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  1. time to bump this thread, gg Quest : Walking through Flames Player : Anchovy (RAcast) @VEL(JP) / U-ki (FOmarl) @U-ki / topu (HUcaseal) @topu / Gurenren (Ramar) @Gurenren Time : 16:36 Note: Used 4chains PB during this run
  2. Show your screenshots

    WtF 16:36 gg mates
  3. B>x3 H/Resists, i can pay in DTsPTs, PM me with your price.

  4. depend on situation and your PT members, but basically spamming offensive techs in multiplayer game is just cause of DMC as i explained. thus my answer/opinion is no. but i think you don't need to care about DMC so much since you are new to here. i don't want to force playstyle
  5. it doesn't make sense for you? well "Basically asking how magic is boosted in this server" :enemy's resistance are lowered on ULT and you can deal higher damage. "if damage cancel was fixed" :dmc is not fixed here.
  6. Resistance of enemies are re-balanced and we have V802 and some nice FO weapons. About DMC, it's not disabled here and spamming techs will cause DMC in 2p+ room. anyway, welcome to destiny and i hope you to have fun here
  7. Vel i want to buy a couple of your lv 0 mags

    maybe 5 depending on price.

    Msg me when u can!





  8. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH180, good luck
  9. B>Heavenly/Resist x3~4 will pay well, Pm me.

  10. VEL's Trade List

    i have all of them and 32DTs for all. assuming you are gonna buy x1 imm/pow, molten and RPF.
  11. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH180 gl
  12. No one trying this quest? the secret trial is like x2 of free WtF runs (could be more), we can hunt olga at last, there is no reason not to try TEA go for it
  13. Show your screenshots

    under 20mins HoD2ult someday