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  1. Xp rate and Free ID

    Hi all, Since most of us are locked at our homes due to the virus we decided that we put on free section id and x10 Xp. So you all can have some fun with leveling and don't have to change chars for a hunt. Free Section ID and x10 XP are active now. Enjoy
  2. Old Newbie

    Hello welcome to Destiny enjoy your stay
  3. Valentine's 2020!

    Event has ended hope everyone had fun. From now on you can redeem 15 Flower Bouquets for a special on weapons that don't have a special yet. You can't use it for S-ranks or weapons that already have his own special. It is allowed to change a special too on weapons that doesn't come with his own special. Every gm can redeem flowers so feel free to pm one of us.
  4. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH extra long enjoy people
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  11. Valentine's 2020!

    Valentine's 2020! Love is in the air <3 Valentine's Chair Special thanks to @Shiva for an amazing valentine's chair and the lobby theme. Valentine's Crate Notes Valentine's Crates drop the same way as Daily crates, individually. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a Valentine's Crate. It's not allowed to farm these crates with multiple accounts at the same time. Flower Bouquets Flower bouquets drop randomly from all monsters. Find 15 and exchange them with a GM to add a special to a weapon that doesn't have a special yet. Redeeming starts after the event ends. (Flower bouquets have the same rate as the valentine's Crates) x10 XP & Free Section ID For for the whole event! Special Valentine hunt Wing's of Life "A set of holy wings that boost support techniques." This shield boosts Resta & Reverser & Moon Atomizer range by 100%. Class: All. Limited edition, meaning it drops during Valentine's only, and may or may not return next year. Drops from Dark Falz: Pinkal, Redria, Oran. A special thanks to @Shiva & @Digi Ferox for the banner. Also a special thanks to @Magictrick for his work. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's from Destiny! Valentine's Event ends on Sunday 8 march.
  12. B> PGF pm me if your selling 

  13. B> PGF pm me if your selling