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Found 4 results

  1. Eres's Shop

    Current items. Not very good. Started on server recently. Feel free to give me free stuff No prices. Offers only (until i learn prices) DRAGON SLAYER 0/30/0/0/45 King Striker SILENCE CLAW 0/0/35/0/45 RAGE DE FEU FEU 0/0/0/35/35 VIVIENNE 0/0/0/0/40 BLUE ODOSHI VIOLET NIMAIDOU THIRTEEN cure/freeze rafoie 20 6pds 1pc
  2. Hello

    I am Orgo. I am sure most know me, but figured I should officially introduce myself. Looking forward to some fun games here. I am also a quest creator. Only one live quest currently, but more to come soon™!
  3. o hai

    o hai, im that guy, built so fly like a silk bow tie anyway i am the gm dw (among other gm characters i have) and a regular player like the rest of you while on my normal account when i actually play (cant actually hunt on gm account) but i do like to keep my work and play accounts seperate so i dont think ill say what my non gm stuff is here due to privacy reasons fairly new to being a gm on pso but have been a gm for other games and have known most of this staff for years and am happy to be help as i still get used to the commands and what not i might be a bit slow with redeeming at first and a few other things so patients is appreciated as i get up to speed on things <3
  4. dw