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  1. Halloween 2019!

    that red wings looks so cool! thanks for hard work for this event @staffs
  2. Maybe time to bump this thread cuz yeah, event comes again. that plan in vid is older one tho. 1 run per 10 grim reapers. with good demon accuracy, can be more faster. Gear:2nd picture + snow queen
  3. VEL's Trade List

    bump :
  4. Need to learn about enemies a lot. mainly EP4 mobs for more fun :) also added some samples in my quest page.

  5. S>COMBUSTION 0/40/35/0/40 for 70PDs

  6. Show your screenshots

    me and alt done in last xmas actually
  7. VEL's Trade List

  8. as they said, some of weps don't require so much hit%. also, only a few enemies got buffed EVP afaik. (i only know Olga Flow phase2 got buffed EVP. and some event monsters.)
  9. Greetings and a Question

    hello, and welcome to destiny. also, enemy's resistance in multi-mode is lowered, so FOs can deal decent damage than vanilla. that's tech bonus of FOs here. (for e.g you can kill dark bringer with freez techs and good amount of damage.)
  10. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  11. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  12. VEL's Trade List

  13. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    xpboost 180
  14. we done for now Quest : Walking through Flames Player : Erika (RAcast) @Alt / Rei. (RAmarl) @VEL / topu (HUcaseal) @topu / Guren (HUcast) @Gurenren Time : 14'08 Note: No PB record is 14'08, but we forgot to take vid. but we have 14'17 one from Alt. Video: VEL's gear Alt's gear topu's gear guren's gear see you in next TA: Beyond the Veil
  15. still in progress i think? :o

    Walking through Flame 14'34



    ramarl gear.png

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    2. VEL


      thanks :)

      we are still aiming for better time haha

    3. Sabrina


      Well you guys are OP so don't worry you will get your better time :D

    4. piv