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    Hoi, Now that Defend The Main Room is an active quest again I figured I'd post this quick guide for newer players. It's a generally safe, consistent farm of 3 Ill Gills every 2 mins or so. In a perfect run the Gi Gue will leave you alone and the final Del Lily will trigger mag as a response to your barta first try but I decided to show one where things don't go according to plan. Keep the Gi Gue in view so you can tell if it's countering. So long as you run straight and slightly to the left when warping into the room you should be fine. Your mag might trigger during the first part when you're killing the other plants but it will most likely run out before you can wipe out the Ill Gills so best to let it time out then reactivate as per the video. Happy hunting
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    S> Excalibur 100/0/0/0/100 for DTs. Open to offers
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    Welcome to Legion Recruitment Topic. Legion is one of the oldest Team on the server including some players from Alpha and Beta and many staff members. If you're a new player on the server and join the Team: We will provide you starter gear We will provide you advice and knowledge (I have written the majority of the "Collaborative Weapon Gear and Class Build" and "Beginner's guide" We do have a nice lively Discord Server. with text chat including: Collective Hunting (hunt with Team Members for specific items you do need and people who are willing will help you out or hunt it for you in their free time. Newly featured Team Bank (this includes VERY specific rules) with starter gear or internal trades for good items into it. Specific GMT List from members so you know which player is in a Time Zone near yours. Vocal Chat for Running/Chatting if you want. Every Legion member is considered PSO Family. Joining Legion means you accept and follow these rules: Follow the server rules (obviously). You can ONLY be in Legion as a Team on Destiny PSOBB and CANNOT join other teams while you're in Legion. Everyone must respect each other. Be Tolerant, Kind/Benevolent towards others. Do NOT be a Drama magnet /make fruitless, unconstructive complaints / create unjustified Drama. We do have ZERO Tolerance specifically for that. If you want to join Legion you can ask one of the leaders from the team in game or pm me on forums.
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    Hey, this is how im doing it with HUcast. Using DVA as battle unit and 4 x h/resist to get all res types up to 105. This makes you imune against epsi rafoi, Megid and confuse bombs from gi gue. Altho i messed up a litlebit at the end with my second freez trap (because the epsi was absorbing the whole df wave), it works fine most of the time.
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    After a long break, i have decided to re-open my mag shop. To those of you who have bought my mags and left a lovely review thankyou very much! I appreciate every single one of you. And to those needing mags. Please buy some. Im broke as fuck right now heheheh
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    Trade done! This topic can be close now. Aaand it's official, I'm totally broke now but it’s worth it, I feel like a homeless with Louis Vuitton... ...stay tuned for more of those fashionista stories later in screenshot topic 💁‍♀️ Thanks to @Pivo and mister @VEL for the trades
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    Hi Piv, i can tell you by experience that GG mag with max sync definitely has higher invince trigger than Twin wraith for example. I played my whole psobb destiny career with twinwraith because i wasnt a big fan of GG BUT switched to GG for a few months now and i can tell the difference for sure since i play quest like 8-3 and pts alot. This is true for every vanilla mag i think. Here is a post i recently discovered after you were asking for it. https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/mag-trigger-effects.11621/ according to this post you have a chance up to 95% (60%+35%) with max sync on GG for invince. 95% prty much feels like 100% thats why im so sure about it because one can tell the difference between 60% and 95% even without any data backing it up.
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    about Halloween event items and updated items. ILL GILL REAPER The hell special is better than regular hell, that accuracy of hell is better than other hell weps. not sure the certain rate though, but you can kill mid EDK (60-70) enemies pretty easily. Heavy Attack (Unreduced Blizzard + Heavy attack) deals nice DPS for melee FOs L&K38 Combat Combo Unlocked for RA and that DPS is close to ARMAGEDDON, doesn't require so many hit%s since you won't use special so much. Christmas Spirit now it's one of great ranged weapon for melee FOs. Nightmare Tricky and Technical Ranged hell wep for HU, worth to use dark matter for this now. launches some hell waves (+regular hell swing as well), that movements of hell waves is similar to dark flow. not going to say about dark bridge and ethereal armor, these items are strong obviously lol. haven't tested subzero, but i think it will work like holy ray.
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    Does anyone have any info on which materials drop most for each ID? I have some rough info but it's a little vague. Also added some more tips, including a mag feeding time save.
