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    XMAS 2018! Merry Xmas from Destiny! I guess we were a tad too ambitious, so yes, we're late (like always), but once again we've fabricated a unique and fresh experience (like always). I'm sure y'all enjoy this one! Merry Xmas! Saint Rappies The saint rappies are roaming around, dropping Christmas Presents that contain various stuff. Xmas Theme Special thanks to @Shiva for an amazing Xmas theme, including an awesome festive chair and winter atmosphere throughout ragol. Xmas Catastrophe The quest Xmas Catastrophe is enabled under Episode 1 / VR. This is a fun little quest in mines where you help hopkins. You are able to get 2 materials as a reward in the end. Photon Tokens & Presents Like last year, for the duration of the event, all monsters in Ragol have a chance to drop presents and Photon Tokens. Photon Tokens Photon Tokens can be used to add hit to weapons by speaking to Paganini in the new Phantastic Bazaar quest. Christmas Presents These special christmas presents can contain: limited edition xmas themed apparel certain Type Weapons with special Yasminkov 9000m with special Notes Presents and Photon Tokens drop the same way as crates, individually. No daily limit, and all monsters have a chance to drop a present or Photon Token. It's not allowed to farm these items with multiple accounts at the same time. Rates (presents) Rates (tokens) Special Xmas hunts Christmas Spirit (limited edition Xmas only!) (Dark Falz: Redria / Oran / Pinkal) "It's that special time of the year. Time to spread the love!" Shot Type Launches a volley of 3 candy canes per shot Spirit special Ability to hit moving/flying targets without missing Hunter/Ranger PGF Don't have a dark weapon yet? Now is the time to hunt the most precious combine item in PSO. The droprate for Parasitic Gene "Flow" has been lowered to 1/146 for the duration of the XMAS event. Beyond the Veil: Rathalos "An unusually powerful Dragon is disturbing our efforts on Ragol." With this year's xmas event we celebrate the release of a new Monster Hunter themed quest: Beyond the Veil! We will not say too much about the experience, but you'll be surprised. With combined efforts of client manipulation, skins expertise, and quest devilry, once again we've done the impossible. Only at the end of Beyond the Veil will you find a new boss: Rathalos. Better to bring a few friends because he's no ordinary dragon. Besides, he might not be alone either... Credits: @stone for the monster hunter idea and area names @Shiva for the skins and textures @Orgodemirk for everything quest related @Magictrick for coding the whole thing @Mylandra for solving some major obstacles during development. And last but not least: Lee (yes, that Lee) for his original research regarding PSO areas. APOCALYPSE BOWGUN "An ultimate weapon that fires three energy spears. The spears can be focused on a single enemy, dealing triple damage." Drops from Rathalos on Viridia / Greenill / Skyly / Bluefull / Purplenum RATHALOS GREATSWORD "A legendary sword made from a Rathalos. It has the power to explode a target, dealing damage to enemies around it." Drops from Rathalos on Pinkal / Redria / Oran / Yellowboze / Whitill x10 XP & Free Section ID For the entire event! Enjoy and MERRY XMAS!!!
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    the first rathalos greatsword o::: (thanks to sab, magic and orgo xP )
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    really nice quest and event, good work @destiny staffs
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    Destiny v0.6.16 Items Dark Meteor now fires 7 shots instead of 5. This makes it the only 7 target weapon currently in the game. Dark Flow, when using the wave attack, no longer ignores its normal attack. Meaning you can hit up to 5 enemies with the wave and up to 10 with the regular strike. This change makes Dark Flow more powerful and more reliable. Quests New quest Beyond the Veil added in Episode 1 / Special. Read more about this quest in the Xmas event topic.
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    my random item luck is,,,, interesting to say the least lmfao.
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    love the monster hunter idea keep up the good work!
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    Happy that my favourite forest BGM/theme is back
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    Thank you so much to the staff bringing even more Fun and Challenge to the game. THe last Xmas event was already the best event I had in my PSO Career and this one push thingsto the same direction
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    As the Hunter approaches the Rathalos, the moon offers a shimmering glow. Raining down... soaking both the Hunter and his blade, as they are being purified by the night. Where I am right now is the place that is covered by cold asphalt as ice, and by bodies colder than it. ...it's called beyond the veil.
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    how could you do this to us, simple hunters. D:
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    Hi, it's me, Mario... Misombre, I am buying the following items : HP Material x19 Immortal/HP x3 I can offer : photon drop, photon ticket, photon crystal, syncesta, advices on how to handle your life, and some light pats on your shoulders. Name your price :Ð
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    yeahhh, he hurts a ton haha
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    i guess Arch Tempered he killed me with one hit (crit) lol
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    yoooooooo this all looks so cool guys! thank you for putting so much time and hard work into it <33 i cant wait to hunt these things and find a bunch of xmas hats
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    This is amazxing, something i never thought possible on PSO. TY Magic!!
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    to bump this thread, lemme post. (goal: 8xx) Quest : Towards the Future Player : Hatate. (Hunewearl) @VEL(JP) Time : 9:18 NOPB Gear:
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