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  1. S>TypeM Hell shot H30 for 40PDs,Hell Striker H35*2 for 30PDs each

  2. Show your screenshots

    finished 4th TP maxed char
  3. yes. but i'm not sure which area/difficulty you are playing. you can't get partisan (and as well as some common weps) type in forest/caves normal. i think you don't need to care your luck so much for common drops
  4. if you are playing on solo, dropstyle doesn't matter. shared is same as regular pso-dropstyle, 1st come 1st serve. individual affects to certain drops from enemy like mats/tech/pds/grinders/rares, you can't see someone else's rare drop (vice versa) but DAR will be lowered and its depend on number of players. normally there is no point to set shared type.
  5. XMAS 2019!

    area and difficulty affect to stats. they are same as regular weapon i think, but stats are same as untekked one, so simply you loss 30% at max. summer present: stats are same as tekked one Halloween present: unteked one Xmas present: untekked one
  6. In need of d-photon core

    i don't want to cut in to someone's deal, but i've sold lots of them for 30+ each, the rate itself is not so hard, but it still takes some runs/time and everyone wants to hunt PGF than DPC. (espacially during this event.) True, i haven't seen banner of DPC from olga for a while, even out of xmas event. imo, it's around 30.
  7. willing to add a few more tips on dmc topic. jellen and zalure have more chance to cause DMC. if the game has 2+ players, your trap causes DMC to yourself as well. (for e.g. when you time-FT etc) i often use no-look shot, especially when i kill 2 morphos in 8-3 within 1 set (with hell striker), when using dark meteor etc. with this tip you can shot more enemies at once without looking at enemy. reducing PB 'a bit': stand on area transporter and swing PB wave (dragon sword, TJS etc), then get warp immediately, you can reduce a few PB points and you can get invincible again. with this tip you can reduce PB as much as you want. about stopping charging delbitur, you can only stop once at beginning, also there are 2 types of delbitur spawn (1)it spawns w/o charging, it charges a few second later (2)it spawns with charging you can only stop type (2). PS: also Olga flow phase 2 ignores photon %s as well lol
  8. about Halloween event items and updated items. ILL GILL REAPER The hell special is better than regular hell, that accuracy of hell is better than other hell weps. not sure the certain rate though, but you can kill mid EDK (60-70) enemies pretty easily. Heavy Attack (Unreduced Blizzard + Heavy attack) deals nice DPS for melee FOs L&K38 Combat Combo Unlocked for RA and that DPS is close to ARMAGEDDON, doesn't require so many hit%s since you won't use special so much. Christmas Spirit now it's one of great ranged weapon for melee FOs. Nightmare Tricky and Technical Ranged hell wep for HU, worth to use dark matter for this now. launches some hell waves (+regular hell swing as well), that movements of hell waves is similar to dark flow. not going to say about dark bridge and ethereal armor, these items are strong obviously lol. haven't tested subzero, but i think it will work like holy ray.
  9. Christmas themed Symbol chat event

    thanks for the event, finally i got 1st place haha
  10. XMAS 2019!

    about item combining, Iron faust + Cryo Warhead is broken now as well. if you are wanting to make Arctic Faust, feel free to mail to @Sabrina @Shisui @Orgodemirk or @VEL
  11. looking for players whos wanting to farm TP mats in Xmas Cata. M% Dark Meteor is required.

  12. Show your screenshots

    Happened 2019
  13. Destiny v0.7.0

    nice and nice. finally dark bridge got cool special and rabarta bost
  14. Christmas themed Symbol chat event

    Merry Xmas
  15. S>Demon wing 0/0 *4 / 90PDs each

    1. Howitzer


      10% discount :o kusa

    2. VEL


      no one is buyin wings sadly 33-4