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  1. Happy Birthday ^^

  2. hi hi... im Luca ^,^

    Hope you enjoy your stay at Destiny! See ya around!
  3. HI, I'm mudo

    Welcome to Destiny before, never played PSO back in the day either, but I learned very quick. If you see me around, I can help you out a bit.
  4. Hello! :3

    Hey there! We spoke on occasion, but no introduction... apologies for that. Welcome to Destiny!
  5. Hi! ^^

    Molly! You made your introduction finally! ^^ I knew you returned to PSOBB via Destiny, just never expected you would go on forums! Looks like things are gonna go well!
  6. Team Fellowship

    Greetings all! I bring to you, Team Fellowship. A team that anyone can join and enjoy! A PSO veteran looking for people to play with? Come on right in! Or perhaps you are new to PSO? We will help you out! Rules Respect those in and out of the team. No begging or causing unnecessary drama. If you got a problem please report it to the Captain or the Manager. No Spamming,Trolling, Bullying or Harassment (both in and out of the team). You will be given two warnings for mis-behavior before you are removed. No one team leader can kick a member without there being another leader to prove that said member broke the rules. If you are leaving the team it is only respectful you notify us first before doing so. If you fail to do this, you will not be allowed back in under certain circumstances. How to join You can join either through the forums by posting on this thread your desire to join, or by requesting from a team leader. Discord Server A Discord server is currently being worked on, when its completed the link will be posted on my Forum Signature.
  7. Hello

    Hmm, a quest creator, nice! I mostly just work as translator for already existing ones Good to see yet another contributor joining this community and hope we can have fun playing together.
  8. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Alright, well then as promised to my team, i'll have the Discord server re-purposed into the team Discord.
  9. Suppose I should introduce myself.

    Mudkipz huh? Could have sworn I heard that name before on Ephinea or Ultima, well hope to see you around then I guess!
  10. Back Soon

    Shame to hear 'bout what happened, hope you get well soon!
  11. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    I was working on a Destiny Discord before finding out staff weren't interested, perhaps to save the trouble you could come in and maybe if interested transfer ownership to you.
  12. What anime are you all watching?

    Once this thread gets full... an anime recommendation thread in Off-Topic sounds like a neat idea!
  13. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Most people use their own PSO server Discord for chat, an unofficial Destiny Discord server can be made for the rare few who don't (e.g me, who has left Ephinea and Ultima ), but it would not be supported by the actual Destiny team, so no announcements there, no proper moderation lest one of us steps up to do it... but it gets its purpose done of acting as a way of Destiny players communicating.
  14. Sugoroku Quest Guide

    Hello everyone! Leon here! I am here to talk about a certain quest in the game you can all enjoy at your leisure and use it to take a break from all the levelling and rare drop hunts (and PSO Drama ). Hidden somewhere under the Destiny PSO Category is... SUGOROKU! This quest is based off of a Japanese board game, and playing through it, its essentially Mario Party meets PSO (but without the minigames and loss of friendship... maybe). Although talking to Irene, the rules are explained very well... most people would dive right in, so for the convenience, I will detail as much as possible about this neat quest / minigame. Hope you all enjoy! ^^ The Quest You will start on Pioneer 2 as with any other quest, after a brief introduction by Tyrell, you can head down to Forest 2 or talk to Irene for more detail on the game's rules. The quest starts down in Forest 2 once you interact with the computer display. Once all players have interacted with the display, SUGOROKU will begin and you will not be able to control characters by conventional methods. SUGOROKU in its most basic form revolves around players taking turns to roll a dice and moving a certain amount of spaces around Forest 2. Your goal is to collect 5 Rappy Feathers to open the route to the goal and be the player with the most points. You will see the dice display at the top of the screen, you will have to press ENTER to roll the dice and move along the spaces. Spaces are populated by creatures from Ragol like Rappies, Wolves, Booma and Hildebear, however the true effect of each space is represented by a floating (hard to see) orb of light present in each space, its color indicating the effect: Green Light: these spaces let you earn points, the amount of points you get is your die roll multiplied by 10, so a roll of 6 (maximum) earns you 60 points. Red Lights: these spaces should you land on them make you miss a turn, however certain variety of red light spaces let you make OTHERS miss their next turn. Blue Lights: these spaces let you earn Rappy Feathers. White Lights: these spaces give you the chance to steal 50 points from another player, but ONLY 50 points, if they have any less you will steal nothing. Aside from those spaces however... some of them are useless and have no negative or positive effect. Once a player gets 50 Rappy Feathers, that player will gain access to the route to the goal, but the game is only over when everyone has reached the goal, players already at the goal can roll the dice each turn to increase their points. Ultimately the player with the most points wins! Notes With that said... the game has to function within PSO's limitations, which admittedly makes things confusing for people trying this quest out. The game does not refer to you by your character's name, but rather the color in your PB indicator (e.g Red now has 5 Rappy Feathers). The score scroll does not indicate which is which... the score scroll is listed in the turn order which is based off of who joined the party at what point (last one to join the party goes last). Make sure you are using a proper (and readable) font, the dice rolls are displayed using game text like so: 【・】【∵】 With all that said and done, I do hope you all enjoy this neat quirky little quest! ^^
  15. I haven't kept up with recent anime mind you, I have been watching: Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Kai Dragon Ball Super Pokemon Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Ace Attorney Mahou Sensei Negima Inuyasha Ranma 1/2 Show by Rock! Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Rurouni Kenshin Saber Marionette J Tokyo Mew Mew Sailor Moon Cardcaptor Sakura Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation Technically I have more Manga than i do actual anime. So, post what anime you have been watching recently.