 Game Celestial Fusion now properly displays a banner after receiving it from a crate. Items Final Egg Blaster range increased from 80 to 130. Quests A brand new Destiny exclusive episode 2 quest has been added: Walking through Flames by @Orgodemirk. This quest has around 30 epsilons, and some very cool twists & surprises, so no need to miss LHB, because: Lost Heart Breaker (Episode 2 - Retrieval) removed for these reasons. You can now add 5 and 10 hit at a time for photon tokens in the Phantastic Bazaar quest. The option to view, add and swap specials on certain weapons that have none by themselves has been added. Weapons such as yasminkov series, Type weapons, etc. Adding a special costs 50 pds. The prices are subject to change and may increase/decrease as we see fit, but currently its 50 pds. Buying photon tokens in the Phantastic Bazaar now costs 6 pds instead of 10. Hotfix #1: Fixed Zu's Punishment special not working due to this update. Reduced Last Emperor required ATP from 950 to 750. Fixed an issue where Maximum Attack quests didn't show their version ( A, B, or C ) in the name and dailyquest banner. Fixed Paganini item exchange in Gallon Shop.
  10. Destiny v0.6.13

    Destiny v0.6.13 Game Material drop ratios have been leveled. What this means is that, unlike before, power/HP/mind/defense/evade materials now drop evenly. There’s the same chance of getting a power material vs getting a mind material, for example. Luck and TP material rates are untouched. Randomly found materials can now drop in stacks of up to 3 materials per stack/drop. Doesn’t affect farmable materials. Fixed an issue with wrong “display” of possible daily crate items due to lag. Now the “displayed” picked item and actual received item should always match. Added banners for Handgun:Milla and Lavis Cannon. Items Added Ultimate Double Cannon sound. Updated Star Eulogy name and description. Gal Wind HP drain reduced from 7% to 5%. This means using this item to trigger mag invincibility is no longer possible. Grinders, Addslots and Materials now stack to 250 instead of 99. Fixed a texture issue sometimes happening with Chao/Dark Chao and Naga/Twin Wraith. Judgement Blade ATA increased from 35 to 65. Updated Twin Wraith texture. It’s now HD, and matte instead of glossy. Changes are live.
  11. Destiny v0.6.12

    Destiny v0.6.12 Game Increased D-Virus Armor speed boost from 70% to 80%. Revised battle unit speed. Certain drops and droprates have been altered based on the run time/difficulty and item usefulness. Rebalanced episode 2 monster EDK on ultimate. Starter meseta increased to 150,000. Twin Sato mag now spins when a trigger is activated. NiGHTS mag no longer spins when a trigger is activated. Changes are live.
  12. Destiny v0.6.11

    Destiny v0.6.11 Game Taste of Affection and Passion Haze now drop forever from Epsilon Redria and Viridia at 1/310. Reduced number of blocks from 3 to 1 for the time being. Some of you will probably be mad, but it is what it is. Reason for this change is the appearance of the server to new players. An empty room list in block 1 is just sad, especially when there are in fact people online. If you want privacy you can still go to another lobby and/or put passwords on your room, but at least the server will appear somewhat more alive this way. Added an option to max your characters materials to the donation reward list. Bugfixes Fixed a nasty bug that causes the entire ship to crash. Fixed the issues with some daily quests still being picked, even though they were blacklisted. Fixed some daily quests showing wrong episode. Changes are live.
  13. Destiny v0.6.10

    Destiny v0.6.10 Game Photon Drops, Materials, Grinders and Techs now drop individually when /dropstyle is set to 2. Luck Materials can now drop almost everywhere with SEGA rates. Implemented adding S-Rank Specials at Paganini's in Gallon's Shop. Bugfixes We were able to narrow the remaining server/client item desync down to two nasty cases, which are now both fixed. Big thanks to all player reports on this matter. I probably forgot stuff, and I may or may not change this post down the line. Changes are live.
  14. Destiny v0.6.9

