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Found 4 results

  1. Mugen's Trade List (=b^.^)=b

    Well... Had all this stuff piling up on me for a long time.. Guess I better make a trade list Prices are all negotiable.. but I'm super bad with pricing.. so.. theres that.. I try to trade right at the middle of market value if I can.. Pew Pews Grave Digger 0/0/0/45|45 (I would sell this or my 0/0/25/30|40 one.. but not both) Frozen Shooter 35/0/25/0|25 Red Mechgun? (idk it has good stats lol) 50/0/0/45|40 Panzer Faust 25/0/0/35 Demon Yas 9000M 15/25/0/0 Charge Yas 9000M 0/30/0/0 Magic Sticks Claw of Elements 30/30/30/0 Glide Divine 70/0/60/60 (i know, right??) Beater Sticks Laconium Axe 0/0/50/0|35 Dragon Sword 0/40/40/40 Oblivion 0/35/0/30 Soul Biter 35/0/0/40 Soul Biter 0/0/0/40 Mitsunari 0/35/0/50 Mitsunari 40/45/45/0 Kitetsu 40/0/0/50 Ancient Prophecy 45/0/0/0 Lame D'Argent 0/30/20/0 Lame D'Argent 0/45/40/0 Judgement Blade 0/65/35/0 Judgement Blade 45/0/0/40 Rainbow Baton 40/35/0/0|50 Monkey King Bar 40/40/0/0 Monkey King Bar 0/55/30/0 Girasole 0/60/0/45 Daylight Scar 0/0/50/40/30 Zanba 0/35/40/0 Teh Clothes Mother Garb + Energy Storm The Skull of your Enemy S-Reds Arms Syncesta Gi-Gues Body (we should totally mod this into a useful weapon.. make shoot his butt bullets for lols.. cmon do it) Sinow Berrils Arms (please do a graphical overlay so these are a thumbs up instead) Mag DNA Ideya Cell A New Friend Dragon Tear x 50000 sad faces Rappy Beak (dont judge.. its a good nub mag cell!)
  2. Guri Trade List

    Trade List 1DT = 10PDs = 2PT Sorry,Im not good at english PM Please(日本語OK) Orb of Illusions 35DT A New Friend weapon unit/armor/shiled/item
  3. Shop

    1 Donation Ticket <=> 10 Photon Drops <=> 2 Photon Tokens 10 Donation Ticket <=> 1 Photon Sphere Selling: Weps SPREAD NEEDLE [45/0/45/40|0] 50PDs STORMRENDER [50/0/40/40|0] 50PDs GUSH NEEDLE [40/30/0/50|0] 20PDs DEATH REAPER [0/0/30/0|45] 10PDs FROZEN SHOOTER [30/0/0/0|40] 15PDs PASSION HAZE [50/0/30/0|40] 50PDs TYRELL'S PARASOL [0/0/0/10|0] 10PDs ANCIENT PROPHECY [25/10/0/0|0] 20PDs TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [20/0/30/0|0] 10PDs LAST SWAN [0/0/0/20|30] 15PDs MYSTIC SPIRIT [0/40/0/40|0] 10PDs BOONDOCK SAINTS [30/0/0/20|20] 15PDs SOUL BITER [0/0/15/0|30] [untekked] 5PDs ILL GILL REAPER [50/35/0/0|0] 10DTs TASTE OF AFFECTION [0/0/0/80|80] 25DTs Armor's/Shields MOTHER GARB+ [slots: 0 / def: 10 / evp: 5] 15PDs DRESS PLATE [slots: 2 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 5PDs SPIRIT GARMENT [slots: 1 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 5PDs MOLTEN RING [def: 0 / evp: 0] 20PDs X-PARTS ver3.10 [slots: 1 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 10PDs Units Immortal/Power 10PDs Immortal/Arms 20PDs Immortal/Mind 20PDs Centurion/HP 10PDs Techs and other random stuff Shifta/Deband/Zalure/Jellen/Resta LV15 disk 2PDs each or 7PDs set Gifoie LV20 disk 1PD Razonde LV20 disk 2PDs Shifta LV30 disk 5PDs Zalure LV30 disk 5PDs Zonde LV29 2PDs Razonde LV29 2PDs Rabarta LV29 disk 2PDs PM me pls if you are interested in something
  4. Berry's Shop

    a small shop thread for small weird things I don't need. PM me or post here if an item does not have a price, please leave an offer or pm me to work out a price together. Gush Needle 20/40/0/20 - 5DTs Daylight Scar 0/25/0/0/45 - 5DTs Lavis Cannon 0/0/30/0 - 5PDs S-Rank Slicer (Demons) - 12 DTs Desert Eagle 0/0/40/40 - 10DTs Charge Launcher x5 0/5/0/0/50 - 1pd each Silence Claw 0/40/0/35/50 - 2pd Congeal Cloak 4slot minstat - 4pds Guard Wave x2 4slot minstat - 3pds BOVN 3slot minstat - 3pds Secret Gear - 2pds Tripolic Reflector - 4pds Attribute Wall - 1pd Striker Plus - 1pd Yata Mirror - 1pd DIVINE PROTECTION - 2pds v501 - 2pds TP/Flow - 5DTs S-beat's Arms x3 - 1pd each P-Arm's Blade - 1pd Delsaber Right+Left Arm x2 - 2pd each Parts of Baranz x2 - 3pds each Star Amplifier x2 - 2pds each Heaven Striker Coat - 1pd Rappy's Beak - 1pd --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have these spamming my bank. They're free, just ask. First come, first serve. Charge Gatling x20 5/0/0/0/50 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Accepted currencies: PDs DTs = 1:9pds PCs = 3:1 pds PSs = 1:80 Pds Wants: Red Ring D-Photon Core Three Seals Elemental Shield Cursed Cloak 4slot hit% Master Raven Dark Matter Adept