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Team secrets

Like we have any :Ð

Some Q/A just for good mesure :

How to open the team chat in game ?
Use the F9 key, then everything you'll write will get on the team chat only, meaning that people on lobby or room will not see it.

Why did you name the team PantiesÐrøþ ?
Short story: mainly because of characters number restriction. We basically can't fit more than 11 characters (well you can, but they'll be invisible, so no point).
Long story: I first wanted to make something both fun and game related. I was going for Sword&Panties. But too long, after some thinking, I was down to Drop&Panties but I was still one character off. Then the revelation hit my skull like a whale on a sofa by a Tuesday afternoon : PantiesÐrøþ, because it's basically PРas a shortcut and a nice play with words (from my delusional point of view).

What does the little bar in :Ð or Ð: or xÐ means ?
Means the same than the normal one PLUS that we have a "big old hunter scar" in the middle of the face. So, we may not be completely in shape, but we're still smiling because we're warriors =Ø

How do you write this :Ð ?
The Ð will require you to have a numpad. Hold the ALT key and then press 0208. In a nutshell : ALT+0208
Have fun Ø: (ALT+2008)

Where does the team logo come from ?
Ain't nobody wanna know that :P

If you have some good ideas for the team, let us all know !

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