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    Hoi Everyone. I thought you guys would appreciate a Weekend Mini Event. What does this mini event contains ? Free Section ID XP X10 This Weekend Mini Event is now live and ends on Monday Morning 10 AM GMT. Enjoy This Weekend Mini Event
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    Price Conversion: 100PD = 20PT = 10DT = 1PS GuildCard number: 42003314 NON RARE WEAPONS Calibur [Spirit] [50/0/50/0|50] 10 PD Calibur [Spirit] [50/0/50/0|50] 10 PD Striker [Hell] [50/0/0/50|50] 10 PD Striker [King's] [50/50/0/0|30] 4 PD Striker [King's] [0/0/50/50|30] 4 PD Striker [King's] [0/0/50/50|30] 4 PD Raygun [Hell] [0/0/30/0|30] [untekked] 5 PD Raygun +7 [Demon's] [30/0/30/0|35] 5 PD WEAPONS 3RD ANNIVERSARY BLADE GALAXY [0/0/0/0|0] 15 DT 3RD ANNIVERSARY BLADE GALAXY [0/0/35/45|0] 30 DT BARANZ LAUNCHER [0/25/0/0|40] 25 PD BARANZ LAUNCHER [40/0/25/30|0] 10 PD BOONDOCK SAINTS +50 [0/25/0/0|40] 50 PD CANNON ROUGE [0/0/25/0|25] 4 PD CHRISTMAS SPIRIT [0/55/0/0|0] 15 DT D-VIRUS LAUNCHER +80 [0/0/0/40|0] 15 DT DAYLIGHT SCAR [0/0/0/35|30] [untekked] 5 PD DEATH REAPER [0/0/0/40|30] [untekked] 20 PD DEATH REAPER [0/0/0/45|40] 18 PD DEATH REAPER [30/20/0/0|25] [untekked] 15 PD DISKA OF BRAVEMAN [0/0/0/20|30] [untekked] 5 PD ETERNAL NIGHT [45/0/30/45|0] 10 DT EXCALIBUR [0/0/0/0|0] 5 PD FROSTBITE [0/0/0/0|0] 5 PD FROZEN SHOOTER +9 [40/0/0/0|30] 6 PD GRAVE DIGGER [30/30/0/0|0] [untekked] 7 PD GRAVE DIGGER +9 [0/0/25/0|0] 6 PD GUSH NEEDLE [0/0/60/0|0] 5 PD HEAVEN STRIKER [0/0/35/0|0] 9 PD HELL STRIKER [0/0/0/0|25] [untekked] 10 DT HELL STRIKER [0/70/0/70|0] 9 PD HELL STRIKER [35/0/0/0|30] [untekked] 12 DT INFERNO BLADE [0/0/30/0|40] 20 PD JUDGEMENT BLADE [50/0/30/0|0] 10 PD JUDGEMENT BLADE [0/20/25/25|0] [untekked] 20 PD LAVIS CANNON [0/25/25/30|0] [untekked] 50 PD M&A85 FURY [30/10/0/0|0] 20 PD MERCURIUS ROD [0/0/0/50|0] 3 PD MILLE MARTEAUX [0/0/0/0|0] 7 PD OPHELIE SEIZE [0/25/0/20|30] [untekked] 5 PD PLANET EATER [0/0/0/0|0] 10 PD PSYCHO WAND [0/0/0/35|0] [untekked] 10 PD PSYCHO WAND [30/15/0/0|0] [untekked] 10 PD RIANOV 303SNR-3 [0/40/0/50|50] 20 PD SLICER OF FANATIC [35/0/0/35|0] [untekked] 3 PD SOUL BITER [0/30/30/30|0] [untekked] 20 PD SOUL BITER [0/45/0/0|0] 3 PD SPREAD NEEDLE [25/0/40/20|0] [untekked] 20 PD STORMRENDER [0/0/0/45|0] 12 PD TORMENTOR [0/30/30/0|0] 2 PD TypeSH/SHOT [0/40/60/50|0] 5 PD TypeSH/SHOT +9 [Hell] [20/0/25/5|0] 5 PD YAMIGARASU [0/0/0/0|0] [untekked] 2 PD YAMIGARASU [25/0/35/40|0] [untekked] 13 PD YASMINKOV 7000V [Hell] [0/30/40/0|30] 4 DT YASMINKOV 9000M +10 [Charge] [20/0/0/35|0] 6 PD YASMINKOV 9000M +10 [Demon's] [0/0/30/25|0] 6 PD UNITS V502 3 PD ADEPT 13 PD Centurion/Battle 12 PD Immortal/Luck 3 PD SHIELDS CATACLYSM SHIELD [def: 0 / evp: 0] 8 PD each MOLTEN RING [def: 0 / evp: 0] 9 PD each RED PHANTOM FIELD [def: 0 / evp: 0] 5 PD FROM THE DEPTHS [def: 0 / evp: 0] 3 PD HAUNTED HELM [def: 0 / evp: 0] 2 PD ARMORS D-VIRUS ARMOR [slots: 1 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 15 DT DYNASTY ARMOR [slots: 0 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 2 PD HALLOWED GARMENT [slots: 0 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 2 PD BLUE ODOSHI VIOLET NIMAIDOU [slots: 2 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 2 PD RING OF FIRE [slots: 3 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 20 PD SPECTRAL SUIT [slots: 2 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 3 PD X-PARTS ver3.10 [slots: 0 / def: 0 / evp: 0] 6 PD
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    I mean im Kulden... I was gonna break the ice by telling you all a joke about time travel... but none of you liked it, so that saves me time. For future reference, i apologise all the time, I AM CANADIAN... ... ... sorry. I started 2 days ago on this server, so im a noob to alot of the online content, but i have been playing PSO since version 1 on dreamcast when it first came out. So technically, im a veteran noob. I play guitar, i will get discord, would be great to be able to talk while playing instead of stopping to type. With that said, when im actually playing, i dont talk much unless its relevant, i cant seem to do both at the same time without fully stopping... i was notorious for that on world of warcraft. Ill be honest, you have some amazing people on this server, just the people alone make this server worth playing. Not to mention some of the quests, i've never seen anything like it, i was completely blown away. On top of that, a few people went out of their way to make me feel welcome, even though im not as fast as you guys yet, your patience is very much appreciated. I know you guys have most of the stuff you need, but im used to being the "Farmer" of whatever guild im in, i love to grind, collect, then just give it away to people... so after you few people gave me weapons ive never aquired in my 18 years of playing this game... WOW, SERIOUSLY?! 18 years is a long time trying to hunt those real rares, and all of a sudden, they are all in my possession, and i can enjoy them all! Thank you isnt strong enough, so even though you may not want to accept, i will try to offer, or somehow help out. Perspective and concept are huge, wether it be in-game or in real life, so even if my apology seems unnecessary, it is ^-^ Its a pleasure to be here, i will meet more of you ingame, i do apologise for being a bit awkward. ...wow i rant...
