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Found 2 results

  1. Race to 200 event!

    Destiny PSOBB Race to 200! Hall of Fame: Zero 641 HiFoo NDW Snowhawk Daddy Roo Shoe Berry Junsui Zyzyx Spuz Orgodemirk Zwene primera angrod ren Lizzy XIRocketmanXI Amras Bee Here's the deal. To celebrate our launch, the first 20 players to reach level 200 will get to pick a prize from the list! Rules: You have to provide a screenshot of your character hitting level 200 or being level 200. One prize per person. Breaking this rule means disqualification. Dual logging not allowed. (even though you can participate with multiple people in one house, say spouses, relatives, friends, etc. You just can't do so on the same PC.) Breaking this rule means disqualification. No cheating, obviously. We triple check all winners. If you cheat in any way, not only will you get disqualified, you'll also get banned. Prizes are rewarded on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Each prize that's taken, is crossed out. This event will last for a 3 weeks from now, or until all prizes are taken. Whichever comes first. You can't use a beta account or any gear obtained in beta whatsoever in this event. Prizes: First Prize: Parasitic Gene "Flow" x1 grats to zero 641! Grave Digger [0/0/0/0|30 hit] x1 grats Roo! Hell Needle [0/0/0/0|30 hit] x1 grats HiFoo! Centurion/Battle x1 Grats Snowhawk! Tiger's Fang & Dragon's Claw 0'd x1 grats to zyzyx! Glide Divine X 0'd x1 Grats NDW! Custom S-Rank Grats Daddy, Shoe, and Berry! Genesis Armor Min grats hikari, primera, XIRocketmanXI, Bee, Lizzy, Amras! Red Ring Min grats orgo, angrod, ren, Spuz, Zwene! Have fun!
  2. Time Attack Event

    Destiny PSOBB Time Attack! Episode 2 style! Winners: Lost Heart Breaker: First place: Team NDW! Second place: Team Shiva! Third place: Team Junsui! Gal Da Val's Darkness: First place: Team Drexxin! Second place: Team Zwene! Is your team the best on the server? We got three quests for y'all to prove yourself. (Episode 2) Gal Da Val's Darkness (Episode 2) Dolmolm Research (Episode 2) Lost Heart Breaker Prizes Gal Da Val's Darkness Dynasty Armor max 4 slots Photon Sphere Photon Booster Dolmolm Research Energy Storm Photon Sphere Photon Booster Lost Heart Breaker Centurion/Battle Photon Sphere Photon Booster Rules Entries consist of a recording of your run uploaded on youtube with "Destiny PSOBB TA" included in the title. The quests are run in ultimate difficulty. No cheating, obviously. If you cheat in any way, not only will you get disqualified, you'll also get banned. No video editing. The entire run must be stock footage that's not tempered with. The time is counted from the moment you leave pioneer until the quest is finished. This includes turning it in at the respective NPC. You are not allowed to PB before the quest begins. You can participate with one team, one quest, one entry only. You can't be in multiple teams at the same time, multiple submissions, or multiple quests, even with different accounts, or the entire entry gets disqualified. If you reached a better time, edit your original post with the new video. Each player in the winning team gets a prize. The team that's first place gets to choose what they want first, team that's second gets to choose second, etc. Everyone gets the same item. Each prize that's taken, is crossed out. Event finishes sunday October 1st 2017 06:00 PM GMT/UTC. Entries submitted after that exact date will be ignored. Winning teams will be contacted to pick up their prizes. Good luck! Credit to Shiva for the awesome picture!