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    Good amazing service. Sushi cat approves
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    Henlo there, Today I'm looking for VIRIDIA 2ND ANNIVERSARY WINGS and so I'm offering some options: REDRIA 2ND ANNIVERSARY WINGS + TIGER'S FANG & DRAGON'S CLAW [0/70/70/0|90] or REDRIA 2ND ANNIVERSARY WINGS + ORB OF ILLUSIONS + 10 DTS Contact me if you are interested in those options 👀 Thanks for reading and wish me luck ✨ Final update: 28/01/20 04:30am GMT+1 ARCHIVE: EDIT: Trade done ✅
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    There is a usefull trick with UDC i want to mention. Using normal normal special combo twice in a row reduces HP to less than 12,5% (Df rdy). This way its not just much mo safe, it gives you alot of accuracy and you can hit all 6 special attacks. Downside of it is you reduce HP a littlebit slower than 3x special combo ofc but thats just worth it imo. Its very effective against bosses like sil dragon (you do normal normal special to make it sit and repeat instead of 3xspecial and make it sit on ur face) or Olga flow, first face of it you can hit 12 times total because it has 2 targets. Its also usefull on crowded quest like pts, to be a littlebit more safe and have max dmg output AOE
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    @JanenbaDMS your band should make a cover of this. it would fit perfectly
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    Brand new Four Tet!
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    1DT = 10PDs = 2PT PM Please(* ^-^ *)(日本語OKです) weapon unit/armor/shiled/item others wants PD / PT / DT
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    Hey! This is a thread for anyone to add in any PSO tips and tricks which you think are useful or might be lesser known. PSO Tips & Tricks Slingshot Effect By switching quickly to a mechgun and starting a combo, there will be a a lag / delay in the first few bullets hitting. This can be very annoying if you need those first hits to push a monster back. This can however be used to an advantage with Demons Mechgun / Demon Yask 9000m. If using Normal - Special - Special combo, the first normal attack wont land straight away, the 2 special attacks will hit and then the delayed normal attack will hit 3rd and hopefully kill the monster. Stealth Suit / Spectral Suit These armors remove weapon equip lag / prevents the slingshot effect. Good for needing to draw out a mechgun quickly and not having to wait for the bullets to spawn in. Pre Shooting Dark Meteor Before monsters are fully spawned in, you can use the special of Dark Meteors energy beam which will hit the newly spawned monsters in. Gizonde Vol Opt Trick Due to a glitch, all techniques power are calculated from ATP rather than MST on the first stage of Vol Opt. Spamming GIzonde on this first stage of Vol Opt with a high ATP weapon deals very quick damage and can stunlock him in to not moving if timed just right. Hitting Vol Opt's Screens With Explosions Another quick way to kill the first form of Vol Opt is to use an explosion type weapon (Final Egg Blaster), which will hit behind the screens. Trap Shooting This is when you set a freeze trap and immediately shoot it to activate the trap (handgun is best as its fast.) This will instantly freeze a spawn without having to wait for the trap to manually trigger after a few seconds. Twin Blaze Trap Activation By casting Gifoie with Twin Blaze, traps will instantly ignite when placed. Very useful when you know what spawns are coming up. Stopping Charging Enemies By casting Gifoie or using the special of Twin Blaze, charging enemies like Dark Bringers, Zus, & Dorphons. Stopping Charging Delbiter You can only stop Delbiter's once at the beginning - furthermore only a certain type of spawn can be stopped. There are 2 types of Delbiter spawns; (1) It spawns Without charging. It instead charges a few second later. You cannot stop this type. (2) It spawns with charging. You can stop this type These can be stopped by the above methods such as Gifoie / Rabarta etc. that stop enemy charges. Here is a demo of a 4x Delibiter Charge stop, and amazingly it freezes all 4! Video credit: @NDW Symbol Chat Menu Dodging An old trick of PSO is that you can dodge most normal traps by walking through them if a menu is up. By having the first slot of the symbol chat free, the least amount of space is taken up by a menu, and is easy to bring up to dodge monsters as well as some slower traps. Photon Blast Reviving Out of moons? You can revive a fallen team by using either the Leilla or Mylla and Youlla Photon Blast. The fallen teamate will have to donate PB. Splitting Pofuilly Slime By casting Rabarta on slimes, they will split. Also if slimes are hit on the 3rd move of your weapons combo they will split. Killing Pofuilly Slime With Damage Traps When setting a damage trap in certain positions of a room, a single damage trap can kill slimes at full HP. This can also be combined with trap shooting to kill slimes even faster. Damage Cancellation (DMC) A classic PSO feature - if 2 or more players land attacks on an enemy