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  1. Destiny v0.69.420

    Best dark flow ever
  2. thanks maybe we can improve more since some new gears were added haha
  3. to bump this thread i'll just post (feel free to post your good time here, everyone ) this run is from 2019 january 18 btw lol Team: @Alt @VEL Quest : Beyond the Veil Time : 12:26 classes : HUcast Hunewearl NOPB
  4. Government Quest 8-3 Hunewearl

    gl for TA'ing 8-3
  5. Luck mat and scape doll oddities

    1.luck mat has just redbox skin/yellow txt here. rate is same as vanilla and you can hunt them easily from normal la dimenian. (ep2) 2.it's not bug. only admin knows the reason.
  6. Show your screenshots

    found a blue ID card during MAS2 crate farming... BLUEFULL CARDUl Gibbon 1/33613,45
  7. if anyone gonna ask for 1st-time redeem to me, check 'About Me' tab in my page, thanks. https://playpso.net/forums/profile/481-vel/?tab=field_core_pfield_1

    1. Lipelis


      Since I also completed that section recently, I just noticed that About Me section is not available to other users...

      For example your link redirect to your regular profile page : l

    2. VEL


      oh, didn't notice that :( thanks lip.

  8. B>Lavis H90+ / H90+ stuffs etc

    not selling it for pds/pts/ps/dts now, sorry.
  9. i know this will take for a long. Looking for: Something interesting and useful stuffs from crate with H90+ (not looking for useless ones like Inferno blade h90 Psycho wand h90 etc ) if you found and willing to sell, let me know with your price/offer/wants Especially looking for Lavis Cannon/Blade hit90+, Raygun H90+, and Twin cyclone H90+ (i got 0/0/100/100/80 one and can do this + something also) what i can offer: Hit80 weps (this means your H90+ one for my 80hitter + DTs or something) Dark Flow 100/0/0/100/50 Double Fury 0/0/100/100/80 (or i can offer Lavis Storm 100/100/0/0/80 as well if you can sell lavis) ILL GILL REAPER 0/0/50/50/60 100/100/0/0/80 Arctic Faust 100/0/0/100/80 Cryo warhead *4 SOUL DEVOURER 0/0/35/100/35 Skyfall *6 2nd Anniv wings Donation tokens (~300) etc i'll pay pretty well for good lavis. thanks.
  10. B>Lavis H90+ I'll pay WELL

  11. List of Valentine Crate

    added mag cells
  12. List of Valentine Crate

    added some items to list that i confirmed.
  13. HP is close to vanilla, since max HP of PSO enemy is 32767 (15bits), DFP is much more higher than vanilla (vanilla is 1k, destiny is 2k), about ignoring att% thing at olga phase#2, its not added one, vanilla olga#2 has same function.
  14. S>TypeM Hell shot H30 for 40PDs,Hell Striker H35*2 for 30PDs each