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  1. Best Drops/ID's per Hunt

    Oh pretty good. Thanks for this, it's really handy
  2. B > Spread Needle (Close)

    Oh that would be great @thelionorion. No worries i wont get on in the next 3 or 4 hours too, so hit me up when you get on, i still might be on.
  3. What other games are you playing?

    Oh try the 2nd one. Its way better than the first imo. The world map its huge, the story gets way better and its more challenging. Also the OST is <3 Star magician battle theme always gets me the chills ahah (which is the theme of the first saturos battle, in GS 1). Never played shining force sadly, but its a classic.
  4. B > Spread Needle (Close)

    Title. I'm looking for a cheap one, doesn't matter if its 0'd. Only can offer a luck mat. Thanks
  5. What other games are you playing?

    For real, I was about to write something like that to janenba, then i saw your comment ahah Skies of Arcadia is <3 But most about the topic, i casually play hearthstone this days. Sadly, i don't have much time to invest in other games besides PSO, but recently i played golden sun 1 and 2 (for the 12314324 time).
  6. B > H/Battle (can be closed)

    Hello, looking for a h/battle. All i have to offer is a luck mat, which i guess its more than enough. Thanks in advance Got i already.
  7. «・CLOSED・»

    I would like a Final Impact, if you don't mind
  8. Hello

    Hello you all, i'm Jez. Not particular new to pso, but this server seems interesting and a fresh start could be good. Looking forward to play with all of you. Also a compliment for the server's main page, it's pretty good.