    Destiny v0.6.9 Game Section ID now sticks forever after room creation, even if the leader leaves the room or stays at Pioneer 2. Basically the section ID of the room creator is used for everything now. (Suggested by NDW) Room section ID is now shown in the roominfo when pressing "tab". (Suggested by NDW) Added /guildcards command to see guildcards of all the players in the lobby/room. Bugfixes Fixed "Can't use techniques in pioneer" bug. Fixed a bug with Kondrieu not dropping anything if the chance was too high. Changes are live.
  15. Destiny v0.6.8 patchnotes

    Destiny v0.6.8 Get ready for halloween! Here's a big update for y'all that brings a bunch of improvements. Items Ultimate Double Cannon special now has mechgun range instead of rifle range Ultimate Double Cannon special damage reduced to 120% heavy damage instead of 150% Ultimate Double Cannon now properly shows 12 stars instead of 9. Combustion Cannon special now deals 180% heavy damage instead of 150%, at the cost of 16% HP instead of 10% Dark Meteor ATP increased to 700 Game /matcount in rooms no longer displays full screen message. Added /matreset command. Usage: /matreset # where # is the material type, or /matreset to see all types. material types: 1: power 2: mind 3: Evade 4: Def 5: Luck This command needs to be executed twice to confirm. Drops Grave Digger moved from Goran to Goran Detonator V101 moved from Goran Detonator to Goran Combustion Cannon moved from Arlan to Indi Belra Dark Matter rate decreased Reflex Gear rate increased Yellowboze now drops Cataclysm Shield from Epsilon New drop tables will be live within a few hours. Bug Fixes Widescreen no longer stretched. All elements should be positioned correctly now. Special thanks to Mylandra Trade window has been fixed and can be used now. Fixed wrong banner for Zanba Fixed "Technique on pioneer 2" kick. Improved overall cheat detection. First part of the fix for the lag/crash issues enabled. Changes are live. Enjoy!
  16. Destiny v0.6.7 patchnotes

    Destiny v0.6.7 Hope y'all are ready for the weekend event. This is just a small patch with a bunch of requested server improvements: Game Dropstyle now sticks after logging out or reloading blocks. Pressing TAB on a room now also shows player area, guildcard, room dropstyle and time in seconds. Added /xp command. If XP Boost is active, shows the remaining time left. Changes are live. Enjoy!
  17. Destiny v0.6.6 patchnotes

    Destiny v0.6.6 It's been an amazing first week. We hope you all enjoy the launch event and the experience in general. There have been speculations about when certain aspects of the launch event end, so here's some clear information: x5 XP ends sunday October 1st 6:00 PM GMT/UTC. Boosted XP will be available again with future events and XP Boost (x5 for 3 hours) Meseta Rooms end sunday October 1st 6:00 PM GMT/UTC. Meseta Rooms will be available with future events or when GMs are in a good mood. Section ID change ends sunday October 1st 6:00 PM GMT/UTC. Make sure to have the correct section ID for all your characters before that time. Infinite Mag Feed is permanent. Game Trade window temporarily disabled until we fix all issues, apologies for the inconvenience. For now you can trade using drop trades. If someone steals your items feel free to report them in the player reports section. Changing section ID no longer works within rooms. Reason: changing sectionid without reloading block causes desyncs and was the leading reason for messed up mags. The command now also gives a clear warning to reload block. If you don't reload block, we won't help you with any issues. Twin Gladius is no longer obtainable. Daily Crate rates have been adjusted slightly. As promised the rates are now public. Old rates: New rates: Bug Fixes Fixed a bug with Death Reaper where stats wouldn't show up in inventory. If you own a Death Reaper, stats show up correctly now. Changes are live. Enjoy!
  18. Destiny v0.6.5 patchnotes

    Destiny v0.6.5 Items Alpha & Beta rewards have been distributed. Rewards have been added to all eligible accounts. Enjoy! Game Daily Quests! The concept is simple: Every day a new multiplayer quest is randomly chosen by the server. Each monster in that quest has a chance to drop a random item crate, including monthmants. You can obtain one crate per account per day. Rules: Dual logging in this mode is not allowed, nor is farming crates with more than 2 accounts per player per day. These are normal rules that are in place in every mmo that utilizes such a system. We can find out and there will be consequences, with at the very least the removal of all obtained crate items. Let's all play fair. Normal/Hard/VHard: Rare Item Crate Ultimate: Legendary Item Crate Crates always drop individually, regardless of dropstyle selected. Rates will be made public later on, but keep in mind playing with a group yields much better drop chances. We hope with this feature to get people to play more diverse quests next to the plain old TTF, RT, POD, etc. This way you'll get a cool experience, and a useful reward. To watch a 10 rare crate opening, click here. Individual Drops. After long discussion we enabled this feature. However, as with all our stuff, it's not entirely the same as on other servers. If you enable this dropstyle, all rare items drop individually while common items still drop shared. This should make sure your hunts won't get ninja'd by others while still sharing mates, fluids, mats, etc. 1 Player DAR: 100% 2 Player DAR: 80% 3 Player DAR: 70% 4 Player DAR: 60% Dual logging this feature is not allowed. Rates are subject to change. Use the following command in the lobby before making the room: /dropstyle # # can be either 1 or 2. 1 = Shared, 2 = Individual. HD Lobby Textures. Even though PSO still looks like shit, at least our lobby is HD now with a real skybox. Patches will be removed after a week or two, in case you want to use custom skins. For now, enjoy the view. Added xbox 360 / Xinput support for /controller command. Quests Added quest MA4DMD (episode 4/Destiny) Added quest Lost Master Blaster (episode 4/Destiny) Added quest Lost Son Hopkins (episode4/Destiny) Added Translated quest Claire's Deal 5 (episode4/event) Added Translated quest Max Attack ver 2 (episode1/event) Added quest Christmas Catastrophe (episode1/VR) note: Will be only available during certain events. Fixed quest Fragments of Memory (episode 1/retrieval) Added Blue Star Memory (episode2/solo) Added Beyond the Horizon (episode4/VR) Changes will be live when the ship launches tonight. If there's any issues, don't hesitate to post them in the bugtracker.
  19. Destiny v0.6.4 patchnotes

    Destiny v0.6.4 Game Trade window is finally here. No more drop trades! Added /controller command (work in progress) This command automatically sets your controller configuration to the specified controller type. Option 1 is for native PS4 controllers. If you use a driver like DS4Windows or InputMapper you should use option 3 (xbox 360). Usage: /controller # # can be 1-3. 1 = ps4 controller, 2 = xbox 1 controller (coming soon), 3 = xbox 360 controller (coming soon) Added /skin command This command changes your skin color. Only for non cast classes. Usage: /skin # # can be 1-4. Added /face command This command changes your face. Only for non cast classes. Usage: /skin # # can be 1-5. Bugfixes Level 35 mag evolutions no longer desync mags. Changes are live. If there's any issues, don't hesitate to post them in the bugtracker.
  20. Destiny v0.6.3 patchnotes

    Destiny v0.6.3 Items Dark Falz Buster now properly hits 3 targets. Reflex Gear EVP reduced from 550 to 380. Death Reaper now properly makes megid pierce. Boondock Saints ATP increased by 100. Armageddon ATP increased by 50. HP/Flow unit boosted significantly. Now increases 1HP every frame instead of every second. Soul Biter grind increased from +25 to +75. Soul Biter model updated. Added Race of the Mags event winner. ...And a surprise mag handpicked by Shiva. Game Lobby 1 trees replaced with fountains. Added /killcount command. Nar Lilys now drop Trigrinders for bluefull normal episode 2. Poison Lilys/Hildebears now drop Digrinders for bluefull normal episode 2. In other words, if you need grinders, go make a bluefull. Some client improvements that allow for some cool features in the near future. Bugfixes Fixed a bug with room notification and /roominfo command sometimes showing wrong leader section ID. Fixed a bug with unsealing counts. Changes and new droptables are live. Enjoy! If there's any issues, don't hesitate to post them in the bugtracker.