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  1. Valentines 2024!

    Small update Item shop was added to pioneer 2 in Love Research Wings of Life droprate lowered from 1/930 to 1/630 Fixed an issue with redria wings skin conflicting with terror sawd
  2. Valentines 2024!

    Valentines 2024 Here we go! Sorry for the wait. Happy valentines from Destiny <3 Valentines Crate As usual Valentine Crates are dropping randomly from monsters. Rules Valentine's Crates drop the same way as Daily crates, individually. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a Valentine's Crate. It's not allowed to farm these crates with multiple accounts at the same time. Good luck! Rates: Flower Bouquets For the duration of valentines event, flower bouquets drop randomly from all monsters. Find 15 and exchange them with a GM to add a special to a weapon that doesn't have a special yet or to change a special from a weapon. Redeeming starts after the event ends. (Flower bouquets have the same rate as the valentine's Crates) New monster: Bubbles! No worries, this guy just wants a hug. Find him in the quest: Episode 2 / Valentines / Love Research. This a temporary quest only active during valentines event and based on the quest Dolmolm Research. There's a secret way to unlock 6 extra Bubbles spawns. If anyone dies during the simulator part of the quest, you won't have access to seabed. Seasonal Valentines items Wings of Life "A set of holy wings that boost support techniques." This shield boosts Resta, Reverser & Moon Atomizer range by 100%. Class: All. This item only drops during valentines event. Drops from Bubbles on all IDs @ 1/630 New item: Section ID Halos A chromatic halo that boosts support techniques and accuracy. Req Lv:150 DFP:180 EVP:180 EFR:20 EIC:20 ETH:20 EDK:25 ELT:20 Class: All This shield boosts: Reverser & Moon Atomizer range by 100%, Jellen & Zalure by 100%, and ATA by 25. It's only available during Valentines. To obtain it, find the "exotic armor dealer" NPC in the Love Research quest and he will trade it for 3 Wings of Life and 50 Flower Bouquets. The color of the halo you receive is based on your current section ID. So if you want a certain color, make sure to change your section ID first! x10 XP & Free Section ID For for the duration of the event! To change your section ID, use /sectionid in the lobby. End date: March 18th Enjoy and good luck!
  3. Valentines Sneakpeek

    We planned to launch valentines today, but unfortunately there are still some issues with the new item. So it will take a little bit longer. Thanks for the patience <3
  4. One final week of TTFD

    TTFD has ended! Thanks all for playing and I hope you guys had fun. 19 more armors dropped for a total of 76 in circulation. Do with that info what you want... We're working hard behind the scenes on updates, so stay tuned for some new content soon!
  5. One final week of TTFD

    TTFD is now available for 1 week until january 10th. Enjoy!
  6. Hi! A short news update regarding our last Anniversary Event. We've received some player feedback and it seems that while players enjoyed the content, a lot of people found the duration too short. This also falls in line with our own findings: Not many 5th Anniversary Armors have dropped, even though participation was high. 57 total armors dropped, which is considerably less than past anniversary drops. TTFD was hard, there were group and gear requirements and there was a learning curve involved. 2 weeks time wasn't enough to consistently run this quest and obtain the drop for most people. Which is not the intention behind our Anniversary events. There were pretty much two events going on at once, due to the delay last year, so you couldn't really focus solely on TTFD. Considering all this, we have decided to extend the 5th Anniversary event with one week, starting after Xmas event (january 3rd). As for 6th Anniversary Cells, over 300 have dropped, and that quest wasn't that hard, so it will be just the TTFD part that's being extended. Keep in mind that this is a one time thing and future anniversary events will still only be 2 weeks. After this final week of TTFD, it will never return, and 5th Anniversary Armor will be forever unobtainable. Since there's still roughly 2 weeks left in the xmas event, you have plenty of time to prepare your team and acquire some extra gear if needed. Also, be sure to check out @VEL(JP)'s tips to beat the quest and watch the video by @thanx. Both can be found in the Anniversary Topic. Good luck!
  7. Disconnecting when using bank in mission

    So far I can't reproduce a disconnect with fast banking. Even with an autoclicker, depositing 30 items per second and then withdrawing them at the same speed, doesn't dc me (on live server). If anyone can send me a clip of dcing from banking too fast (in a fresh room, fresh block) I'd love to see it. It's possible you guys have better ping than me. In the meantime, my theory is that there's still unfixed item desync somewhere else, probably in certain quests, and when depositing the last item in your inventory the server thinks you're depositing meseta instead of an item. Edit: Nvm, tested, not possible. Either way, I'll keep looking into it.
  8. Disconnecting when using bank in mission

