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  1. Show your screenshots

    T>This for something else 90hitter
  2. T>Celestial Fusion 0/0/0/0/90 for something useful H90 wep

  3. A>FROSTBITE 90/0/0/100|100H

    30dts, let's go
  4. A>PANZER FAUST 90/100/0/0|100H

  5. A>PANZER FAUST 90/100/0/0|100H

    30dts as start bid go go
  6. A>Frosbite 0/80/0/80|90h

  7. A>Frosbite 0/80/0/80|90h

    10DTs on this to start this thread, gl and cg
  8. List of Valentine Crate

    afaik. maybe i missed some. feel free to add -Skyfall / Twin Cyclone / M&A85 Hury / Soul Devorer/Planet Eater/Frostbite -Passion Haze / Taste of Affection/Panzer Faust/FROM THE DEPTH -Aensland / Inferno Blade / Tormentor / Gush Needle -Photon Drop / Addslot / Photon Booster / Photon Sphere / D-Photon Core / TP material/Syncesta -Love Heart / Safety Heart / Rumbling May / Angel Ring / Dress Plate -A new Friend/Pandora's box/Heart of dark chao -Yas9k and 7k / R-Nov3 / TypeSH shot and Type SW J Sword / Sup Gun -Centurion/HP and Battle Heavenly/Resists Adept V801 -Psycho Wand / Lavis Blade / Black King Bar / Madam's parasol and umbrella / Tyrell's Parasol / Slicer of Fanatic / mercurius rod Red = 2020~ only
  9. VEL's Sell/Trade List

  10. VEL's Sell/Trade List

    if you are interested in something, plz PM me. (日本語ok) 1st come 1st served. PM ONLY 1Donation Token(DT) = 10Photon Drops(PDs) = 2Photon Tokens(PTs) GC: 42000915 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check this page if you got something TRADE LIST: WANTS: thanks for looking this list. for other wants, plz check my B>list -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. First come, first served!

  12. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH180 since we had server down during HH yesterday. enjoy
  13. Show your screenshots

  14. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    Player: @VEL(JP) Quest : Respective Tomorrow Time : 16:01 classes : RAmarl NOPB still far from good run tho @Depassage added your record on list
  15. VEL's Sell/Trade List

  16. VEL's Sell/Trade List

  17. XMAS Event 2020!

    3rd anniv event was pretty good one, thanks. and Merry XMAS
  18. B>Lavis h100/Froozen Shooter h100/etc

    time to bump this since anniv event is now on going
  19. Offering for lavis: Double Fury 0/0/100/100/80 (or Lavis Storm 100/100/0/0/80) Parasitic gene "flow" Dark Flow 100/0/0/100/50 100DTs Photon Sphere *3 Offering for Froozen Shooter (Snow Queen): Snow Queen 0/0/0/100/90 Parasitic gene "flow" 50DTs Photon Sphere Pm me if you are interested in, thanks. Other wants: Type-M SHOT H100 Armageddon H90+ Twin Cyclone H100 Spread Needle (Hell Needle) H90+ Calibur H90+ Egg Blaster (Raygun) H90+ (here is old thread)
  20. T>PGF or Darkflow (or something) for nice H90+ stuff (PM me)

  21. Show your screenshots

    1st blade in this server
  22. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    enjoy the 3rd part everyone! hh180!
  23. Show your screenshots

  24. i totally agree with this. i often use i/battle v503 state and pb/flow or h/resists this building can use 2 pb/flows without using state, for me, free slot >>> non significant stats if wanting maxed EVP for fun, you can use some Emats and i/legs in free slot.