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Destiny v0.6.16


  • Dark Meteor now fires 7 shots instead of 5. This makes it the only 7 target weapon currently in the game.
  • Dark Flow, when using the wave attack, no longer ignores its normal attack. Meaning you can hit up to 5 enemies with the wave and up to 10 with the regular strike. This change makes Dark Flow more powerful and more reliable.


  • New quest Beyond the Veil added in Episode 1 / Special. Read more about this quest in the Xmas event topic.



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Hotfix #1:

  • Non rare items dropped in the Rathalos/Vaal Hazak fight now also properly drop in the center of the map. Before this change, only rares dropped in the center, while common items dropped at the feet of the dragon killed last.
  • Fixed an issue with Apocalypse Bowgun where its grind would reset to +20 after block reload.
  • The quest Xmas Catastrophe now gives 3 materials instead of 2 in Ultimate difficulty.
  • Apocalypse Bowgun droprate has been reduced from 1/77 to 1/64 for the remainder of the Xmas event.
  • Rathalos Greatsword droprate has been reduced from 1/103 to 1/80 for the remainder of the Xmas event.


Changes are live!

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