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  1. Show your screenshots

    Hi! Everyone long time no see!! New Summer weapon effects are cool!!
  2. Show your screenshots

  3. Duo Time Attack Event

    @auw3077 HUcaseal (auw) @AGUNI RAmarl (Lachryma) my inventory and HUcaseal inventory
  4. Show your screenshots

    many Kondrieu drops
  5. Show your screenshots

  6. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    time: @AGUNI Quest : Towards the Future Time : 9:47 classe : Hunewearl NOPB
  7. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    time: @AGUNI @Alt Quest : Respective Tomorrow Time : 15:11 classes : Racast Hunewearl NOPB Hunewearl inventory
  8. Show your screenshots

    FOmarl TTF solo 10:58!
  9. Summer event extended by 1 week!

    Thank you Galatine!!
  10. Show your screenshots

    Thank you good dorp
  11. Summer Event 2018: Robotnik’s Plan B

  12. Show your screenshots

    I picked up for the first time "PGF"
  13. Show your screenshots

    SKYFALL drop!!
  14. Show your screenshots

    RT about 150 times two MORTAL RUIN get!! and Dr.Robotniks Plan B I picked it up with my friend at the same time
  15. Show your screenshots

    This weapon is very cool !!