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    RELEASE: We added a new special mode. Playing in this mode gives you 2x movement speed, but if you take damage one random item is removed from your bank. If you have no items left, your character is deleted. This mode is automatically enabled for all players. Due to the fact that there's already another server that offers a similar mode, we decided to call this mode Destiny Hardcore Mode™ (DHM). Game - Creating a room now costs 300 meseta. - Hucast can now cast Shifta/Zalure lv 25. - Using dark flow with less than 10% HP now ignores resta. However, while in this mode, other players can also attack you. - Ingame music replaced with random techno music I found on youtube. - Monomates now stack to 99, but trimates have been removed from the game. - Phantasmal Crates now have legs, and they will run away when you try to grab them. Enjoy!
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    Hi all, Since most of us are locked at our homes due to the virus we decided that we put on free section id and x10 Xp. So you all can have some fun with leveling and don't have to change chars for a hunt. Free Section ID and x10 XP are active now. Enjoy
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    to anyone who already found an item with an incredible hard droprate: TRY TO BEAT THIS there is only bulclaw on yellowboze who drops psycho wand in ruins. Sadly didnt take a shot of /roominfo
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    Little know fact: White tiny Hucast is the best way to play Hucast Also true endgame PSO is actually trying to optimize dancing in sync
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    My first 90hit wep! its kinda usefull i guess for celestial fusions but sadly its not ToA
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    Its not my fault, I play PSO using this:
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    I can confirm this somehow! The limitation of 1 scape doll per char/bank/common bank was made to make the gameplay diffrent.. to make it a little bit harder same counts for the knock back as @Lipelis mentioned it already. This consists since server release But all these changes are definitely compensated through added custom items. Thats the philosophy on how our admin wanted to run the server. About luck mats. I never played PSOBB on dreamcast or wherever it was playable back in the days, but since i play PSOBB, luck mats were always beeing a red box (also on other servers untill they changed the box skin for them), so I'd say it always have been red boxes? EDIT: Once i was brave enough to go on an adventure with @Piv (HUct lvl 130 quest: PW4) and had only one moon atomizer on me. I carried piv through this game. @Lipelis this is the way of playing with piv haha, in any other way he wont learn how to survive.
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    My first rgs drop ever :3 not to bad stats tho! Thanks to @Howitzer for the runs<3 (Next one is yours )
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    Decided to check out this server and all the new items. I've yet to see anyone speak in the lobby in 3 days, what's the best was to grab a game?
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    Event has ended hope everyone had fun. From now on you can redeem 15 Flower Bouquets for a special on weapons that don't have a special yet. You can't use it for S-ranks or weapons that already have his own special. It is allowed to change a special too on weapons that doesn't come with his own special. Every gm can redeem flowers so feel free to pm one of us.
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    to bump this thread i'll just post (feel free to post your good time here, everyone ) this run is from 2019 january 18 btw lol Team: @Alt @VEL Quest : Beyond the Veil Time : 12:26 classes : HUcast Hunewearl NOPB
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    To be clear, in case this is also some form of appeal, the accounts/ips you used cheats on won't be unbanned. But I appreciate the apology. Your new accounts won't be banned on sight but better play by the rules this time like everyone else.
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    Ahoy Gummy, My 2 cent theory about the limitation of Dolls is to fit the philosophy of the majors game changes, like no-knockdown for example. That amplified feeling of danger while playing is a nice touch to balance the powerful custom gear available. Also a "Game Over" from time to time (which is not that punitive in my opinion) is a good message to think about a game-plan to complete the run. And as Obama says... With great power comes great responsibility btw you still owe me 500k spent on moons
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    Welcome! Just guessing, but I would imagine the Scape Doll amount limit is to dissuade players from relying on them too much. Multiple Scapes would be good for me though, as I die on average 3000 times per run (others can confirm this)
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    Hi guys, first of all big THANKS to destiny staff for upgrading Nightmare! After the buff was announced, i wasnt quite sure about how usefull it is or how much better it would be than death reaper or Ill gill reaper. So i started grinding for it and maxing it up (at least hit%) to find out. Turns out its an SH/Shot with hell special for Hunters and much more powerfull in close range. See for urself
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    This is the last picture we have of @Howitzer before he was flattened
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    So a friend and I were playing and we noticed a couple weird things. First of all, that luck mat is a rare drop. As far as we were aware, luck mats counted towards the same mat counter as power, mind, etc., so why would luck be changed from a normal item to rare? We didn't think luck was that valuable of a stat before. Secondly, why are you only allowed to have one scape doll both on your person and in the bank? In the original server you could stock up on dolls for particularly difficult missions, but now that is apparently impossible since you can literally only have 2 stocked up. Is this a bug or intentional, and can someone please explain why?