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    Hi there, Here is some free section ID change and x10 XP until the event starts. Enjoy
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    Hi all, this is a fun mini event/giveaway with prizes from my own inventory Rules are simple, as the titel alrdy says: first come, first served! in order to win the first prize, you have to reply here with *first*, for second prize with *second* and for third prize with *seventh* ( i know i got u here) . Only one reply and prize per player and no editing! Here is an example to clarify a litlebit: Vel posted 4mins ago: second Flola posted 4mins ago: first desuxu Dep posted 4mins ago: first Orgo posted 3mins ago: second (Edited 2min ago) Mystery posted 3 mins ago: second Shiva posted 3 mins ago: second woof Rem posted 2 mins ago: second Shisui posted 1min ago: third Piv posted 1min ago: seventh Cosmos posted 1 min ago: seventh The winners in this case --> 1)Flola, 2)Mystery and 3)Piv, Consolation Prize--> Dep 5Photon Tokens, Shiva 2PTs, Rem 2PTs Prizes: 1. Calibur [Tempest] [0/25/40/0|75] [untekked] 2. Parasitic gene "Flow" 3. 2ND ANNIVERSARY WINGS (Oran or Whitill) Everyone between first and second reply 5 Photon tokens and ppl between second and third 2 PTs. I will unlock this topic at some point on next Happy Hour. Good luck and have Fun ;D
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    DESTINY PSOBB EASTER EVENT 2021! Happy Easter from Destiny PSOBB! A super awesome Billy Hatcher theme throughout Ragol, made by @Shiva ™. Also includes themed monsters. Egg Rappies Of course the Egg Rappies are back, dropping Easter Eggs that contain various stuff. Find the Rappies in Episode 2 Temple. Chaotic Casino An infamous evil Doctor decided to open a casino in mines! But some things didn't go according to plan, and now the slot machines are raging out of control. Do you have what it takes to enter the chaotic casino and save Ragol from this mechanical madness? Drops: Primal Nexus "This strange artifact is embedded with ancient magic. A proficient caster can harness this magic to empower offensive techniques and magic resistance." DFP: 180-200 EVP: 250-300 EFR: 45 ETH: 45 EIC: 45 EDK: 40 ELT: 40 Required Level: 200 Boosts ALL offensive techs by 30% Drops from: Corrupted Slot Machine / Episode 2 / Ultimate / All ids D-Virus Armor "Armor enhanced with a D-Factor virus. The virus empowers your abilities, increasing attack speed and defensive power." DFP: 600 EVP: 200 EFR: 32 ETH: 32 EIC: 32 EDK: 32 ELT: 32 Required Level: 200 Boosts attack speed by 80% Drops from: Corrupted Slot Machine / Episode 1 Mines / Ultimate ID'S Virida, Greenill, Skyly, Bluefull, Purplenum. D-Virus Launcher "A powerful virus flows through this ultimate weapon. Its true potential is awakened when the owner has low health." ATP: 300-360 Grind: +80 Required ATA: 210 Special: Berserk Targets: 4 The lower your HP gets, the more projectiles it fires with each shot. Under 1/2 HP this weapon fires 2 projectiles to each target, under 1/8 (dark flow mode) it fires 3 shots per target (for a total of 12 shots). Drops from: Corrupted Slot Machine / Episode 1 Mines / Ultimate ID'S Pinkal, Redria, Oran, Yellowboze, Whitill. Returning drop: Zu's Punishment "A mysterious cane created from the head of a Zu. Its special attack launches 3 fireballs." ATP: 465 ATA: 60 Required MST: 1100 Tech Boosts: foie 60%, gifoie 50%, rafoie 40% Special: Launches 3 level 16 foie forward. The foies benefit fully from tech boosts, making each one around 80% as effective as a single foie. Skin by @Shiva Code by @Magictrick Drops from: Shambertin / Episode 4 / Ultimate / All ids x10 XP & Free Section ID For the entire duration of the event! Use /sectionid to change your section id. The event lasts for around 4 weeks. ENJOY!!!
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    Two features that could be added to this Destiny Reader would be improvements in my opinion. -Sound that plays when a rare item drops For quests with large amounts of enemies, I do not have much time to scan the list. Hearing a sound would be great for when my eyes are glued to the game client window. Knowing that only 50 items can be on the floor at one time, if a rare item drops and I do not realize it, then it could disappear. This would be catastrophic for big named items. This feature is not a huge improvement, but it is nice to have an alert. It takes up few bits of time to look at the list and make sure I did not miss anything while fighting. -Filter System that shows items by categories or a manual input sorting list. I understand that as items drop, they go downward on the list. I find items like Meseta, blue armors, and orange weapons, are just a clog in the list of things I have to scan for. Seeing my personalized filtered items, I could then make the reader window a lot smaller and I can play in full screen again. Because there are so many things I have to look at, I play like this. I wish to hear the communities feedback on these ideas. Please feel free to put your input into a reply on this post.
