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  1. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Hey there. I'm wondering if there's any info on the Gillchich's drop rate from episode 1 ult mines? I've been doing a lot of one-player mines runs for a while and I am surprised to see a lot of yas 3000r drops. From my experience, a yas 3000r with its vanilla drop rate is quite hard to find. And now it looks too easy than the drop rate made me believe. Also, may I suggest the staff to look into the Destiny drop tables itself, as I noticed that Gillchich's drop info is missing its entry for both ep1 and 2. Just wanted to take this opportunity to address this missing info in case it wasn't brought up yet. Thanks, and take care! =)
  2. Hi. New player :)

    Hello everyone. New pso player here on Destiny. Long story short, this is one of my favorites games I enjoy playing since 2001 on gamecube. I can never seem to stop talking about it among friends and family. Nowadays, I mellowed and am taking it easy Looking forward to playing with you guys and hope all of us in the community have a lot of fun! -- Gebs