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Found 4 results

  1. Free Section ID Changing and 10x EXP!

    Free section id changing and 10x EXP have been activated! This will last until the end of the month. To make use of ID changing, use this command in the lobby: /sectionid # "#" is a number between 0-9 0 Viridia 1 Greenil 2 Skyly 3 Blueful 4 Purplenum 5 Pinkal 6 Redria 7 Oran 8 Yellowboze 9 Whitill To make use of 10X EXP, go level up some characters! Enjoy!
  2. Free Section ID

    Hi all, Since the event ended and not everyone was able to get back the right section ID I put it back on it will last until Sunday 7th of June 6PM GMT. Make sure by that time you have the right section ID. Enjoy
  3. One week mini event

    HI everyone this week we have: Free section id change Xpboost by x10 This mini event will end Monday 9th at 10 AM server time GMT/UTC. Both are active now. Enjoy and don't forget to change your ID back in time.
  4. Hello/Bonjour! Team PantiesÐrøþ! So this topic is about choosing the desired ID's to help spread out the availability of rare items we can all potential get by working and hunting together. I know we all have our own favorite ID's with which some being better then others of course. Whilst most of us will have chosen our ID's based on nostalgia from other versions of PSO, character coordination/aesthetic choice(s)/themes and just in-general preferences based on drop information. Since we are playing on a new server with a tight-knitted community with new and old drops that all require hunting to flesh out and give our characters an advantage, I think it is best if we start choosing our section ID's more appropriately to benefit and accommodate the wide spread of drops for us all to hunt. I'm not saying having duplicate ID's is a bad thing as that can be quite resourceful when a certain team member isn't online to hunt with. It is also beneficial as-well for our own team member(s) to change to another character if a certain person decides to play that different character for a specific mission/another play style. So I am just going to list down below of our characters/classes, potential new characters/classes, and their section ID's. Please give this information below too on what characters you have in mind creating. Thanks. *Click on it multiple times to be able to zoom in.