    I've checked it out. I can see 5 disconnects all related to depositing meseta. Somewhere the amount of meseta in your client is desynced with the meseta the server thinks you have. For now just keep playing, there's not really any danger. I will improve the logging on this so that in the future if it happens again we get more info. If it happens again try to remember what quest it is exactly and what you were doing at the time. (e.g. sold items to shop, obtained quest reward, etc) Lastly, to minimize the chance of these things happening, after a few hours of playing make sure to go back to the lobby and select transport > change block > block 1. This will "reload the block" essentially and makes sure you're 100% synced with the server. Desync has always been a big issue in PSO, and while we fixed 99% of it, some desync can sometimes still occur after a few hours of play. I hope that was useful so far, and glad to hear you're enjoying your time here!
  9. Disconnecting when using bank in mission

    Thanks! That does help. I'll check it out and see what I can find.
  10. Disconnecting when using bank in mission

    No, Redria is your section ID. Your guildcard is the number that starts with 42. You can find it ingame by going to menu > chat > guildcard > my card. You can also find it online by logging into the account panel with your PSO username. When we have your guildcard we can check the logs and see what's causing the disconnects. About the quests, have you played any government or 1 player mode quests?
  11. Disconnecting when using bank in mission

    Thanks for the report. Please provide: your guildcard the quests you have this issue in. If possible, it would be very helpful if you can provide a list of all the quests you played and the order you played them in, as best as you can remember. Thank you!
  12. From now on, paypal is available as donation option because of the increasing difficulty to obtain crypto. And in some countries it's downright impossible. There are some requirements before you can donate with Paypal. Your account has to be at least 7 days old, and have a combined playtime throughout all characters of at least 30 hours. There is also a daily limit of maximum 50 USD that you can donate via paypal. The limit resets daily at 12:00 AM server time (midnight). These measures are necessary to keep the server economy healthy and protect us (and you) against exploits. We'll be monitoring how things go, and may change requirements or limits in the future. If you're able to donate with crypto it's still worthwhile to do so, because you'll get 20-50% extra tokens and there are no requirements or limits. Massive thanks to everyone for their donations to help support the server. Read more about paypal donations here: how to donate with paypal.
  13. XMAS 2023!

    Dark falz:
  14. XMAS 2023!

    XMAS 2023 Event! Merry Xmas from Destiny! Almost the end of the year. Which means it's time for the last Destiny event of 2023! Saint Rappies The Saint Rappies are roaming around, dropping Christmas Presents that contain various stuff. Xmas CatastropheThe quest Xmas Catastrophe is enabled under Episode 1 / Xmas. This is a fun little quest in mines where you help hopkins. You are able to get 2 materials as a reward in the end on very hard and 3 materials on ultimate. So if you're short on materials on your character or looking to build a stash, here's your chance. Trade 25 presents for a custom mag This event around, you have the chance to trade 25 Christmas Presents for a custom mag order with a GM. Rules: Only the Christmas Presents dropped from Saint Rappies are accepted, not the ones dropped by monsters. See the picture for reference. You'll receive a level 200 mag with any stats and pbs you like. If you want a mag cell mag, you have to provide the mag cell. Redeeming starts after the event. Photon Tokens & Presents All monsters in Ragol have a chance to drop presents and Photon Tokens. Photon Tokens Photon Tokens can be used to add hit to weapons by speaking to Paganini in the Phantastic Bazaar quest. Christmas Presents These special christmas presents can contain: Special xmas themed apparel certain Type Weapons with special Yasminkov 9000m with special Notes Presents and Photon Tokens drop randomly to a player. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a present or Photon Token. It's not allowed to farm these items with multiple accounts at the same time. Rates (presents) Rates (tokens) Special Xmas hunts Christmas Spirit (Drops during Xmas only!) "It's that special time of the year. Time to spread the love!" Shot Animation Launches a volley of 3 candy canes per shot to a single target Spirit special Ability to hit moving/flying targets without missing Hunter/Ranger/Force! (Drops in from Dark Falz in Episode 1 / Xmas / TTF on all ids @ 1/64) Parasitic Gene 'Flow' Don't have a dark weapon yet? Now is the time to hunt the most wanted combine item in PSO. The droprate for Parasitic Gene "Flow" has been lowered to 1/146 for the duration of the XMAS event. ORB OF ILLUSIONS "This orb can transform photons around an object, in order to alter its appearance." Orb of Illusions can be used on certain weapons and armor to change the appearance and name. Stats and everything else remain identical to the original item. Drops from Saint Million and Kondrieu in ep4 / Xmas / Brink of Oblivion on all ids @ 1/64. Orb of Illusions combinations: x10 XP & Free Section ID For the entire event! This Event will last 4 weeks Enjoy and MERRY XMAS!!!