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  1. Rem’s Trade List

    DVL is sold out sorry LAVIS CANNON [0/35/40/0|0]is sold out LAVIS CANNON [40/35/35/0|0] used Dark matter sorry ULTIMATE DOUBLE CANNON [40/35/35/0|0]is 20dts coe is sold out
  2. A>Charge Yasminkov9000m (0/70/70/0/90)

    The auction has ended. The winning bidder is Yuzuponko Congratulations!
  3. I don't use it, so I will give it to the person with the highest price. This auction over in 72hrs counting since this post was created. 1 DT = 10 PD = 2 PT 90dts as start bid. Good luck! ※ Only PGF is accepted in 50DTs conversion (however, up to 1)
  4. Valentine Themed Symbol Chat Event !!!

    Her name is Rem, She is Japanese cartoons character! It seems to raise chocolate for Valentine's day!!!
  5. Rem’s Trade List

    update V802
  6. Rem’s Trade List

    hell shot is 40pds=8pt=4dts
  7. Rem’s Trade List

    up date wings of life
  8. Rem’s Trade List

  9. Rem’s Trade List

    sorry sold out yesterday...
  10. Rem’s Trade List

  11. Price guide

    Please check on a Chrismas spilit AB50 M40