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    RELEASE: We added a new special mode. Playing in this mode gives you 2x movement speed, but if you take damage one random item is removed from your bank. If you have no items left, your character is deleted. This mode is automatically enabled for all players. Due to the fact that there's already another server that offers a similar mode, we decided to call this mode Destiny Hardcore Mode™ (DHM). Game - Creating a room now costs 300 meseta. - Hucast can now cast Shifta/Zalure lv 25. - Using dark flow with less than 10% HP now ignores resta. However, while in this mode, other players can also attack you. - Ingame music replaced with random techno music I found on youtube. - Monomates now stack to 99, but trimates have been removed from the game. - Phantasmal Crates now have legs, and they will run away when you try to grab them. Enjoy!
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    to bump this thread i'll just post (feel free to post your good time here, everyone ) this run is from 2019 january 18 btw lol Team: @Alt @VEL Quest : Beyond the Veil Time : 12:26 classes : HUcast Hunewearl NOPB
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    Shisui and i used this fun trick back in the days on ultima roct quest. There is a spawn with some ill gills, epsilons and a mericarol. We confused them with Iron faust and that big spawn was gone in a blink
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    Great time @VEL + @Alt I would love to see a video run of BTV in the future - I love the quest I might start posting some times on quests with my chars, even if they aren't the record, just to get some more times on the board and have a record of progression haha
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    Thats one awesome time! CG! It has been added to the TA-record list
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    8-3 gov quest with Huney and Nightmare Time attack version of this run will be uploaded soon...
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    Thanks for the happy birthday wishes guys I'm sorry! I took a break been almost two years... Prolly coming back soon!
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    It's been a while since I've been in a Berlin Techno'ish mood but hey, when Blawan plays an unreleased tune from his duo Karenn, it's always a pleasure (the timecode should be set 👂🎵)
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    ~ 100 solo 8-3 runs with and without HH. Going tryhard pays off sometimes
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    thanks maybe we can improve more since some new gears were added haha
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    Got everything I needed, thanks. Rates: Pow: 5:1 pd Luck: 1:1 pd Def: 8:1 pd 30 pow mats / 6 pds 4 luck mats / 4 pds 40 def amts / 5 pds 15 pds total
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    100 Luck would be 20% chance of dealing a critical hit The formular is "(Luck stat) / 20"
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    Its not my fault, I play PSO using this:
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    I can confirm this somehow! The limitation of 1 scape doll per char/bank/common bank was made to make the gameplay diffrent.. to make it a little bit harder same counts for the knock back as @Lipelis mentioned it already. This consists since server release But all these changes are definitely compensated through added custom items. Thats the philosophy on how our admin wanted to run the server. About luck mats. I never played PSOBB on dreamcast or wherever it was playable back in the days, but since i play PSOBB, luck mats were always beeing a red box (also on other servers untill they changed the box skin for them), so I'd say it always have been red boxes? EDIT: Once i was brave enough to go on an adventure with @Piv (HUct lvl 130 quest: PW4) and had only one moon atomizer on me. I carried piv through this game. @Lipelis this is the way of playing with piv haha, in any other way he wont learn how to survive.