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    This event has ended. Hope you all had fun. Until next time
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    here is build how JP players spam ROCT with EZ 40mins+ remaining HUcl: Behemoth Armor + Gracia main unit: Imm/Battle + H/Resist*3 (Resist will be 102/102/102/101/101) UDC + DF ftw RAct: Behemoth Armor + Gracia main unit: Imm/Battle + H/Resist*3 (Resist will be 102/102/102/101/101) sub units: PB/Flow*1~2 till you get 100PB DVL and FEB ftw RAmar: Behemoth Armor + Molten ring (invincible trigger with 360dmg saw trap) or Cataclysm Shield (better resist, 1815hp for invincible trigger with 2 bombs from gi gue) main unit: Imm/Battle + H/Resist*3 (resist with cata shield will be 103/93/93/112/102) sub unit: cure/freeze (when you can't avoid warp type epsi's blue unit) FOneweal: (whatever if it's FO tbh) PRIMAL NEXUS + Elemental Shield (3seals is ok, but ZU's special will be weaker) main unit: V802 + H/resist*2 + Immortal/Battle sub unit: PB/FLOW*2~3, State/maintenance(you can swap h/r to this since FO doesn't need to be hp3) ZU's Punishment, Glide Divine S, Skyfall, Celestial Fusion
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    Hello, some of you may know me, or some of you may not. I took a break from the game for a while but i am back to get my hands on the new items that were introduced while i was away. If anyone wants to go hunt and do the daily quests together let me know. Below this post will be a list of my character names that i play on. If you see me online then let me know you wanna go hunt! Cheers -Rsnemesis
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    It works because I did just that lol.
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    Grand Opening 2021-03-27 Odd Jobs is open Odd Jobs, i put this in the marketplace because of the things i have to offer, but i will not charge you anything. All i ask is that you pay it forward. Im Kulden, i love to farm, doesn't matter if its for useful things or things people consider useless, thats all a matter of perspective. If you want something farmed and are busy with real life or busy helping other people, or farming something that rarely drops, just ask me. I would certainly love to help, just for the experience, doesnt matter what the job is. I will list off the things i can do for people as i unlock them, things like farming items for particular id's, changing monster parts, making mags, slotting armor, hunting rares, materials, grinders, leveling up, Daily Quest's, etc. I will also list off what i have. If you need something, just ask. And again, i won't charge anything, all i ask is please don't be dishonest, and if you have an opportunity that doesn't leave you down and out, pay it forward. Units 2x Centurion/Power 1x Heavenly/Luck 1x Heavenly/Legs 1x V801 2x V501 2x God/Battle 1x Devil Technique Disks Anti Lv 5 x5 Resta Lv 15 x 3 Grants Lv 15 Grants lv 16 Megid Lv 16 Resta Lv 16 Resta Lv 18 x 3 Deband Lv 18 Shifta Lv 19 Resta Lv 19 Resta Lv 20 Resta Lv 21 x2 Grants Lv 22 Resta Lv 22 Megid Lv 24 Resta Lv 24 Shifta Lv24 Resta Lv 26 Resta Lv 30 Materials 23x Power Materials 59x Mind Materials 108x Evade Materials 18x HP Materials 98x Defense Materials 2x Luck Materials Animal Parts 1x Sorcerer's Right Arm 4x S-Beat's Arms 1x P-arm's Arms 21x Dessaber's Right Arm 4x Delsaber's Left Arm 8x S-red's Arms 8x Dragon's Claw 4x Hildebear's Head 4x Hildeblue's Head 1x Belra's Right Arm 8x Gi Gue's Body 1x Sinow Berill's Arms 10x Grass Assassin's Arms 10x Booma's Right Arm 4x Gobooma's Right Arm 2x Gigobooma's Right Arm 5x Rappy's Wing Special Items 2x Magic Stone "Iritista" 22x magic rock "Moola" 7x Star Amplifier 2x Parts of Egg Blaster 34x AddSlot 75x Flower Bouquet Mag Cells 1x Heart of Angel 1x Heart of Devil 1x Panther's Spirit 6x Heaven Striker Coat 2x Ideya Cell 2x A New Friend 2x Pandora's Box 13x Dragon Tear Kaladbolg 0/0/0/25/0 Kaladbolg 0/0/35/0/0 Galatine 0/35/0/0/0 Galatine 0/40/0/0/0 Dragon Slayer 0/0/20/0/25 Dragon Slayer +17 15/0/0/0/20 Cross Scar 0/0/20/0/20 Cross Scar 40/0/0/25/20 Cross Scar 15/0/0/0/35 Cross Scar 30/0/30/0/20 Diska of Liberator 35/0/0/0/25 Diska of Braveman 0/20/0/0/25 Diska of Braveman 30/0/30/0/30 Diska of Braveman 0/30/0/0/30 Diska of Braveman 35/0/0/0/30 L&K14 Combat 60/0/0/35/0 L&K14 Combat 0/0/5/0/20 Stag Cutlery 0/15/20/0/0 Stag Cutlery 0/0/35/0/0 Soul Banish 0/0/0/20/0 Holy Ray 30/0/20/0/0 Inferno Bazooka 20/0/25/0/0 Lavis Cannon 0/0/35/0/0 Lavis Cannon 0/0/0/30/0 Red Saber 20/25/35/0/0 Red Saber 20/0/0/0/20 Red Saber 0/10/15/0/0 Monkey King Bar 30/20/15/0/0 Girasole 0/35/0/0/35 Red Sword 0/25/0/15/0 Red Partisan 15/0/0/0/0 Red Slicer 0/0/235/0/0 Red Handgun 15/5/20/0/0 Red Handgun 15/25/0/10/0 Frozen Shooter 0/30/0/0/0 Twin Psychogun 20/0/0/0/0 Yamato 0/0/25/0/0 Guilty Light 0/0/40/0/25 Red Scorpio 0/50/0/0/0 Flowen's Sword 20/30/0/0/0 Demolotion Comet 0/0/30/0/0 Demolition Comet 10/25/25/0/0 Demolition Comet 30/0/20/0/0 Demolition Comet 35/0/0/20/0 Demolition Comet 0/0/0/35/0 Hell Striker 0/0/0/0/0 Daylight Scar 0/0/25/20/0 Armor Custom Frame Ver .00 Slot-0 6/3 Guard Wave Slot-0 19/12 Sacred Cloth Slot-0 0/4 Star Cuirass Slot-0 0/0 Star Cuirass Slot-0 0/0 Tempest Cloak Slot-0 0/0 Tempest Cloak Slot-0 0/8 Alliance Uniform Slot-0 10/0 Alliance Uniform Slot-0 10/0 X-Parts ver3.10 Slot-0 Shields DB's Shield 0/0 Striker Plus 0/0 Energy Storm Edit: if i don't have whats on the list for whatever reason, i will find one for you, or find someone who has one to give. ill pay for it for my mistake. This will be updated frequently as i add and give things, if i don't get it updated before the list changes and you need that item, i will do what i can to get it for you. In case im not on as Kulden, my other chars are: Culden, Zyria, Pentagoth
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    Satisfied with todays Happy Hour loving Primal Nexus.