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    @Gummy no sacrificing base stats involved if you follow some max stats plans! Here is a cool doc with multiple plans; https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uIN2LbEmjdybDzvI8QuU9SMvy9csROqpkSl8bldvv0E/edit#gid=458429584
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    ~ 100 solo 8-3 runs with and without HH. Going tryhard pays off sometimes
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    "without ever leaving your home" lool
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    that d-virus launcher i'd say 15-20 dts, if it has other stats even more d virus armor has no range in stats so there is no min/max, but it was being sold for 15 dts lately (in my eyes little bit too much, but its hard to get it so its still a fair price)
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    Grind King. Thank you 10x exp.
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    Thats one awesome time! CG! It has been added to the TA-record list
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    Thanks for the happy birthday wishes guys I'm sorry! I took a break been almost two years... Prolly coming back soon!
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    Shisui and i used this fun trick back in the days on ultima roct quest. There is a spawn with some ill gills, epsilons and a mericarol. We confused them with Iron faust and that big spawn was gone in a blink
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    Congrats on the Legendary User status, Howi!
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    Double kill rare drop.
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    SELLING Weapons Final Egg Blaster +30 [0/35/0/0/55] Combustion Cannon [0/0/0/5/0] untekked Combustion Cannon [0/0/15/0/0] Baranz Launcher [0/0/0/90/100] Black King Bar [0/0/0/0/80] Skyfall [0/0/0/0/0] Last Emperor [0/30/30/0/0] SOLD Kietsu +30 [0/0/50/55/35] Claw of Elements [0/0/0/0/0] Armor X Parts ver 3.10 [0/0] Dynasty Armor [4 slot 0/0] Archfiend Armor [4 slot 0/0] SOLD Etheral Armor [4 slot 0/0] SOLD Shields From The Depths [0/0] Cataclysm Shield [0/0] SOLD Units Immortal Legs Techs Lvl 15 techs 1 PD Lvl 20 techs 1 PD Materials Evade Materials x250 WANTS PDs/PTs/DT/s/PSs or trades PGF Genesis Armor MAX Red Ring MAX Rainbow Shield MAX
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    Hey there! Welcome to Destiny first and enjoy your journey! Back to the Problem: The game is detected as Virus from most of the antivirus software best thing you can do is to whitelist the file: psobbw.exe & the launcher-exe and the whole folder! grrrrrrr @Shiva snipped me 🤬
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    its a false positive. I recommend you to whitelist the destiny psobb folder.
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    The poison Lilly laughing sound is also used in the house of the dead for the first boss fight
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    since these monsters drop orb of illusions , i tought maybe adding some numbers is good now. Quest: Maximum Attack S episode 2 Mericarol x15 Merikle x34 Mericus x28 (Purplenum ID makes most sense for this hunt because it has also alot of Gibbles x50 for Dr. Robotnik's Plan B, 15 Mericarol for Armageddon and Orb drops from Merikle)
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    B> Last Emperor with DTs contact me ploze, ty Edit: ty @Rem
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    Great time @VEL + @Alt I would love to see a video run of BTV in the future - I love the quest I might start posting some times on quests with my chars, even if they aren't the record, just to get some more times on the board and have a record of progression haha
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    8-3 gov quest with Huney and Nightmare Time attack version of this run will be uploaded soon...
