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  1. The Easygoing Gamer

    Hey, guys. I have a discord if any of you wish to join. You don't have to join it just because you're playing with me. I want people to join just to be able to connect and talk to one another. https://discord.gg/5wZ3VZY It's The Easygoing Gamer. I made this discord because I suffer from heavy depression, and I wanted to make a discord where people could come together free from any form of belittling and bullying. I've dealt with many unkind gamers in the discord community, and as someone with severe depression, it's discouraging and rough feeling as though I cannot fit into the online community. I felt the urge to create this discord knowing that there may be other gamers who struggle as well. I'm very open to suggestions, so feel free to speak up about channel ideas, etc. This discord isn't just for PSO, but for other online games as well. Everyone is welcome, as long as you hold respect for your fellow gamers. I would be absolutely delighted for you to join, and it would mean a lot to me to have The Easygoing Gamer flourish. Thank you all for your time, whether you wish to join or not.
  2. Best Weapons?

    I have a combustion, but it's not super good right now with my low level. Got it thanks to the hubby, but I just wish I could use it properly. I really want the Grave though.
  3. What anime are you all watching?

    For you guys watching the Ace Attorney anime, if you haven't played the games, please do. They are amazing, especially the Trials and Tribulations, and if that doesn't get turned into an anime season, my heart will be broken. Godot love forever.
  4. Show your screenshots

    Bee be rolling in those Proof of Sonic Teams, and I got more excited than I should have seeing Ryudo there. X3
  5. Best Weapons?

    What are your opinions for the best weapons? I main ranger, so I would love to hear what is best for ranger. I'm open to suggestions for all classes though, since I do wish to play all of them in the end.
  6. Hello

    Hello! :3
  7. Show your screenshots

    Daughter needing your attention, ferrets getting into mischief, and major major nose leaking constant sneezing cold got me like...
  8. Bzz @ Destiny

    Hey, Bee! :3 Ever heard of Zaur Man on youtube? He's like...the bee whisperer. lol You remind me of him.
  9. A feminist has arrived

    Welcome! Love the Sailor V pic, so does my little girl. She flipped out when she saw it. :3
  10. What anime are you all watching?

    Boku No Hero Academia is what we're watching right now. We're looking forward to One Punch season 2, and I can't wait for them to get to the Stars season of Sailor Moon Crystal. My husband is more into action anime, but I'm not genre picky. I always love when people recommend anime to me, so if you have any recommendations, I'm all ears. :3
  11. What other games are you playing?

    I played Skies on the Gamecube. It's soooo freaking good. I wish they would have made a second one.
  12. Commands

    Are we ever going to see a Red Ring Rico npc skin? It's fine if we don't. I'm just curious.
  13. Music

  14. Whats your Favorite Food?

    Homemade roast and sushi. My favorite drinks are iced tea, coffee, and the occasional glass of wine.
  15. What other games are you playing?

    Breath of the Wild. I was the nice sister who let my bros beat it first, so now I'm finally tearing through it. Xenoblade Chronicles. Again. I love that game. PSO2, when I don't have problems with the tweaker. Hopefully, I'll be playing Monster Hunter Stories soon. My birthday is Oct. 21, so I'm hoping I can get it as a present. :3