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  1. Mag feeding charts

    Ah, so good to know we need to follow these. Good thing there wasn't any errors for the ones I needed then. <3 I'm sure I would have caught onto it anyways.
  2. Mag feeding charts

    Are these the same charts on pso-world.net? Because I used those and it worked fine?
  3. What other games are you playing?

    Golden Sun is such an amazing RPG. Love the Djinn system, so unique and well done IMO.
  4. Weekend Mini Event

    Woooo, but I always work weekends so I won't be able to play this as much. I hope you guys consider doing a weekly one later or something.
  5. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    I don't want ownership but send me link so I can use until we officially have one, pls.
  6. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Thanks boo.
  7. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Noted, I use to have Ventrillo, Mumble and TS during my Ultima days but I got rid of those. I'm in the Ultima discord if that matters but a Destiny discord would be nice. I run a Discord for a big forum somewhere in the internet so I would not mind stepping up to create one not that it takes much effort anyways.
  8. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    So should someone make one or something?
  9. Hope everyone is having a magical Friday. xoxo, Destiny's Feminist

  10. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Are we getting a Destiny PSO Discord anytime soon? I really dislike having to type in game now that I'm spoiled when playing other games and using Discord. I have some people already on Discord from here but just wanted to know if someone was going to actually make a Discord soon.
  11. B > Liberta Kit & some others

    A feminist is looking for the following: Liberta Kit Ranger Frame or Armor with 4 slots Adept Unit Red Ring (preferably max) Any mechguns with Charge special better than my Charge Gatlings (they have 50% Hit) Promptly PM me to discuss details about what I can offer. Will probably offer Donation Tickets as I am new and do not have enough PD's for these. Thank you and stay tuned to Destiny PSO for your daily schedule of The Feminist Adventures.
  12. What other games are you playing?

    I am SHOOK that someone else knows Skies of Arcadia. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee old RPG's.
  13. A feminist has arrived

    Hi, welcome pet.
  14. Time Attack Event

    Aahh, I just started so I can't participate in this but this is such a good idea!
  15. Max Stat Plans and Improvised Calculator

    Oh snap, someone did this already. Yaaaaaaaaas. Thank you dude!