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    Hi all free section id and 10x xp is active for this weekend. Enjoy
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    Buy level 30 techs All Attack Techs lvl 30 Grants lvl 28 is also fine Megid lvl 28 is also fine
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    Thanks man I died in a healer, I like how it keeps trying
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    This one is for people that likes Hardcore <3
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    This one is also really good i love this guy <3
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    Always joining a server and never introducing myself so Hi I'm nip, i'm coming from ephinea and ready to introduce myself officially ;O. I never was truly into pso until recently (a couple years), but seeking a new adventure I stumbled upon destiny where i'm hoping to new life and new hunters, i'm hoping to catch some games with you all and to have a good overall experience once again ;3
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    Hello all welcome to my Shop Weapons Armor's/Shields/Units Others Wants Most of the items have a price If they don't feel free to offer. 1DT = 10 PDS = 2 TOKENS. My Guildcard is 42000007. If you are interested in something to buy or to trade for items i want PM me pls Thanks for looking
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    dayum that solo at the end
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