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    80 Hit Yahsa, ROCT reward.
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    It's weaker than Immortal/Battle. Ethereal armor is +100%, Immortal/Battle is +120%.
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    Easter droptables are up. Sorry for the wait guys. Enjoy <3
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    Looking to help a friend out that is joining with some fo gear also HI IM BACK
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    @Howitzer Here is the section that explains the rule in details https://playpso.net/forums/guidelines/#ServerRule2103d
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    Hello Community! ive created a new account and get the email with the activation link but when i open it, it says "Internal server error. Please try again later. " Any Ideas? ---- i got it to work, it doesnt work on firefox !!! only on chrome!!
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    "The amount of times I come close to death" ? Those were all intentional and calculated in order to trigger mag invincibility and gain some time. If you want I can also record a "safe mode" run in which I will dodge all the missiles and avoid "getting close to death". It will just take longer. Anyway I only tried to suggest an alternative way to hunt them (as I said in my previous post), so sorry if I offended you. Thanks for the guide.
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    Alternatively you can hunt that on Oran Mine Offensive which is actually faster. Using your same wording for comparison: And as a Baranz drop, this method can also be used for DVL/DVA farming.
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    Just removing meseta from the list would be good enough imo and maybe hit with a different color because of
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    This post is just a rant of how I feel about 'Orb of Illusions' drop rate. Mainly, I farm solo. As a solo player, I have issues with farming out this item for many reasons. I am in no way against farming with other players, but I rarely get the opportunity to slip my way into a 4 man party. I farm solo, because I do not like to depend on others to help me acquire the items I want. Example: MAX ATTACK (especially ep2) quests or any other quest that is too difficult for 1 player to do on their own. Don't you get bored playing solo? No, I still enjoy the game just as much as when in a party. I do not have to talk as much or at all, and I get to dive through maps as quickly as possible, as time is of the essence. I have met and played with about 6 generations of players, as people get burned out of a game that is very linear and quit. I have learned to become a solo player because once you become dependent on others for help, after time they disappear to never return and you are right back where you started. With these things said, I do not spend a ton of time playing this game like I used to. This item gives me a headache to farm out, based on the monster's abilities to one shot, and not being able to get to a reasonable amount of Mericarol spawns without a party at hand. Even if I had a party, 3 of 4 party members can still get a 'ORB OF ILLUSIONS' and is worth around 27 DTS roughly at the time of this post and I'm not forking over that much for an item that is just to change an item's appearance. This item improves gameplay by 0% and is purely for aesthetics. This type of drop rate related for 'D-VIRUS LAUNCHER' (1/1927) is understandable because it brings an enhancement to gameplay as it is a strong weapon. I would understand the drop rate if ORB OF ILLUSIONS actually gave my gameplay an advantage. My method to farming ORB OF ILLUSIONS is on WHITILL, running "Defend the Main Room" on Episode 2 with FO. The quest spawns 2 Mericarol on the 3rd wave, yielding 2/1575 chance to drop on 2x. I have used this method for any item I need from mainly ILL GIL, 2 Mericarol and 1 Epsilon for a random side bonus. At a certain point, the room is unclearable without dying multiple times as a solo player, so I usually /lobby at wave 4 and repeat until I get the drop I want to obtain. I enjoy this grind, as it slims down the mobs I do not care wasting time with, and running a full quest like Weather Effects is not in my interest. I have tried to switch it up on PURPLENUM, and run something easy like Weather Effects, but it is still not the best mathematically. As per the post 'MONSTER COUNT', the quest 'MAX ATTACK S' only yields 15 Mericarol, and my personal solo method yields 40 an hour. As WHITILL, this is a complete waste of my time running MAX ATTACK S, so I could farm it on PURPLENUM with a party. As stated above, I am a solo player mainly. If the mob was something that I could farm decently, using my peak potential, without potentially getting one hit K.O, I would do it happily. Here is some math I did to justify my statements for my method of farming. WHITILL, Episode 2, Mericarol, ORB OF ILLUSIONS, 1/1,575.4 drop rate on 2x multiplier. 3 minutes per run, 2 Mericarol killed. 60 minutes per hour, 40 Mericarol killed. 2/1575=0.13% every 3 minutes 40/1575=2.54% every hour As a solo player, this is barbaric. I get migraines from farming this. I need about 8 ORB OF ILLUSIONS or more, and this drop rate is unreal for a solo player. I have farmed out 4 PGF solo so I am not new to doing things the hard way. I enjoy this method of farming for other items, but not for this extensive amount of time spent, for a new look to my equipment. I have done well over 200 runs and still nothing. That's about 10 hours of gameplay so far, just hunting this one item to not drop. I have gotten 4 YAMIGARASU from ILL GIL, 1 PSYCHO WAND from DEL LILLY, and 2 photon drops from Mericarol alongside multiple materials/lv.30 techs. Like I said before, I am not against farming with a party, but I cannot obtain it as a solo player without burning every last brain cell and fuel for wanting to play PSOBB. I log in to figure out what item I want to hunt, and it always comes back to ORB OF ILLUSIONS. I try and try again, remembering that 10 hours have been spent on this farm alone only to remember my drop rate is considerably impossible. I think that the drop rate needs to be reconsidered based on the current daily average for the player base. I see good amounts of solo players, and I see a few groups here and there. For the 4 group cliques, this drop rate is fine, as they hold the advantage mathematically. I log in most days and only go solo if I do not know anyone online or know they want to hunt something else that will take up my time. I do not enjoy spending a majority of my time hunting ORB OF ILLUSIONS at this drop rate. Yes, I willingly do what I want in the game with my time. As I think about the other side of the fence, I understand a possible ideology to have something with an absurd drop rate like this in the game to get people to play more on their server. That is a respectable outlook as an owner of a PSOBB server. Which is risky, for players of my kind. Why this item has such a low drop rate, I do not understand outside of the possible ideology I talk about. Maybe it is to boost the economy, there can be multiple outlooks on that. I will continue to hunt this item in groups and solo, but this is just something to consider. Possible things to actively combat this issue: Make the ORB OF ILLUSIONS higher drop rate, as it gives 0% enhancement to gameplay Make the ORB OF ILLUSIONS the same drop rate, and give the items formed with it enhanced gameplay. Make the ORB OF ILLUSIONS drop from a boss, probably OLGA, at a calculated drop rate, giving solo players a chance at getting it easier. Make the ORB OF ILLUSIONS drop from 1 or 2 other selected more commonly found monsters other than the Mericarol type, if kept at a 0% enhancement to gameplay, at a lower drop rate. Make the ORB OF ILLUSIONS lower drop rate, and give the items formed with it enhance gameplay, drop from other select more commonly found monsters other than the Mericarol type. If the ORB OF ILLUSIONS will make a return to an easier boss, like it was dropped previously from GAL GRYPHON (I think, I was not here for the event), then that is acceptable and I will wait for the event to return and mass farm it all event long. As always, I wish to hear the communities feedback for off-season drop rates. I wish to have fun in the game again, and have equal opportunities across the board for the solo players, 4-man party cliques, and groups alike. Cheers -Rsnemesis
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    I appreciate that, and your patience, i kept getting disconnected... So.r... ... my apolo... *sigh*... *makes an apologitic face...* Im not sure what the Hunter's Association is but ill take that as a compliment, thank you I would join the team. If they notice and see that i would be beneficial for what they represent, then absolutely. Until then, ill just wait for the sorting hat... haha? <(-_-)> If not, ill make a team called Odd Jobs consisting of me, myself and i, and anyone else that just wants in will not be denied. I will wait until i have a hoard of everything before i create it though, so i will be throwing donation tokens at all of you for your "junk" in access every 2 weeks. One person's junk is another's treasure as they say... of course the person who said that is no longer living so i don't know if thats still applicable considering most things made nowadays is disposable and not meant to last, but im not gonna rant or get kuldisophical... You will know what i mean...
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    Here's info about the quests I have made:
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    Here are 2 usefull topics by Shiva
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    Here are a few screen shots of some mags Pandora's Box = Twin Wrath Ideya Cell = Nights Heart of Dark Chao = Dark Chao If someone wants pic from other mags let me know.
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    It drops from Gal Gryphon with Redria ID 1/64. When equipping the spread needle the option "use" on proof of sonic will be available. do that and spread needle transforms to arrest needle
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    So the year is almost over. I’d like to apologize for the lack of content, events and the lack of my own involvement in general. This year has been rough for me and my family (as I’m sure it has been for many others). People always say real life comes first. Well, that’s exactly what I did. I’m honored that there’s still some of you who play regularly. For what it’s worth I haven’t given up on PSO. Neither has the rest of the staff. We still have many ideas and plans. I just don’t have as much free time as I used to have, and won’t have much time for the foreseeable future. Up until this year our events were a major aspect of Destiny and we held a pretty high standard for those. New items, custom enemies, server wide skins and themes, etc. Almost all events featured something new. This unfortunately has to change. Because I don’t have nearly enough free time as I used to have, I have to be very careful what to spend my time on. Seasonal events will still happen but they won’t be as extensive anymore as they used to be. Instead, it will be for the most part recycled content from the previous years. We feel our time is better spent fixing bugs, balance, and adding permanent content and features. This means I personally still won’t be around much. I’ll mostly be behind the scenes working on server improvements when I can. You will still get events, and we’ll try our best to start them on reasonable dates, but they will be mostly recycled content. There will be some new features to definitely look out for next year. But no ETA for anything yet. That all said, we did miss summer, halloween and anniversary this year. For that reason we came up with Triple Threat. A custom event that lasts around 3 weeks and includes elements from all three to finish off the year. Xmas starts right after. Read the post in the events section for more information. Thank you all so much for the support of this server. Magic
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    Muckbeast WTB List: Updated Fri, April 2nd, 2021: Dark Matter Immortal/Battle
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    @R-78 you pranked me yesterday and Dep a few days ago and braged about it because it was funny for you i assume. Now i got you with april fools day and ofc its not funny for you but for me it definintely is
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    I've purchased a 4 mags, and they were done fast, faster than i expected. I couldn't ask for better service. Friendly and patient. Not many would sit down and create mags, its rather tedious, so your service is appreciated and i will be purchasing many many more. Thank you very much.
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    BEM VINDOS, ao Zion Shop, fiquem a vontade para ver os itens e também comprá-los Welcome to my Shop, feel free to also and buy Come spend your pds, dts and tokens here, just what matters, for the price that matters SPECIAL ITEM No special this moment u.u WEAPONS LAST SWAN - 0/40/45/30<0> HEAVEN PUNINSHER - 5/25/0/0/30 - 35 pds ARMAGEDDON +6 [0/0/60/40|0] ARREST NEEDLE +60 [0/0/0/35|0] YASMINKOV 9000M +9 [Demon's] [20/0/35/0|0] CHRISTMAS SPIRIT [25/0/0/0|0] - 20 DT- RESERVADO LAST SWAN [80/0/70/0|70] - 12 DT SNOW QUEEN [0/0/0/40|50] - 50 PDS YRELL'S PARASOL [0/80/0/90|70] ( can be a Grave digger uh?) PSYCHO WAND [0/0/0/35|0] PURPLENUM CARD [0/0/40/0|40] - 15 dt STORMRENDER - 0/0/35/35 - 30 pds STORMRENDER - 0/0/0/0 - 15 pds STORMRENDER - 20/0/0/0 <1> yes 1 hit - 20 pds TWIN CYCLONE +14 [40/0/0/0|20] - 20 DT - RESERVADO 3RD ANNIVERSARY BLADE [0/0/0/0|0] - 15 DT RESERVADO Calibur +10 [50/0/0/50|50] - 15 pds INFERNO BLADE [0/0/0/0|0] SPREAD NEEDLE [20/0/0/15|0] SPREAD NEEDLE [0/0/0/30|0] SPREAD NEEDLE [0/0/25/0|0] ARREST NEEDLE +60 [0/0/0/35|0] - 25 pds SUBZERO [40/0/0/0|0] L&K38 COMBAT [0/20/0/0|0] - 20 pds M&A85 FURY [0/80/0/80|70] - 7 dts or 50 pds PSYCHO WAND [0/0/15/30|0] - 5 Pds MERCURIUS ROD [0/0/10/0|0] YAMIGARASU [0/40/0/0|0] YAMIGARASU [0/40/0/0|0] DRAGON SWORD [0/0/25/25|0] DRAGON SWORD [30/15/0/0|0] DRAGON SWORD [20/0/0/0|0] LAVIS BLADE [0/0/0/0|0] DEATH REAPER [0/35/0/0|45] - 35 pds SOUL DEVOURER [0/0/0/0|0] HANDGUN:GULD [0/35/30/0|0] HANDGUN:MILLA [0/30/0/25|0] LAVIS BLADE [0/0/0/0|0] DEATH REAPER [0/40/0/0|40] - 30 Pds PLANET EATER [0/0/0/0|0] - 5 DT - RESERVADO ZU'S PUNISHMENT [15/0/0/30|0] - 8 DT GRAVE DIGGER [0/30/0/0|0] GRAVE DIGGER [0/55/0/30|0] GRAVE DIGGER [0/0/35/0|0] PSYCHO WAND [0/25/0/0|0] PSYCHO WAND [0/35/20/0|0] PSYCHO WAND [0/0/0/20|0]FROSTBITE [40/0/40/30|0] SAMBA MARACAS [0/0/0/10|0] ARMAGEDDON +6 [0/0/60/40|0] ARMAGEDDON [0/0/0/0|0] PANZER FAUST [0/0/0/25|0] - 10 pds PANZER FAUST [0/0/0/0|0] - 10 pds YASMINKOV 7000V [0/30/35/0|0] YASMINKOV 7000V [0/0/40/45|0] YASMINKOV 9000M [Charge] [30/0/30/0|0] YASMINKOV 9000M [Demon's] [0/20/0/15|0] YASMINKOV 9000M +9 [Demon's] [20/0/35/0|0 SOUL BITER [25/0/0/0|0] JUDGEMENT BLADE [0/0/25/25|0] HEAVEN STRIKER [0/0/25/20|0] HELL STRIKER [0/0/0/0|0] HELL STRIKER [0/0/20/20|0] GLIDE DIVINE [50/40/0/0|40] GLIDE DIVINE [0/0/0/0|0] TYRELL'S PARASOL [0/80/0/90|70] STORMRENDER [0/0/30/30|0] - all Render 20 pds each STORMRENDER [0/0/0/45|0] STORMRENDER [0/0/0/0|0] STORMRENDER [20/0/0/0|1] STORMRENDER [0/0/35/35|0] STORMRENDER [25/0/20/0|0] TypeSW/J-SWORD [40/0/0/60|0] ARMOR/SHIELD PRIMAL NEXUS - 10 DTS - RESERVADO MOTHER GARB+ - 2 slots-evp0/def0 - 15pds DYNASTY ARMOR - def 36/ evp 15 - 15pds GENESIS ARMOR - def 47/ evp 22 - 5 DTs - RESERVADO THREE SEALS - 10 PDS D-VIRUS ARMOR [slots: 4 / def: 0 / evp: 0] - 15 DT - RESERVADO D - VIRUS ARMOR [ slots: 0] - 15 DT RING OF FIRE [slots: 0 / def: 69 / evp: 2] - 5 DT OR 50 PDS MISC/UNITS/OTHERS V502 - 5 pds LIMITER X 2 - 15 PDS Proof of sonic team - 50 pds Immortal/hp x2 - 20 pds Heavenly/Resist - 20 DT Centurion/Power MATERIALS Compre por dt , Pt and PDs. ARMOR FOR COLLECTION ( WHATEVER ARMOR 15 PD) DF FIELD [slots: 0 / def: 39 / evp: 8] MOTHER GARB+ [slots: 0 / def: 2 / evp: 3] DYNASTY ARMOR [slots: 0 / def: 0 / evp: 0] CHU CHU FEVER [slots: 0 / def: 0 / evp: 0] - RESERVADO BRIGHTNESS CIRCLE [slots: 2 / def: 5 / evp: 18] ELECTRO FRAME [slots: 0 / def: 23 / evp: 8] MAGS BABY/MISC. Mag [level 0][0/0/0/0][Purple] Mag [level 0][0/0/0/0][Slate Blue] Mag [level 0][0/0/0/0][Orange] Mag [level 0][0/0/0/0][White] Mag [level 0][0/0/0/0][Slate Blue] Magic Stone "Iritista" X2 - RESERVADO Kit of DREAMCAST X3 - RESERVADO Dragon Tear X3 - RESERVADO Heaven Striker Coat - RESERVADO A New Friend x5 - RESERVADO Pandora's Box X2 - RESERVADO Sinow Berill's Arms - RESERVADO Star Amplifier x25 - RESERVADO Kit of MARK3 - RESERVADO Photon Booster - RESERVADO
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    Glad you got it working. Welcome to Destiny ☺️
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    Don't get me wrong, I love that you took the time to post a video in addition to the guide. It is very helpful. I am just talking in regards to the new players who do not use the invincibility triggers or did not know about it, because I never thought of it. I personally just end up getting killed by Baranz I am not new but have never forced an invincibility trigger but I would like to try it sometime as it seems very useful. I also most likely get destroyed from mainly using the action bar instead of the technique window menu. Thank you for exposing the community to amazing tips and tricks.
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    Primal Nexus Farming Guide My 100th post has to be a guide, of course. Like I always state in my guides, this is mainly for new players or solo players looking to get their hands on new gear at a quick rate. ***The main objective is to always single out the monster you need at the greatest amount possible under a specified time frame.*** These calculations are based on my averages. Quest: Lost Soul Blade on PINKAL. Primal Nexus Roughly 6 minute run 10 runs per hour 3x on Happy Hour - 31/1300 Per 1 run = 2.39% 23.85% an Hour 2x on Normal - 31/1950 Per 1 run = 1.59% 15.9% an Hour *Side Bonus!* IMMORTAL/HP 3x on Happy Hour = 8/226 per 1 run -3.54% Per hour = 35.4% 2x on Normal - 8/338 Per 1 run 2.37% Per 1 Hour = 23.67% In this video, I demonstrate how I farm this item using this method. /Lobby right where I stop. Rinse and repeat until you get your Primal Nexus. As always, Happy Hunting!
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    Sorry for the necro, but is this still a thing?
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    Hello everyone, this is my tutorial how to feed a 0 DEF mag without gaining one single DEF point! First of all.. How do we get 0 DEF mags? Pretty simple: You can get them randomly from a Legendary Item Crate! Now into the feeding: Feed it with a blueful HUnewearl Step 1: Mag 0DEF / 0POW / 0DEX / 0MIND Now feed the mag with 19x Antidotes Step 2: Deposit the mag in the bank and withdraw it Now feed the mag with 1 more Antidote Now your mags stats are ~0,99DEF / 2POW / 8DEX / 0MIND Also your mag evolves into Varuna and gains the Photon Blast "Farlla" Step 3: Feed your mag 4x antiparalysis (to loose some DEF-points) And now change blocks to save your mag Step 4: Feed your mag only antidotes until it reaches lvl 35 At lvl 35 the mag evolves into the mag Marutah and gains the Photon Blast "Pilla" Step 5: Feed your mag 1x antiparalysis and then 5x dimates (first the antiparalysis then the dimates!!!) Repeat that step until your mag reaches lvl 49 Step 6: Once your mag reached lvl 49 trade it to a HUmar with the ID Redria Repeat step 5 until your mag reaches lvl 50 At the moment your mag Marutah hit lvl 50 it evolves into the mag Ila and gains the Photon Blast "Mylla & Youlla" Congratulation! You can now use a custome mag cell on that mag and lvl it up to lvl 200 and it haven't gained any DEF-points! (feeding custom mag: POW=feed it dimates, DEX=feed it antidotes, Mind=feed it difluids) If you want to make the mag Kama to let it evolve into a Tellusis or a Gael Giel follow step 7 & 8: Step 7: (evolving into a KAMA) Trade the mag Ila back to your blueful HUnewearl. Now feed the mag Ila dimates until POW gets higher than DEX. If that's the case then your mag will evolve into the mag KAMA The mag is now ready to use the mag cell Dragon Scale on it to let it evolve into a Tellusis (Any Kama mag + Dragon Scale = Tellusis) Step 8: (only for Gael Giel) after your mag evolved into the mag Kama feed it dimates (for POW) / antidotes (for DEX) / difluids (for MIND) untill it reaches lvl 100 BUT you need to have POW higher than DEX and DEX higher than MIND also don't forget that your mag will evolve into a 4th evolution mag (Savitri) when your mag hits lvl 100 that only happens when your mags DEF plus POW is equal to DEX plus MIND The mag is now ready to use the mag cell D-Photon Core on it to let it evolve into a Gael Giel (Any Kama mag at lvl 100+ plus D-Photon Core = Gael Giel) If you got any questions about mags just leave a question here in the comments or send me a private message with your question! Hope you like that tutorial! Cheers Shisui Here is the mag feeding chart! While mag feeding the feeding chart should always be your best friend! https://playpso.net/forums/topic/328-mag-feeding-charts/
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    Just follow the guide and you'll be able to make the mage you need.
