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  1. Show your screenshots

    LOL, HOLY MOLY @NDW, When you said Dump, I was expecting a few, but my page was endless scrolling lmao. CGS on all of that.
  2. Halloween Event 2017

    Ill be on in a few days, looking forward to it!n
  3. Show your screenshots

    Don't worry @Oswald after you pick up one, the second will give you a message and you will be unable to pick it up anyways. As long as you got one of them, all is good. ;P
  4. What anime are you all watching?

    Just watched NGE and not the movie. This is exactly how I felt.
  5. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    It's a HUD from a friend Jyuki, which is unfinished afaik so it's not publicised yet. Feel free to msg him (ohe doesn't play destiny though).
  6. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    How did you manage that? I understand banking would decrease the stats (as I mentioned above). Could easily make a 0DFP with mix of Pow/Dex but how is it possible to do Pure POW and have 0DFP?
  7. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Basically on a baby mag the lowest you can raise in DEF is +5 per single item (as shown on feeding charts) via Monomate/monfluid/antidote/antipara. If you Bank the mag after EVERY item the +5 will round down to +4 thus less defense increases as you lvl. You can do this on any increase of DEF, not just the baby (so for 187 POW you'd just continue to 35-50). It can be long a tedious, but since this server has infinite mag feed it's not so bad. Other servers you'd have to wait 3.30 each item you fed then banked mag. This is the bank trick. Using this method is how I got my 0DFP mag to remain 0DFP upon evolution. (without doing so it would always gain 1DFP): Picture below~ This example was using antidote but it would work the same as long as the 4 specified, just other stats. @thelionorion it does work here, I did it here~
  8. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    A general mag can have up to 185 POW or MIND. With the banking trick any mag can get 187 POW/MIND. Using a 0 DFP mag you can get 194 POW/MIND, or with banking trick 195 POW/MIND. But not every mag can do so because of stat requirements for evolution (such as 4th evolution Mags like Sato).
  9. Show your screenshots

    Wow, Beeautiful UDC, nice to see it made!
  10. Commands

    I am ok, I managed to get a 0DFP Mag so i don't need to reset anymore
  11. B> 0DFP Mags (Closed)

    got two thanks
  12. B> 0DFP Mags (Closed)

    If I can get one of these it will save me having to reset materials. I hear you can get them in a crate. Curious on the price for one and if anyone would be willing to sell. I am no rich boy but I have to offer:
  13. Commands

    The /matreset command does not work. Typed it like 100 times in game, in lobby, before and after changing blocks multiple times in a row. No messages and still materials on my character.
  14. Weekend Mini Event

    There will be a notification/banner before it ends? Like 30 mins warning people to change their ID's etc Also isn't GMT +1 from UTC right now?