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    Hi guys, first of all big THANKS to destiny staff for upgrading Nightmare! After the buff was announced, i wasnt quite sure about how usefull it is or how much better it would be than death reaper or Ill gill reaper. So i started grinding for it and maxing it up (at least hit%) to find out. Turns out its an SH/Shot with hell special for Hunters and much more powerfull in close range. See for urself
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    Hi all, Since most of us are locked at our homes due to the virus we decided that we put on free section id and x10 Xp. So you all can have some fun with leveling and don't have to change chars for a hunt. Free Section ID and x10 XP are active now. Enjoy
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    From my first introduction early December I grinded the game a lot in a short amount of time (according to my standards) so since I reached some of my main goals for RA & HU, I feel like this is a good moment to share my progress with a relatively detailed log it could be interesting for new players and curious people hehe Legend: ➡️= Important date | ✦ = Major game changer ➡️November 18, 2019 Joined Destiny → RAmar Charge Arms 1pd Bazaar Heavenly/Battle Very Hard Bluefull MA4DMD, Dorphon Eclair ✦ → Never: C/Battle → Hell Striker → Death Reaper → Spread Needle → Frozen Shooter → Won Wrath’s Quiz → Red Ring → Orgo: Combustion Cannon → Berserk Arms 5th Phantasmal Crate → Tiger’s Fang & Dragon’s Claw 0/70/70/0|90 6th Phantasmal Crate → V502 Heart of Dark Chao Utimate Viridia CCA, Gryphon Lavis Cannon 0/0/25/0|45 Ultimate Redria Maximum Attack 4th Stage -1B-, Pouilly Slime Business Jacket Ultimate Yellowboze TTF, Dark Bringer Death Reaper 40hit Ultimate Redria PTS, Indi Belra ➡️December 6, 2019 Halloween Event with free ID and Photon Tokens activated because of delay Cannon Rouge Utimate Greenill MA4DMD, Dorphon Eclair Heavenly/Arms Utimate Pinkal MA4DMD, Dorphon Eclair ✦ Grave Digger Ultimate Bluefull Max Attack, Goran Detonator Sealed J-Sword Ultimate Skyly Defend The Main Room, Gi Gue -> 20dts Heaven Striker 0/0/0/35|35 Ultimate Redria Max Attack, Pyro Goran V503 Ultimate Redria Max Attack, Goran Detonator State Maintenance Oran CCA, Gryphon ✦ V802 Ultimate Whitill Lost Soul Blade, Sinow Blue → RAmarl 6pts → Blue Phantom Field 30pts → Dr. Robotnik's Plan B Raygun 0/0/50/50|30 from Restless Lion Parts of Egg Blaster Ultimate Skyly, Baranz ✦ Final Egg Blaster 0/0/50/50|30 → Sabrina: Ninja Suit D-Virus Launcher 40/0/0/0 Ultimate Bluefull Gal Da Val’s Darkness Baranz 1/1820 Genesis Armor Whitill, Epsilon Ill Gill Reaper 80% Walking Through Flames, Grim Reaper Demon Wings PTS, Headless Horseman ➡️December 28, 2019 Xmas Event with free ID and Photon Tokens activated Ethereal Armor Christmas themed Symbol chat event 2nd place → Flola: Boondocks Saints Ultimate Purplenum PTS, Indi Belra Xmas Present Hell TypeSH/Shot 45hit Xmas Present Charge Yas 40hit Xmas Present Demon Yas → Wade: 30pts → 15dts 1st Parasitic gene "Flow" RT ✦ Dark Meteor 0/0/50/50|50 → RAcast Prophets of Motav Ultimate Oran → 22dts Oran Card Ultimate Oran, Dubchich 1/16806 ✦ → tsetsuna: Imm/Battle for pts Christmas Spirit 0/0/0/40|40 January 15, 2020 Skyly Wings from Howitzer for 25pts into Whitill 8-3 unlocked 2nd Parasitic gene "Flow" RT → HUcast ✦ Dark Flow 0/0/50/50|50 pts → Twin Cyclone, Stormrender, D-Photon Core, Dark Matter… ✦ Ultimate Double Cannon 0/0/25/0|45 ✦ dts → Depassage: Rathalos Great Sword, Dragon Sword Orb Of Illusions x4 January 25, 2020 Redria Wings bought to Piv turned into Viridia … TOTAL: ~300 hours From now on, I split my ressources into upgrading RA & HU gear (at a 60:40~ ratio since I'm a native Ranger player) then Dark Bridge and serious FO stuff will come later. Thanks for reading! Cheers 🍻
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    I am Legion <3
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    Happy Birthday 09! I never got to thank you for the skins you made us because I was to sick then, but I was rifling thru a mountain of unread team content and found them all ! Very nice..tyvm I really enjoyed the stuff you made for the team. Have A good one!