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    1.luck mat has just redbox skin/yellow txt here. rate is same as vanilla and you can hunt them easily from normal la dimenian. (ep2) 2.it's not bug. only admin knows the reason.
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    1 Donation Ticket <=> 10 Photon Drops <=> 0,1 Photon Sphere <=> 2 Photon Tokens Wants: 2ND ANNIVERSARY WINGS Redria, STA Selling: Weps DEATH CANNON [0/0/40/45|0] 15PDs SPREAD NEEDLE [45/0/45/40|0] 10PTs SPREAD NEEDLE [30/0/30/0|35] [untekked] 15PTs GIRASOLE [0/0/0/45|45] 20PDs GUSH NEEDLE [40/30/0/50|0] 20PDs DEATH REAPER [0/0/30/0|45] 10PDs GRAVE DIGGER [0/40/25/0|0] [untekked] 20PDs PSYCHO WAND [0/35/0/0|0] 5PDs DESERT EAGLE [0/30/0/0|30] 20PDs ARMAGEDDON [60/50/0/0|0] 30PDs FROZEN SHOOTER [30/0/0/0|40] 15PDs PASSION HAZE [50/0/30/0|40] 10PTs SKYFALL [10/0/0/0|0] 10PTs TYRELL'S PARASOL [0/0/0/10|0] 10PDs ANCIENT PROPHECY [25/10/0/0|0] 20PDs TypeSH/SHOT [Hell] [20/0/30/0|0] 10PDs HANDGUN:GULD [30/30/0/0|30] 15PDs HANDGUN:MILLA [60/0/0/0|40] 15PDs LAST SWAN [0/0/0/20|30] 15PDs GLIDE DIVINE X [10/25/0/0|35] [untekked] 10PDs MYSTIC SPIRIT [0/40/0/40|0] 10PDs BOONDOCK SAINTS [30/0/0/20|20] 15PDs SOUL BITER [0/0/15/0|30] [untekked] 5PDs ILL GILL REAPER [50/35/0/0|0] 10DTs DRAGON SWORD [0/25/0/30|0] [untekked] 20PDs Armor's/Shields MOTHER GARB+ [slots: 0 / def: 10 / evp: 5] 15PDs DRESS PLATE [slots: 2 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 5PDs NINJA SUIT [slots: 0 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 10PDs RING OF FIRE [slots: 1 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 20PDs SPECTRAL SUIT [slots: 0 / def: 0 / evp: 0] free SPIRIT GARMENT [slots: 1 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 5PDs MOLTEN RING [def: 0 / evp: 0] 20PDs X-PARTS ver3.10 [slots: 1 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 10PDs BAT WING [def: 0 / evp: 0] 15PTs DEMON WING [def: 29 / evp: 16] 20PTs Units ADEPT 20PDs Immortal/Power 10PDs Centurion/Battle 15PDs Immortal/Arms 20PDs Immortal/Mind 20PDs Heavenly/Resist 15PTs HP/Flow 20PDs Centurion/HP 10PDs PB/Flow 10PTs Techs and other random stuff TWIN WRAITH [level 200][0/115/85/0][Blue] 10PDs TWIN WRAITH [level 200][0/137/63/0][Yellow] 10PDs Shifta/Deband/Zalure/Jellen/Resta LV15 disk 2PDs each or 7PDs set Gifoie LV20 disk 1PD Razonde LV20 disk 2PDs Grants LV27 disk 2PDs Zalure LV30 2PDs Zonde LV29 2PDs Razonde LV29 2PDs Rabarta LV29 disk 2PDs Mind Material x ??? 5:1PD Pandora's Box 5PDs PM me pls if you are interested in something
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    Hi and welcome! first of all, many players taking a break after recent events such as valentines event. We have 3 active teams right now and im sure you are welcome to any of em. There is a discord channel aswell for the whole server! ppl looking for trades, hunts, help and just partys for random runs there.
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    Bump - added items, reorganized and added prices
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