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  1. hi everyone.

    welcome welcome to DESTINY!!

    roar... WELCOME! ^^;
  3. Hi! ^^

    welcome welcome to DESTINY!! don't steal all of Mayu's gold coins... ;w; ^^; dw
  4. Hello

    oooOOOORRGOOOOOO!!!!! Henlooo!!! Mayu misses you. n.n
  5. A feminist has arrived

    henlo henlo! welcome welcome to DESTINY... err... "queen fine lady"! enjoy your stay~ ^^;
  6. Bzz @ Destiny

    bbbbbbBBZZZzzZZZZZZZZ!!! HENLO!! welcome to DESTINY <3 buzzbuzz :bee:
  7. Greetings

    mayu remembers the familiar face of LEON from the Clementine discord/Psu!! welcome welcome to DESTINY!! enjoy your stay. ^^;
  8. Suppose I should introduce myself.

    hellohello ! ^^; banner spamming, woo... fun.. dw
  9. Oh booii heeree i ammmmmm!

    welcome welcome!! only thing Mayu knows in german is NEIN! it's fun to say nein... NEIN... NEEIIINN!!! ok welcome.
  10. o hai

    dwdwdwdwdwdwdwwwdwdwdwdwddww hello friendo ^^;
  11. Hello! :3

    welcome both of you to DESTINY! n.n
  12. Show your screenshots

    the poor lil guy was stuck... AND FLOATING!!
  13. Back Soon

    HAPPY TO HEAR!! good luck on your recovery!!! <3
  14. hi hi... im Luca ^,^

    welcome to DESTINY!! enjoy your stay, friendo. ^^;