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    Welcome welcome, I too love to give stuff away whenever I come across stuff I don't need, you sound like you'd fit in with the hunters association 😋 *hint hint* never the less I'm glad to see one extra face here and hopefully we can play some time soon 👍
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    20% not that much of a difference but thank you for correcting me. The database 'description' tab cuts off and could not confirm.
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    I always love melee on RPGs and so I've usually played HU- characters more than anything. Though my first 200 will be a RAmarl simply because it always seems RAs are easier to group with before you have great gear. In deciding where to focus my efforts I want to understand the pros and cons of the different HU characters. I also know some of the rules on Destiny are different (like giving HUmar's lvl 15 s/d thank goodness, or else they'd just be garbage). I am operating under the assumption this data for shifta/deband is right: https://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=Shifta https://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=Deband And these stat caps are right: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KQ27OkgurNck1whdU9d8fed8isYQa41r7Y2Qt3Cj_T0/edit#gid=606563912 That results in the following solo (self-buffed with S/D) stats: HUmar - best ATP and ATA by only a little. Defense is meh and Evasion is crap. HUnewearl - near best ATP and ATA, massive Evasion. Good Resta. Do they get jellen/zalure? HUcast = great ATP in groups when buffed by someone else's s/d. ATA is sad. DFP and EVP really suck actually. HUcaseal = 2nd best ATP in groups. Have an item that can self buff s/d, right? Great ATA and EVP. Defense not great. Q1: Are there any other animation or weapon option differences I should be aware of? Q2: The female HU get access to some powerful weapon, right? Q3: Is the S-red blade the same as vanilla? A level 3 shift/deband? That's +12.6% and changes things a bit: https://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=S-Red's_Blade Q4: At HUmar/HUnewwearl attack techs even worth thinking about or factoring them in? Or is it really just shifta/deband and resta that matter here. Obviously in a group with a FO, the -casts are going to really soar with their higher base stats getting buffed by the level 30 shifta/deband. And same thing for when they use Milla/Pilla shift/deband buff from their mag. HP: The HP of HUmar and the two *casts is solid. This is probably the main area where Huney is behind. But at 2k+ hp does it matter? Personal bias: Having resta means you can keep rolling without having to run out of mates. That is pretty nice. I have a state/maintenance now (woot!) so while it takes a unit slot, it means my Humans and Newmans have that problem handled. So my humans/newmans save 2 inventory slots (no telepipes, no sol atomizers), but probably give back 1 or 2 slots to fluids. Given all this, I'm not sure where to lean on my preference for my primary HU character. Maybe that means they are balanced? Of course there are some questions about about things I don't yet understand. What do you all think of the different HU- classes and any other helpful suggestions on how to think about this when deciding which one to prioritize? Thanks!
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    Q1: Are there any other animation or weapon option differences I should be aware of? some of dagger/double saber are OP in this server, so HUcl has more advantage out of stats cuz of her better battle motion. Q2: The female HU get access to some powerful weapon, right? no, male can access to Taste of Affection (high atp mech gun with zerk)Q3: Is the S-red blade the same as vanilla? A level 3 shift/deband? That's +12.6% and changes things a bit:https://wiki.pioneer2.net/index.php?title=S-Red's_Blade yes.Q4: At HUmar/HUnewwearl attack techs even worth thinking about or factoring them in? Or is it really just shifta/deband and resta that matter here. no. just buff/debuff/heal and gizonde to kill vol-opt form #1. etc. i'd say HUcl for PT play, HUnl for solo (or PT if there are no FO)
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    Welcome to Destiny and enjoy your stay. Glad you already like it here, and yes we have an amazing community.
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    Items The texture for the string of "dots" on From the Depths and DF shield have been improved and now properly animate. Two new combines have been added for Orb of Illusions. An Orb of Illusions used on a Cataclysm Shield will turn it into a Hellfire Shield, and when used on a Three Seals, creates a Profound Darkness. As always, the changes by Orb of Illusions are cosmetic only and the item stats are equal to the original item. Game Photon Drops now drop in random stacks of 1-3 photon drops just like materials. Bugfixes Some very nasty desync bugs were fixed. Special thanks to @Mylandra, @Shisui and erveryone else that reported desync issues. At the moment we're still actively improving and monitoring the current state of desync. This has been our highest priority for a while, and will remain our highest priority until it's considered fixed. For the time being other upcoming features will somewhat take the backseat, but we believe this is for the greater good. Thanks for all the patience. Changes are live.
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    Destiny v0.7.0 Instead of completely new gear, this update addresses a few long awaited changes to some of the existing custom items. We didn't want to add new stuff again while many items are underused, broken or weak. We hope you enjoy their new powers/looks. Here we go! Items Dark Bridge now also boosts Rabarta by 50%. That's right, this makes it the first ever PSO weapon with 4 tech boosts: Rafoie, Razonde, Rabarta and Grants. Dark Bridge now has a special. It ‘s able to launch level 23 Grants to up to 3 targets in front of the wielder at once. L&K38 combat is now combo unlocked when equipped on a ranger. Nightmare skin updated: Nightmare description updated: “Yamigarasu's true form. Its special attack launches a series of relentless strikes, that when hit, instantly kill.” Nightmare’s special attack updated. Instead of regular reduced hell, it now has unreduced hell that hits multiple targets in a cone in front of the wielder. Subzero now has unreduced blizzard instead of regular blizzard. Subzero skin updated: Ethereal Armor’s speed boost has been increased from 80% to 100%. Christmas Spirit is now also usable on forces. Bugfixes Dark Flow handle texture now properly spins again. Changes are live. Enjoy!