at the same time they cancel each other out. It is best to space out attacks with other party members if possible or to focus on different enemies. Things other than just attacks can cause DMC too - Jellen and Zalure have more chance to cause DMC. Also If the game has 2+ players, your trap causes DMC to yourself as well. (for example when you time freeze traps etc) Reducing PB 'A Bit' Reducing your PB by a few PB points means that you can quickly hit 100PB again, and hopefully trigger mag invincibility. Stand on area transporter and swing PB wave (using Dragon Sword, TJS etc), then get warp immediately. With this tip you can reduce PB as much as you want. Reducing PB Unlike the above PB reduction tip, this can be done anywhere. You can reduce your PB by switching weapons after the second swing of TJS / Dragon Sword. With a combo of normal attack -> special attack, then quickly switch weapons to cancel out the PB burn. This way you will only burn 37 PB instead of 44 PB. Avoiding Olga Flow Form 2 Early Divine Punishment When starting the form 2, Olga is on stand-by during a couple of seconds then starts to look on his left and right... Damage him after the beginning of this animation to avoid an early Divine Punishment attack. Freezing Olga Flow's Gael Giels After waiting a few seconds to prevent Olga from casting Divine Punishment in the second phase (see above), it is possible to freeze both Gael Giels with 1 Snow Queen shot if facing east or west. Freezing / killing the mags weakens Olgas Divine Punishment, aswell as getting them out of the way for targeting. Stunlocking enemies with Techniques By repeatedly casting Razonde or Rabarta, enemies can be locked in place - this can work well for Zus, Mericarols, Merikles & Mericus'. D-Virus Launcher Bullet Speed This weapon has slow projectiles and is prone to missing - this is due to manual evasion where if an enemy is moving and/or if projectiles are slow - it is much more likely to miss. Even on low difficulty levels, an 80 hit D Virus Launcher can miss all special shots on fast enemies if using Special - Special - Special combo. To combat this using a Normal - Special - Special combo, the first normal shot will most likely connect and hold the enemy in place for the next 2 special hits. This usually isn't a problem in a multiplayer game as monsters are getting hit, but it is more noticeable playing solo. Self Resta It is possible to Resta only yourself, this can be useful when team members are wanting to their respective HP low to use Dark Flow or Final Egg Blaster special attacks. By casting Resta from the quick menu whilist performing an attack or other animation, this will cast Resta only to you. Video demo by @NDW Photon % Glitch On Mini Bosses + Olga Phase 2 Due to a glitch in all difficulties, the enemies Gi Gue, Gibbles, Mericarol, Merikle & Mericus are all unaffected by a weapons photon % attribute. No bonus damage will be added to the calculation, even if a weapon has a 100% boost. This also affects Olga Flow's second form. How To Stop Morfos Attacking With The Camera When Morfos spawns in, point the camera facing away from them (so you can't see them.) They will not be able to attack you. Stopping Delbiter's Projectiles With Camera Trick + More Camera Tricks Same method as above, if you are facing away the camera when spawned in, the Delbiter's will not use thier ranged attacks. This is far less useful than the Morfos trick, and is only really used on certain tower spawns in places where you are safe from being hit from physical attacks. Some further information from @VEL about camera tricks: "I often use no-look shot, especially when I kill 2 Morphos in 8-3 within 1 set (with Hell Striker), when using Dark Meteor etc. With this tip you can shoot more enemies at once without looking at enemies." Deldepth Early Rise Trick If timed correctly, an attack can force Deldepth to rise up early. This makes it easier to control positioning, and makes it easier to freeze / kill. This also still works if the attack misses due to ATA. Video Credit: mrpibb on YouTube. Gi Gue Early Spawn / Freeze GI Gue spawns up high and descends down. If shot at while its up high, it will force it down to land instantly. This can also be combined with Frozen Shooter to freeze it very quickly by performing a normal - special combo. Video Credit: Johnsens on YouTube Faster Technique Casting Not as useful anymore due to V802 & awesome tech damage buffed weapons on Destiny! Different classes and weapons have faster / slower technique casting times. Females cast fastest with wand type weapons, and males have the fastest speed when barehanded. Stopping Delsaber Mid Jump It is possible to stop Delsaber mid jump by timing an attack right. Video Credit: Johnsens on YouTube Forcing Shielded Gi Gue To Land / Unshield When a Gi Gue has it's shield up and just as it's moving to fly away, it can be hit with a freeze trap or hit with a technique. This will force the Gi Gue to land instantly and remove its shield. Video Credit: Johnsens on YouTube Dal Ral Lie First Bullet Dodge For play styles where it's optimal to have low HP for weapon specials, it's a pain to have to rely on mag invincitablity triggers to stay alive. You can dodge Dal Ral Lie's first laser wave every time by running right up to the back of the boat. Gibbles Glitch It is possible to glitch Gibbles where he is stuck in a loop trying to jump but is unable to. This is where you are up with your back against a wall after hitting Gibbles. Video credit: @Howitzer (glitch at 0:40) Dealing With Transfer Attack From Olga Flow Form 2 When Olga turns orange, the only way to damage him is to use a stated weapon with the right attribute, it's randomly chosen between Native, A.Beast, Machine or Dark (or find out the right element with techs). Using wrong attribute/element will hurt the player transformed into Heathcliff Flowen. Shambertin / Kondrieu / Saint-Milion Phase 2 Guide After preferably defeating a red spinner (yellow/green = little time of vulnerability, orange = longer, red = even longer) on phase 1 to break the first 4 tail jewels, you will have to do 4 more. When you multi hit the 4 jewels simultaneously during phase 2, three of them will explode so after the boss runs away towards the center area, you will be able to break the last one. Since you avoid multiple back and forth fights across the map for each jewels, this is the fastest way to defeat him, so prefer Estlla Photon Blast, multi targets weapons or techs. Zalure S-Rank Launcher Vertical Range With this specific infinite vertical range you can Zalure (lv. 21) enemies above you. Here are a few examples: - Olga Flow after his introduction cinematic - Gal Gryphon when he flies above the players in the beginning of the fight - Dark Falz form 3 in his landing animation (after Grants) - Da Ra Lie when he is (or jumps) above the platform Hitting Gal Gryphon During Thunderbolt With Infinite Vertical Height Attacks Take advantage of the infinite vertical height feature of Dark Meteor and Rathalos Greatsword specials to deal damages to Gal Gryphon while he is up in the sky shooting thunderbolts. The 'SNS' Glitch The SNS glitch refers to using a combo of special - normal - special. If this combo is performed on a weapon with slow projectiles at range (works best on a Slicer / J-Cutter), the accuracy of the first special attack with have the accuracy of a normal attack making the weapon much more reliable / usable. This is particularly useful with Slicer Of Fanatic, Hell J-Cutter or Arrest J-Cutter. Double Grants on Slimes By selecting Grants from the quick menu, you are able to hit a slime twice for every time one pops up. Video credit: Henkus on YouTube High Trigger Rate Of Gael Giel By having a Gael Giel mag with full Synch (120%), the trigger rate for invincibility is the highest of any mag - being 95%. This is due to some mags having bonuses for having full Sync (+35% on top of the original 60% trigger rate). More info coming soon on list of mags with bonuses. Ultimate Double Cannon Tactic By using a normal normal special combo twice in a row, this reduces HP to less than 12.5% (ready for Dark Flow special.) This way its not just much more safe, it gives you a lot of accuracy and you can hit all 6 special attacks - with the only downside of it is you reduce HP a little bit slower than 3x special combo. Its very effective against bosses like Sil Dragon (using a normal normal special combo) to make it sit and repeat, instead of using a 3x special combo and make it sit on your face.) It can also be used on Olga flow, in the first phase you can hit 12 times total because it has 2 targets. Its also useful on crowded quest like Path To Salvation, to be a little bit more safe and have max dmg output AOE. Section ID Non Rare Weapon Drop Frequency Non rare weapons drop at higher rates on certain IDs, see below charts for the frequency. Higher the number the more common the drop. Section ID Materials (more data needed) Whilst all IDs can drop any material type, some IDs are best for hunting Specific material types. Dark Falz Gush Whilst fighting Dark Falz in it's final phase, you can damage him whilst he is in his invincible state by using a weapon with Gush special (such as Guld Milla.) Furthermore this can still be also used if he has taken over your body - each shot will drain 120 HP per shot to Falz, causing 120 damage to yourself too, but also healing that 120 HP straight back to you. Avoid Being One Hit Killed by Saint Million / Kondrieu / Shambertalin Explosion Attack Damage is calculated by how close you are to the center meteor, as he starts to attack run as far as possible from the center to survive. Turbo Mag Feeding After feeding an item to a mag, you can press the F4 key (the mag shortcut) to close the mag feeding box, this will skip having to watch the stat bars rise every time an item is fed. This significantly reduces the time needed to raise a mag. Leave any tips and I'll add to the guide! A huge thanks to the contributors: @Lipelis @Howitzer @VEL And to @Depassage's awesome beginner guide where some of the tricks have been taken from:
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    Super fast, friendly and mag was exactly like I wanted it. Very happy and will be getting more.
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    Thanks @Howitzer - I've added it to the post! @Lipelis oops
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    T> REDRIA 2nd Anniv Wings +DTs for VIRIDIA 2nd Anniv Wings ➡️bit.ly/annivwings
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    Okay, I did added some I will complete the rest later, I do have interesting data for LCK38 Special on Falz (Thanks Orgo) I also need to find some spelling for Ill Gill Reaper and still add Piv's suggestions (im sorry)
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    Thanks Howi That's what I was looking for! I agree - since switching to GG I've noticed triggers everywhere haha.
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    Many thanks to Tsetsuna for the exchange !
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    If im wrong here and anyone has other informations, pls let me know
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    Our team is awesome because you don't have to be a pro or even any good. You will get help from other teammates.
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    S>TypeM Hell shot H30 for 40PDs,Hell Striker H35*2 for 30PDs each
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    My 2nd lvl 200 on Destiny Quite the game - 3 characters hit lvl 200 and an Orb dropped for D Vader! PSO trolling while hunting a 50 hit arrest laser...
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    If there is no warp/transporter around its a good idea to burn your PB with switching weapons after the second swing of tjs/dragon sword, so you do normal attack -> special attack and switch weapons quickly to cancel out the PB burn. This way you will only burn 37 PB instead of 44 PB.
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    The trick is the wall behind you. If you hit the gibbles a few times, itl try to jump on you and because there is not enough space for it to land (because of the wall), it glitches and trys to jump over and over again
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    Hey there, You want a mag? No clue how to feed it or just want to avoid that work? Shisui is the answer For the process of mag feeding i desire 5 PDs I won't provide mag or mag cells PM me here or on discord if you looking for a mag! Cheers Shisui
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    Thanks man I died in a healer, I like how it keeps trying
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    get ready for a next quest called "Lost TypeSH/SHOT"
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    Hopkins got his first weapon over 80 hit
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    maybe time to bump this thread since rate of PGF is 1/73 during this event. good luck
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    hello, since mini event is over, now time to hunt PGF i think step1: unlock 8-3 with HUneweal I'd recommend you to do it with your friend. step2: grab some items that you will need to run 8-3. here is list of items. 1.significantly Twin Cyclone / Ultimate Double Cannon with D% (AD or MD are fine too. or set of UDCs) Hell Striker with Hit% / Last Emperor / Twin Blaze Shadow Cloak / Blue Phantom Field V802 / Immortal/Battle / V503 / State/maintenance (or Trap search if you use armor other than Shadow Cloak) 2.Option Eternal Night with D% / Dark Flow / Mitsunari / Celestial Fusion / Last Swan (Xmas Spirit) / Storm Render / Hell J Cutter step3: learn spawns and just spam this quest. (solo) you won't take 14 mins to get bosswarp even w/o Dark flow, thus you can finish under 16mins. what you can get other than PGF: Viridia: RPF (skyly has much better chance.) Skyly: RPF/Twin Blaze Yellow: Nothing Purp: Nothing White: Soul Biter/Grave Digger Red: AENSLAND(lol)/Shadow Cloak good luck
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    Deep Happy New Year from Rathalos! <3
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    Hear ye! Hear ye! Heathens and disciples alike! Now has come the time of the Trials of dw! The trials of the mighty will start immediately and will end on December 16, 2017! Your duty as a participant will be to SOLO TTF, RT, and POD on ultimate and submit a recording of each run! Rules of Engagement: NON-RARE WEAPONS ONLY (orange boxes only) VANILLA UNITS ONLY You may use any armor, shield, and mag you please You may use no more than 2 (two) different characters (one character per run) No s/d before beginning the trial Those who may cheat will feel the wrath of dw Each participant is allowed 1 (one) submission of each trial Whoever has the shortest COMBINED time of the three trials shall be declared Praetor of dw Your video must be submitted to the Council of dw between December 1st and December 16th, any prior entries will be ignored and deleted from this manifest Further rules (and rewards) may be added as dw sees fit I wish you luck with your trials and with the battles to come! Rewards of dw: Those who complete the trials will be given the choice of many items from my personal stores. He(or she) who is declared Praetor of dw will be given first choice and all further disciples will be given their choice dependent on their decreasing worth (fastest is first, slowest is last)
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    Bragging rights on a 17 odd year old game that looks and runs like crap and has split communities whereby most of the time no more than 30 people are on at once. I have to say we are a strange bunch of people lol