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  1. VEL's Sell/Trade List

  2. VEL's Sell/Trade List

    if you are interested in something, plz PM me. (日本語ok) 1st come 1st served. PM ONLY 1Donation Token(DT) = 10Photon Drops(PDs) = 2Photon Tokens(PTs) GC: 42000915 TRADE LIST: WANTS: DTs/PDs/Photon Spheres H90+ useful weps 2nd anniv wings (offering good things like PGF) Lmat and TPmat are acceptable (valued at 1pds each) GC: 42000915
  3. VEL's Sell/Trade List

  4. VEL's Sell/Trade List

  5. S>PGF*3 / 60DTs each

  6. Show your screenshots

  7. Get higher hit/attribute% and get prize mini-event

    event is over and winners are... Hit% 1st @gesseluis GC:42002874 NAme : Zion combustion cannon : 0/0/40/40/60 2nd @torico mahu 0/45/0/50/55 GC:42003716 3rd @shouwmita GC:42004308 wiza RED SCORPIO 40/0/0/35/50 Attribute% 1st @sunagimo GC:42003592 sunagimo DAYLIGHT SCAR 0/0/65/25 2nd @Tohru GC: 42003603 Tohru ( RAcast ) Meteor Cudgel 0/60/0/40 3rd @Aokichi GC:42004089 Aokichi(HUnewearl) SILENCE CLAW[0/60/0/0/35] CG! let me know when you are online or feel free to PM to other staffs for event prize! thanks for joining event
  8. Hello all, here is cool mini event that everyone can have a chance to get prizes. Simply find rare (some items aren't allowed, plz check rules!) with higher hit% or attribute% and get prize (not total%s, just highest 1 place is important, please check examples.) To join this event, please just post here with picture and gc# that found the rare. here is format to apply. please use this to copy and paste easier. (投稿の際にはこちらのテンプレートを使用してください) Event will end in 2 weeks. august 14, GMT12:00 (thread will be locked automatically) For Japanese(日本人向け説明) example: Rules: -You need to apply immediately when you find the rare. You can post anytime. -You can get 1 prize at max. -Quest rewards, common weapons, rares from crate/present/in game trade aren't allowed. -Rares that you found before this post aren't allowed. (staffs can check when you found rare etc.) -If there are 2 players with same hit/attribute%, faster player gets higher prize. -Only 10+stars rare weapons are allowed. 9stars rare like kaladbolg, vjaya, dragon slayers etc aren't allowed. -No cheating. your post will be invalid as well as your game account. -No fake proofs. you'll be unable to join any mini event in the future. -If your post liked by me, it means your post has approved. (i will check asap!) -You don't need to tekk weps, i'll just add10% on your untekked weapon Prize for highest hit% 1st: Any mag cell*1 (including unobtainable ones like amitie's memo, heart of moro etc.) or S-RANK Weapon with special 2nd: Photon Drop*/roll (if you got number 0-25 you can /roll once again) 3rd: Grave Digger 0/0/roll/roll/30 (You can swap MD% to other place) Prize for highest attribute% 1st: You can maximize your 1 character's TP mats or other stats bisides TP (This is like donation reward one, check the page for more info!) 2nd: Photon Drop */roll (if you got number 0-25 you can /roll once again) 3rd: Lavis Cannon 0/0/roll/roll/30 (You can swap MD% to other place) roll = type /roll in game and you'll get 0-100 number, that'll be your prize's attribute! ENJOY ALL! Records: (in order)
  9. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    added tohru's record and i'm not going to change rules.
  10. Destiny's Official Time Attack Records

    personally 2nd wings should be allowed now. there are some reasons. 1. we have 3rd anniv blades now but when you want to try it for TA, then you need to use ton of PDs/PTs on Eternal Night even if you got 3rd anniv blades already? i don't think so. 2. 2nd anniv wings doesn't affect a lot for TA, it boosts jellen and resta, they are less demanded tech for TA'ing compared to zalure (BPF). i know wings has better dark/light resists. actually i edited about the rule in the past.
  11. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  12. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  13. Get higher hit/attribute% and get prize mini-event

    thanks, and yea even crappy rares, you can win cool prizes.
  14. Get higher hit/attribute% and get prize mini-event

    GC:42000915AnchovySilence claw 20/0/0/35/50
  15. Get higher hit/attribute% and get prize mini-event

    GC:42000915AnchovySilence claw 55/0/0/40 actually you guys don't need to tekk weps when you apply. we can see 1st stats and i add 10% to your untekked weps (tekking crap weps, it's waste of time lol)
  16. Get higher hit/attribute% and get prize mini-event

    ok, approved them
  17. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  18. FreeID and XP rate10 mini event

    you can change your section id with command /sectionid X (X=0 to 9) and XP rate will be doubled for 48h. enjoy all also, planning to activate hh after this hh, so next happy hours will be 360mins.
  19. FreeID and XP rate10 mini event

    event has ended.
  20. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  21. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  22. for some reason, e-mail server is broken now. so to activate your game account, you need to send your guildcard number to @Magictrick (on forum via PM or discord server.) you can join discord server here: https://discord.gg/FRE3BqM7ka sorry for the inconvenience.
  23. About game account activation

    -How to check your guild card number without activaiton. just login on forum with your e-mail and password, then you can check what number you'll have. (and tell it to @Magictrick to activate your account.)
  24. Photon token mini event!

    Easter event and photon token event have ended. but free section id is still active, it will be off in 24h. so, don't forget to change your ID.
  25. Photon token mini event!

    Hello everyone, we are going to open photon token event for fun You can add hit on weapon with photon tokens in bazaar quest. (1token = 1hit%) You can find Photon tokens from all enemies, higher difficulty has higher drop rate, enjoy For Japanese: