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    Nice to meet you I am Yuzuponko Recently started Destiny Newcomer  'm not good at English, but I use Google Translate to talk  I will be indebted from now on
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    I will end this mini event in 6 hours from now please make sure you change back to the right section ID
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    Welcome to Destiny enjoy your stay
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    weren't TAing but this means 8xx is not impossible (maybe)
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    Hello all, Welcome to............ Special thanks to @Shiva for the banner. This will be a fun MEME PSO themed mini event. In this event you guys have to make a MEME related to PSOBB. And post it in this thread. Rules are very simple: PSO theme only (so any PSO related MEME is allowed). You can only post 1 MEME. Don't use meme's from past events. You can update your MEME by editing your post. You can't post new ones. You can't edit after the end date. Everything edited after end date is disqualified. No inappropriate content. Everyone can participate included staff members. Have fun. If you are not keeping on the rules you will be disqualified and can't participate again. The best 3 Wins good prizes, Prizes will be 1st RATHALOS GREATSWORD [50/0/0/50|50] 2nd D-VIRUS LAUNCHER [30/0/0/30|30] 3rd PHOTON SPHERE Every one that participated in this event but didn't win will get 2 Phantasmal crates as a consolation prize. This event will end on Sunday June 23rd 6:00 PM server time GMT/UTC. I hope you guys have fun. Good luck.
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    HI everyone this week we have: Free section id change and xpboost by x10 This mini event will end Monday 17th at 10 AM server time GMT/UTC. both are active now. Enjoy and don't forget to change your ID back in time.
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    thank of that as 5 stacks of 999999999 mesetas lol
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    i want to buy the twin cyclone for 25 pds pm me when u are one
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    yo sommelier i would want to buy the Egg Blaster for 10 pds please pm me
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    well that's it for now thanks for choosing me for being the best player of all lol
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    Part 3 about class guide by myself is completed, Orgodermirk suggested me other guides to possibly do however it's very complex and I probably need more time/help If I decide to make them
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    Shoutout to all of the FOs out there, y'all are the real MVP.
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