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Found 1 result

  1. Collaborative Weapon, Gear and Class Build Guide End of 2020 Revision Welcome to Collaborative Weapon, Gear and Class Build Guide End of 2020 Revision ! This guide's revision purpose is to help new and returning players, but also current playerbase as well to discover Destiny PSo BB present optimal, alternative and past gear strategies/possibilities. It focus in a later part on possible builds for the various classes available. It is based upon my personal experience with the game. I've been hooked in PSO around 2004 on Gamecube and since 2006 in different privates servers with hiatus between them. Destiny PSo BB is for me the best experience and most enjoyable you can get from every aspect of the Endgame. Let's proceed : First of all, this guide is non exaustive and can be corrected/completed by the community. Thanks to @Orgodemirk , @Piv , @Howitzer @Lipelis @VEL(JP) for their contribution Also an important point is that in this server : Weapons DO NOT Need a lot of Hit % to connect its special. From my personal observations around 270-300- to 330 total ATA is generally good enough to connect on most enemies, even less with Weapons which bypass manual evade proprieties. Please use the Database at https://playpso.net/database?type=1 For full descriptions and stats for each item within the game. You can also use Ctrl+F in your browser if you search a specific weapon This guide includes my personal comment and % choice that I think suits the weapons the best, About % choice : A.Beast % is rarely prioritized. because A Beast covers Caves a place rarely visited in Endgame aside from specific hunts, Merillia, Doldolm (weak to Hell), Astark and Slimes. There is also the fact that some people might prioritize this particular % for Bosses but In my opinion if your goal isn't time attack it shouldn't take that spot or your should aim for a set of the chosen weapon. Because its clearly not optimal its like using a % slot for 3 A.Beast boss which you don't require 99% of the time instead of Machine or Native enemies which you'll meet way more in quests. Hunter: Exclusive addition to the server: Ranger: Exclusive addition to the server: Force: a note about % usually Force support gear doesn't need to have % the only exception is machine because of Vol Opt 2 first form where you can stun lock him with Zonde Based Techs Exclusive addition to the server: