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  1. sunagimo's Sell List

    Are you still about to trade items?
  2. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    On the flip side though, Exterminator can be farmed from arguably easier enemies and is found on twice as many (and more common) ids. So while it wouldnt be as good, should it be considering its availability in comparison to Tormentor?
  3. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    Well it does have hell needle with hit so thats a solid replacement but obviously not like for like.
  4. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    I vote Charge
  5. Eres's Shop

    Are you on now? I want zalure 15 and can trade you stuffs?
  6. Eres's Shop

    I assume you already have all good spells?
  7. Eres's Shop

    Hey, Familiar name ;-) What class are you playing?
  8. Tro's Wishlist

    Buying> Blue phantom shield V502 Spread Needle with Hit or very good stats
  9. Ramarl Purple 200 Fonewearl PINKAL 15x Humar likely Greenil 1
  10. Tro's Wishlist

    err pds, mats, love and affection???
  11. Tro's Wishlist

    Updated list
  12. All Class Stats

    Why is the base tp stat for several of the classes lower than on the max stat chart? Are they the wrong way round?
  13. You can find an endless amount of crates but you can only pick up one per day per account. It doesn't matter if you see a crate drop on a lower difficulty, as long you don't actually pick one up off the floor you can still find a legendary one later.
  14. B>Support techs(closed)

    Il make one now called Ken
  15. B>Support techs(closed)

  16. B>Support techs(closed)

    I think i have a 29 Zalure
  17. Weekend Mini Event

    Il treasure it 4eva 3>
  18. Weekend Mini Event

    Awesome! Its my birthday Sunday too so this will be a nice treat ty.
  19. Weekend Mini Event

    I have Monday off work - mind extending the event until Monday night just for me
  20. Show your screenshots

    Looks like you are getting ready to cut me in half with that! CG.
  21. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    Bragging rights on a 17 odd year old game that looks and runs like crap and has split communities whereby most of the time no more than 30 people are on at once. I have to say we are a strange bunch of people lol
  22. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    I know - Im just saying that Del lilies are even easier to come across and kill than Gig Gue so not only is the drop rate better but the enemies are easier to farm from too.
  23. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    And there are 4 Del lilies as first spawn in one of the missions so you might even say 3x easier to farm is an understatement :-)
  24. What's up

    3x all the way to 200 here as well.
  25. Ramarl (Purplenum) lvl 190 Ramar (Yellowboze) lvl 50 Fonewearl (Redria) lvl 1 - will be power levelling this soon (hopefully)