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  1. VEL's Trade List

  2. we done for now Quest : Walking through Flames Player : Erika (RAcast) @Alt / Rei. (RAmarl) @VEL / topu (HUcaseal) @topu / Guren (HUcast) @Gurenren Time : 14'08 Note: No PB record is 14'08, but we forgot to take vid. but we have 14'17 one from Alt. Video: VEL's gear Alt's gear topu's gear guren's gear see you in next TA: Beyond the Veil
  3. still in progress i think? :o

    Walking through Flame 14'34



    ramarl gear.png

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    2. VEL


      thanks :)

      we are still aiming for better time haha

    3. Sabrina


      Well you guys are OP so don't worry you will get your better time :D

    4. piv
  4. added records from 2018 BoO TA event. also, added record of WtF just for placeholder https://playpso.net/forums/profile/481-vel/?status=278&type=status
  5. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    XPboost 180
  6. Destiny v0.6.19

    it's possible to replace those unusual weapons that have weird name like demon's dark meteor, hell dark flow etc (special doesn't work tho.)
  7. VEL's Trade List

    bump B>Froozer H90/100 Lavis H90/100
  8. B>H90+ Froozen/Lavis/Egg Blaster :D

    1. Sabrina


      Good luck finding this :D 

    2. VEL


      ty sab:D

  9. Hi. New player :)

    hello, and welcome to destiny!
  10. Destiny PSOBB 2nd Anniversary!

    if anyone got glitched stats weapon from crate and can't hit add (like 0/100/180/0, 70/0/0/140 on item reader or forum account panel), take it from bank and try to change block. it fixes the glitch and allows you to add hit on bazaar.
  11. Quality of Life Mods?

    everyone can replace it by starting game directly. (w/o official launcher) if you didn't get event files, you need to start game with the launcher once. there are still some unreplaceable files though.
  12. Show your screenshots

    Elenor mag +Pink wings + Behemoth Armor = OP (btw WoI is pretty good quest now x5 free pds per 1 run!)
  13. Destiny PSOBB 2nd Anniversary!

    Happy Birthday Destiny big thanks to staffs best event ever