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Found 1 result

  1. «・CLOSED・»

    Formerly known as «・BEE'S FREE STUFF THREAD・». Closing thread since I am inactive. Leaving thread filled in for posterity. ______________ Hello friendos, I have amassed a massive stockpile of hit weapons bought from the shop, rares, and I'm giving them away for FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to help out the needy and impoverished. Also bee sure to check out my Greedy Shop Thread for custom server stuff, hit weapons, endgame armors, etc. Basically anything I feel is too good to be let go for free. If you want anything, please leave a post here with your game name and what you want. FREE STUFF LIST «~ BREAD N' BUTTER NONRARES w/ HIT ~» «~ RARE WEAPONS ~» «~ ARMOUR ~» «~ SHIELDS ~» «~ UNITS ~» «~ MAGS ~» «~ TECHNIQUES ~» If you like, I can give you a complete set of techs (all supports, all simples, all gi-techs, all ra-techs, and grants/megid if I have them in stock). «~ ET CETERA ~» WANT LIST I'll reiterate that all of the above items are free. However, if you insist on giving me something, I won't turn down a PD, PC, Addslot, or any 50 hit common nonrare weapons I don't have. Also, it doesn't cost you anything to toss me this thread a like. :3 Here's a list of those aforementioned nonrare weapons I need: Likewise I'll appreciate donations to give away. Things like high hit nonrares (think Charge Vulcans with 50 hit) you can buy from the shop in bulk, useful hit rares (Diska of Braveman), popular common rares (Master Raven), good stat boost units (God/Heavenly/Centurion Power/Arms/Mind/HP units), good utility units (V501/Smartlink), etc. PICKUP LIST @Drexxin : Charge Gatling (5/0/0/0|50) COMPLETED ORDERS (after October 18th, 2017) ______________________________________________________________