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    Black Paper's Deal 1 - Normal Rappy Route: Rabbit Wand Smoking Plate Tripolic Shield Bunny Ears God/Power God/Arm Resist/Burning Resist/Storm Resist/Holy Resist/Devil Rappy's Beak Zu Route: Twin Brand Meteor Cudgel Monkey King bar Black King bar Twin Blaze Partisan of Lightning Demolition Comet Vivienne Electro Frame God/Body Dorphon Route: DB's Sword (3062) DB's Sword (3067) DB's Sword (3069 Chris) DB's Sword (3064) DB's Sword (3069 Torato) DB's Sword (3073) DB's Sword (3070) DB's Sword (3075) DB's Sword (3077) Kusanagi Officer Uniform God/Mind God/Battle Black Paper's Deal 1 - Hard Rappy Route: Red Coat Invisible Guard Yata Mirror Cat Ears Cure/Slow Cure/Confuse Cure/Freeze Cure/Shock Rappy's Beak Zu Route: Final Impact Flame Visit Panzer Faust Maser Beam Photon Launcher Red Scorpio NUG2000-Bazooka Cannon Rouge Ano Bazooka Flame Garment Dorphon Route: DB'S Saber Kaladbolg Elysion Red Saber Red Sword DB's Saber (3067) DB's Saber (3069) DB's Saber (3075) Flamberge Secure Feet Black Paper's Deal 1 - Very Hard Rappy Route: Club of Laconium Club of Zumiuran Alive Aqhu Sting Tip Madam's Parasol Madam's Umbrella Windmill Rabbit Wand Hitogata Tyrell'sParasol Rappy's Beak Zu Route: Slicer of Assassin Diska of Liberator Diska of Braveman Flight Cutter Red Slicer Slicer of Fanatic Thirteen Infantry Gear RegenerateGear Adv. Dorphon Route: Durandal Agito (1975) Agito (1983) Agito (2001) Agito (1991) Agito (1977) Agito (1980) Ancient Saber Yasha Guren Black Paper's Deal 1 - Ultimate Rappy Route: Mace of Adaman Club of Zumiuran Battle Verge Sting Tip Madam's Umbrella Evil Curst Plantain Leaf Standstill Shield God/Ability God/Technique Divine Protection Rappy's Beak Zu Route: Spread Needle Holy Ray Handgun:Milla Frozen Shooter Yasminkov 3000R Yasminkov 7000V Yasminkov 9000M Angel Harp Ophelie Seize Tanegashima Standstill Shield Smartlink Dorphon Route: Agito (1975) Agito (1983) Agito (2001) Agito (1991) Agito (1977) Agito (1980) Yamigarasu Sange Kamui Shouren Black Paper's Deal 2 Normal: Rianov 303SNR Phoenix Claw Master Raven Last Swan Yunchang Decalog Yasakani Magatama Smartlink Photon Drop De Rol Le Shield Hard: Rianov 303SNR Phoenix Claw Master Raven Kusanagi Shouren Yunchang Snake Spire Flapjack Flapper Decalog Black Hound Cuirass Yata Mirror Stink Shield Smartlink Divine Protection Centurion Ability Photon Drop Liberta Kit Very Hard: Rianov 303SNR Phoenix Claw Last Swan Vivienne Kusanagi Guren Yunchang Decalog Black Hound Cuirass Gratia Yata Mirror Stink Shield Yasakani Magatama Smartlink Divine Protection Centurion Ability Photon Drop Ultimate: Rianov 303SNR Phoenix Claw Last Swan Vivienne Kusanagi Guren Shouren Decalog Black Hound Cuirass Gratia Yata Mirror Stink Shield Yasakani Magatama Smartlink Divine Protection Centurion Ability Photon Drop