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    1. HHawk4


      thanks a ton dep! :D <3 

  2. Shiva

    Happy Birthday ^^

  3. happy birthday ^^

  4. Shiva

    Happy Birthday ^^

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Shiva

    Happy Birthday B|

  8. Happy birthday dude ^^

  9. Shiva

    happy birthday :D

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      Thank you very much :D

  10. Happy Birthday dude ^^

    1. Arashi


      mann hattest du echt nach mir geburtstag :D
      sorry ich habs leider verpennt ja ja der alkohol
      hoffe du hattest eine geile fette auch wenns zu spät ist
      Hoch soll er Leben der Strolch :D


  12. It is raining today
    as I heard in old man tale
    heavy rain and hammering lights
    splits the aged tree
    in maiden strike

    clouds in fury
    in black, goth style
    day explode, and in seconds
    capture by night

    bells ring chanting
    screams and cry
    tense climate and babel misguide

    it rains heavily
    what comes next
    in which disguise

  13. got caught by streamer while playing golf with Raziel in VR Chat 0.0



  14. Rhythmic tones, played in her art
    A story told, not from the start
    Music speaks, in confusing tone
    A ghost at play, angels have known

    The audience silent, as if in a trance
    An elderly couple, their final dance
    Children crying, their memory thrill
    The world asleep, real life now still

    A missed note, her broken key
    Echos now nod, for all the see
    A perfect song, reflecting her life
    Taken to early, the loving wife

    Lights turn on, the music stops
    Her friends now gone, reality props
    The world awakes, conscious souls
    Pictures in frames, playing their roles

  15. If, by any chance, im not me,
    then who says that you're you?
    Can u pick up the pieces of your heart,
    that fell apart like a broken sand castle?
    The voice of someone is calling out... changed into ringing in my ears.
    Its as if time has stopped.
    Now wake up!
    I made my way out of the deap darkness...
    I fled like a swift wind...
    We used to be like living corpses, but now we head beyond these walls.
    Lets meet again... in a place not found on any map.

  16. Summer is gone with all its roses,

    Its sun and sights of sweetest flowers.

    Its foliage and july showers.

    And then the autumn closes.

    Autumns windy days r gone,

    And darker days r even colder.

    Each day dimmer as time grows older.

    But spring waits in the earth... unknowing.