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    Hi all, we activated freesection ID and exp rate x10 from now. time to lvl your chars and hunt stuffs this will end in 2 weeks, enjoy! /sectionid #"#" is a number between 0-90 Viridia1 Greenil2 Skyly3 Blueful4 Purplenum5 Pinkal6 Redria7 Oran8 Yellowboze9 Whitill
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    Been hunting Ill Gill Reaper for like a month during happy hour but still no luck. Today got the three other drops. I do DMR up until the Gibbles then lobby. Also 50 hit Taste of Affection.
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    One run, Defend the main room, I love this server
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    4,294,967,055 Minutes = 8,171.5507 Years = 8171 Years, 6 Months, 2 Weeks, 4 Days, 8 Hours, 54 Minutes and 59 Seconds
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    Back to back banners.
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    Now congrats to me. 2nd pgf drop today.
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    It's just people playing by themselves, let em enjoy themselves
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    inveja é feio kkkkk
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    ooOOOo Same day as me hahaha, I almost forgot... Happy Birthday Pivo!
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    Joyeux Anniversaire =D
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    Happy Birthday Piv =DD
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    heya, what exactly is the problem here?
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    Got these ODE’s in the mail today. They are for the Saturn and Dreamcast. I sometimes play PSO on disc with broadband adapter and the Dream Pi. The server is called Sylverant. Almost nobody plays there but still cool to get on the original hardware and software.
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    Hoi, Now that Defend The Main Room is an active quest again I figured I'd post this quick guide for newer players. It's a generally safe, consistent farm of 3 Ill Gills every 2 mins or so. In a perfect run the Gi Gue will leave you alone and the final Del Lily will trigger mag as a response to your barta first try but I decided to show one where things don't go according to plan. Keep the Gi Gue in view so you can tell if it's countering. So long as you run straight and slightly to the left when warping into the room you should be fine. Your mag might trigger during the first part when you're killing the other plants but it will most likely run out before you can wipe out the Ill Gills so best to let it time out then reactivate as per the video. Happy hunting
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    Hey, this is how im doing it with HUcast. Using DVA as battle unit and 4 x h/resist to get all res types up to 105. This makes you imune against epsi rafoi, Megid and confuse bombs from gi gue. Altho i messed up a litlebit at the end with my second freez trap (because the epsi was absorbing the whole df wave), it works fine most of the time.
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    My first and beautiful Xmas baby ,_,