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  1. Looking for Lv30 techs

  2. Looking for Lv30 techs

    Want: Simple Techs: Zonde // Foie // Barta Lv. 30 Normal Techs: Gifoie // Gizonde Lv. 30 Hard Techs: Rafoie // Razonde // Rabarta // Grants // Megid Lv. 30 Heal Techs: Anti Lv. 7 Support Techs: Shifta // Deband // Jellen // Zalure Lv. 30 I want this techs if you have anyone, tell me and lets trade it !!!
  3. Looking for Adept or Limiter

    Hello guys, im looking for Adept or Limiter, if anyone has this one, i can buy it, send me a pm or an offer and lets talk, need 3 items.
  4. Looking for V802 or V801

    Hello guys, im looking for V802 or V801, i can pay it with Pds or anything, because im new and have bad items for now
  5. Looking for any Cell of Mag

    Hello guys, im new in the server but old pso player, im looking for any Cell, Please send me a message or post here and lets trade it !!!