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Found 2 results

  1. Hello/Bonjour! Team PantiesÐrøþ! So this topic is about choosing the desired ID's to help spread out the availability of rare items we can all potential get by working and hunting together. I know we all have our own favorite ID's with which some being better then others of course. Whilst most of us will have chosen our ID's based on nostalgia from other versions of PSO, character coordination/aesthetic choice(s)/themes and just in-general preferences based on drop information. Since we are playing on a new server with a tight-knitted community with new and old drops that all require hunting to flesh out and give our characters an advantage, I think it is best if we start choosing our section ID's more appropriately to benefit and accommodate the wide spread of drops for us all to hunt. I'm not saying having duplicate ID's is a bad thing as that can be quite resourceful when a certain team member isn't online to hunt with. It is also beneficial as-well for our own team member(s) to change to another character if a certain person decides to play that different character for a specific mission/another play style. So I am just going to list down below of our characters/classes, potential new characters/classes, and their section ID's. Please give this information below too on what characters you have in mind creating. Thanks. *Click on it multiple times to be able to zoom in.
  2. Best Drops/ID's per Hunt

    Here some useful Hunt infos made by @Magictrick Hunt Info Episode 1 Towards the Future (TTF) ID GEAR Viridia Dynasty Armor, Anti-Dark Ring Greenill Kroe's Sweater, DF Shield Skyly Glide Divine S, Red Ring Bluefull Dynasty Armor, Kroe's Sweater, Dark Falz Buster Purplenum Heart of Dark Chao, Centurion/Battle Pinkal DF Shield Redria Glide Divine S, Red Ring Oran Rico's Glasses Yellowboze Death Cannon, Dark Falz Buster Whitill Twin Pallasch, Red Ring Episode 2 Respective Tomorrow (RT) ID GEAR Viridia Trap Search, Heart of Dark Chao, PGF Greenill Death Cannon, Last Swan, D-Photon Core Skyly A New Friend, Elemental Shield, PGF Bluefull A New Friend, Ninja Suit, Planet Eater Purplenum Oblivion, Elemental Shield, PGF Pinkal A New Friend, Virus Armor: Lafuteria Redria A new Friend, POST, PGF Oran Frostbite, State/Maintenance, D-Photon Core Yellowboze PB/Flow, PGF Whitill A New Friend, PGF Episode 4 Point of Disaster (POD) (shambertin/kondrieu) ID GEAR Viridia Heavenly/Ability, Pandora’s Box Greenill Reflex Gear, Tripolic Reflector Skyly Judgement Blade, Pandora’s Box Bluefull X-Parts, Siren Glass Hammer Purplenum Dark Matter, Clio Pinkal Heavenly/Ability, Centurion/Ability Redria Genesis Armor, Limiter Oran Thirteen, V502 Yellowboze Immortal/Ability, Heart of Dark Chao Whitill Mystic Spirit, Lame D’Argent Episode 4 Desert Run (Saint Million) ID GEAR Viridia Girasole Greenill Judgement Blade Skyly Rupika Bluefull Clio Purplenum Three Seals Pinkal Rupika Redria Heart of Dark Chao Oran Laconium Axe Yellowboze Girasole Whitill Rupika Episode 1 Ruins (Path to Salvation, Harmony of Despair) ID Gear Viridia Master Raven, Centurion/Luck, Bringer’s Arm, Ninja Suit, Combustion Cannon Greenill Molten Ring, Bringer’s Arm, Spread Needle, Last Swan Skyly Glide Divine X, Archfiend Armor, Death Reaper, Kitetsu Bluefull Boondock Saints, Oblivion, Last Swan Purplenum Desert Eagle, Boondock Saints, Spread Needle Pinkal Claw of Elements, Death Reaper, Centurion/Legs Redria Judgement Blade, Kitetsu, Spread Needle, Death Reaper Oran Subzero, Sword of Despair Yellowboze Glide Divine X, Business Jacket, Sword of Despair, Spread Needle Whitill Handgun: Guld, Archfiend Armor, Energy Storm Episode 1 Mines (Lost Soul Blade) ID Gear Viridia Parts of Baranz, Mitsunari Greenill Parts of Baranz Skyly S-reds arms Bluefull Magic Rock Moola Purplenum Parts of Baranz, Centurion/Arms Pinkal Immortal/HP Redria Kasami Bracer, Energy Storm Oran Soul Biter Yellowboze Parts of Baranz, Kasami Bracer, S-reds arms Whitill Parts of Baranz, v802, S-reds arms Episode 2 Seabed (Phantasmal World 3) ID Gear Viridia Yamigarasu, Red Phantom Field Greenill Tiger’s Fang & Dragon’s Claw, Yas 7k, Blue Phantom Field Skyly Twin Blaze, Red Phantom Field, Zanba Bluefull Zanba, Mitsunari Purplenum Yasminkov 7000v Pinkal Tiger’s Fang & Dragon’s Claw, Hitogata Redria Aensland, Hitogata Oran X-Parts, Zanba, Rainbow Shield Yellowboze Yasminkov 7000v, Zanba, Hitogata Whitill Soul Biter, Yamigarasu, Grave Digger Episode 2 Tower (Raid on Central Tower(ROCT),Lost Heart Breaker (LHB)) ID Gear Viridia Red Phantom Field Greenill Immortal/Mind, TP/Flow, Blue Phantom Field Skyly Sealed J-Sword, Yas 7k, Yamigarasu, Dragon Sword, Centurion/Battle Bluefull Mitsunari, Mystic Spirit Purplenum Armageddon Pinkal Molten Ring, Tormentor, Red Phantom Field, Dynasty Armor, Genesis Armor Redria Exterminator, Twin Blaze, Immortal/Power, Desert Eagle Oran Mitsunari, Immortal/Body, L&k38 Combat, Rainbow Shield Yellowboze Twin Blaze, Immortal/Legs, Dark Matter Whitill Immortal/Luck, Yamigarasu, Psycho Wand, Genesis Armor Episode 2 Max Attack S ID Gear Viridia - Greenill Immortal/Mind, TP/Flow Skyly Sealed J-Sword, Yas 7k, Immortal/Arms Bluefull - Purplenum Armageddon, X-Parts Pinkal Molten Ring, Tormentor Redria Exterminator, Twin Blaze, Immortal/Power, Desert Eagle Oran Mitsunari, Immortal/Body, L&K38 Combat, Yellowboze Twin Blaze, Immortal/Legs, Whitill Immortal/Luck Episode 2 Central Control Area (CCA) ID GEAR Viridia Heart of Dark Chao Greenill Last Swan Skyly Immortal/Arms, Elemental Shield Bluefull Ninja Suit Purplenum X-Parts, Elemental Shield Pinkal - Redria Proof of Sonic Team Oran State/Maintenance Yellowboze PB/Flow Whitill - Episode 4 Desert (Mop Up 3#) ID Gear Viridia Hell Striker Greenill Slicer of Fanatic, Heaven Striker Skyly V502 Bluefull Grave Digger, V101 Purplenum Hell Striker, Heaven Striker Pinkal Heaven Striker Redria Heaven Striker Oran Slicer of Fanatic Yellowboze Heaven Striker Whitill - Episode 4 Crater (MA4DMD) ID Gear Viridia V101, Inferno Blade Greenill Cannon Rouge Skyly Swordsman Lore, Vivienne, Lame D’Argent Bluefull Limiter Purplenum Swordsman Lore Pinkal Mother Garb+ Redria - Oran V502, v101, Vivienne, Lame D’Argent Yellowboze V101, Cannon Rouge Whitill Vivienne, Laconium Axe UPDATES COMING SOON pls nuuu D: