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    As most of you are aware, it's against our rules to use 3rd party programs that tamper with the client including the many readers that are out there. These readers aren't allowed for a few reasons, including but not limited to cheating and privacy of other players. On the other hand many of you would really just like to use basic features of those readers such as the ability to see floor items, without intention to abuse the readers for exploits. For this reason we're releasing Destiny's own floor reader. It's functionality is pretty basic and at this stage should be considered beta. More features will be added in the future. Since it can't really be used to gain an unfair advantage over others, or mess with unintended server mechanics, everyone is free to use it while playing on Destiny! Note: Remember that 3rd party readers are still not allowed, and if you do decide to use them, there will be consequences. Download it here: Download If you encounter any bugs, please post them here in this topic or in the bugtracker section of the forums. Enjoy! To install: Simply drop it in your destiny folder, right click on it and select "send to desktop (create shortcut)" Known issues: Mags don't show photon blasts and color.
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    time to bump this thread, gg Quest : Walking through Flames Player : Anchovy (RAcast) @VEL(JP) / U-ki (FOmarl) @U-ki / topu (HUcaseal) @topu / Gurenren (Ramar) @Gurenren Time : 16:36 Note: Used 4chains PB during this run
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    Hi! Everyone long time no see!! New Summer weapon effects are cool!!
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    I'm a little late on this, a few of you already know me, but I joined the server about two weeks ago. I've got some history with the game, played on the GC and kicked around on Ultima for a while. In game I'm KillerBee, Athena, or Terra. I'm always down to hang out and play or "help" with anything you need. Give me a shout!
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    Hello, welcome to my mag making service. Note that this is a SERVICE not a SHOP. I will not be selling MAG CELLS. This is because I sell COMPLETED CUSTOM MAGS. If you want a custom mag you need to get in-contact with anyone in the Hunter's Association Team. Details that need to be given about the mag you wish to be made are... STATS, what MAG you want it to be and colour (If the chosen mag is affected by colour). I am notorious for making fast mags so It wont take long. Mag Cells: Parts of RoboChao = RoboChao Mag x3 Heart of Chao = Chao Mag x5 Heart of Devil = Devil's Wings and Devil's Tail x5 Kit of Hamburger = Hamburger Mag x1 Kit of MARK 3 = Mark 3 Mag x1 Kit of MASTER SYSTEM = Master System Mag x1 Dragon Scale = Tellusis Mag x1 Heaven Striker Coat = Striker Unit Mag x9 Ideya Cell = nIghts Mag x5 A New Friend = Twin Sato Mag x2 Pandora's Box = Twin Wraith Mag x1 Dragon Tear = Coelum Mag x15 Other Mags: Sato Pricing: 20 PD or 4 Photon Tokens for MAGS THAT USE MAG CELLS. 10 PD or 2 Photon Tokens for SATO Other Important Info: IF YOU BRING YOUR OWN MAG CELL FOR THE CUSTOM MAG IT WILL BE REDUCED BY 1 TOKEN. SO INSTEAD OF 4 TOKENS, IT WILL BE 3 TOKENS FOR THE COMPLETED MAG. IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME DIRECTLY; PM ME ON THE FORUMS OR LOOK OUT FOR MY CHARACTER NAMES, NEBO, EITUR, BUMBLE.
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    I'm very excited to have found this server if some of the things I've heard about it are true. I played a FOnewm back when my GC copy of PSO 1&2 worked, and when I found Blue Burst through Ultima and later Ephinea, turns out DMC (damage cancel) is a thing and offensive magic, the entire reason I made a force character and the playstyle I enjoy the most on PSO, wasn't viable in muliplayer. This lead me down the path of the original game's balancing which resulted in a lot of frustrated nights, but the thought of going back to that playstyle here makes me happier than I ever thought possible. Because of that, I'm super excited to play here, and I hope I make a lot of friends during my time here.
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    Just a modest little shop.. don't have much.. not great with pricing and I don't have a lot of patience for getting top dollar.. make a fair offer and ill prob take it Rangers Weps Spread Needle (0/50/0/0|35) Egg Blaster (50/0/50/0|30) Hunter Weps Dragon Sword (0/40/40/40) Oblivion (0/35/0/30) Lame D'Argent (0/45/40/0) Judgement Blade (0/0/65/35) Judgement Blade (45/0/0/40) Daylight Scar (0/0/50/40|30) Mitsunari (0/0/0/0) Kitetsu (40/0/0/50) Ancient Prophecy (0/0/0/55) Force Weps Coming soon to a store near you! Other D-photon core S-Reds Arms Sinow Berill's Arms Cryo Warhead x2 Wants Mostly PD, PT, DT etc.. but... Type/shot arrest with some hit would be fantastic Elemental Shield would be cool but ill probably end up farming one? Claw of Elements might be fun? HP and Power mats are always useful. Thanks for patronage. Have a good day!
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    Thanks all for the reports so far. It helps a lot!
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    This is a very cool feature, Magic! It's so nice to not have to run around checking everything, haha, I'll admit that's some of the fun but it really helps a ton.
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    When a mag is dropped instead of it saying what mag it is it says Monomate and then the level and what stats it is
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    Do you have .net framework installed? And running as admin?
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    World of Illusion should provide TP mats. It doesn't give defense or evade.
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    HP Material Episode I 1/1,14 Al Rappy Blue Full and Oran Normal the fake in yellow [side Story] The Fake in Yellow (47) please note that materials from rare ennemies come one by one and random materials from any ennemies can come 1-3 spamming VH quests like HOD2 in Very hard can be worthwhile and also note that the warp in dark falz arena prior to the fight warps you under the rock with an hidden box which sometimes can give 1 HP Material (the run itself to reach that point can take 18-25 min depending on your gear/level), finally HOD 2 can give you tokens and present while the event lasts Walking Through Flames in ultimate has a machine at the end of the quest which will give you 2x Hp Mats when completing the quest. TP Materials can be either found in specific crates from Valentine event, otherwise during the Christmas Event, Christmas Catastrophe becomes available to pick any mats possible after a run. The other only way is to gather Lucky coins from Phantasmal World and Play The Roulette Mind Mats Virdira Sky Greenill Purple 1/1,14 Al Rappy Normal the fake in yellow [side Story] The Fake in Yellow (47) World of Illusion can also provides materials random ( I don't think you can get TP Mats from there correct me if I'm wrong) minus the evasion and mind
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    Welcome to Destiny enjoy your stay
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    Hey thx again bro. Fast service and just what I requested. Thx again and I'll be coming back to you soon to do business again
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    Guild Card:42000799 1dt=10pds=2token Weapons Armors/Others Wants dts token pds
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    @Depassage my AV first wanted to block the reader. check your AV and whitelist the reader. hopefully that helps
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    Looking to buy Death Reaper & State/Maintenance. PM me.
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    I need HP mats, TP mats, and especially Mind mats. What would be the most efficient way to farm these, and the best section ids for farming them?
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    Really good mag maker he made me a few already and i am really happy with them Ill be back when i need more mags
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    Basically asking how magic is boosted in this server, if damage cancel was fixed, etc. Please, please PLEASE don't bring Solo up. I'm asking about multiplayer functionality only.
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    Welcome to Destiny enjoy your stay
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    Resistance of enemies are re-balanced and we have V802 and some nice FO weapons. About DMC, it's not disabled here and spamming techs will cause DMC in 2p+ room. anyway, welcome to destiny and i hope you to have fun here
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    It's been requested a bunch of times that we add the location of dropped crates, pds, photon tokens etc to the minimap. I know some other PSOBB servers have this feature but this code obviously isn't public and QOL features like this one aren't our priority. For this reason I'm not going to bother reinventing the wheel and research how they did it. There's lots of other cool stuff I'm working on behind the scenes, that's more important. That said, I do understand that, for example, it's sometimes hard to know if your luck is really bad or you missed an actual crate drop a few rooms back. A compromise of sorts would be a command (e.g. /dropnotifications ) that allows you to get a small notification if a crate has dropped for you. We could also extend this to event drops and photon drops. This wouldn't be as convenient as seeing the location on the minimap but at least you'll know if it dropped or not. And it's not much work for us to add this. Either way, if the majority of the server would like this implemented it will be added with the next server maintenance. Poll closes in about a week. Thanks!
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    Hello everyone! This is my black market so be aware nothing here is legal Highlights Weapons: Armor: Shield: Combiner: Techs: Misc: accepted currencies in the black market: Photon Drops Photon Tokens Photon Spheres Donation Tokens Exchange courses: 1 Photon Token = 5 Photon Drops 1 Donation Token = 10 Photon Drops 1 Photon Sphere = 10 Donation Tokens Not interested in trades: Item4Item latest Update: 07-August-2019
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