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    I hope my feelings reach you ...
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    Blowin' you a kiss and offering a flower in these trying times
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    For this Valentine's Day many hugs and hearts, so Zion wishes you.
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    i made a symbol chat for person who is too nervous to ask someone on a date. let me know if it uploads wrong, and i'll try again
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    Hi! I have a dark past I want to forget.
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    Hello everyone, Welcome to.............. Special thanks to @Shiva for the Amazing banner. This will be a fun Valentine themed mini event. In this event you guys have to make a random Valentine Symbol chat in game. Make a screenshot from it and post it in this thread. Rules are very simple: Valentine theme only (so any Valentine related symbol chat is allowed). You can only post 1 symbol chat. You can update your symbol chat by editing your post. You can't post new ones. You can't edit after the end date. Everything edited after end date is disqualified. No inappropriate content. Have fun. If you are not keeping on the rules you will be disqualified and can't participate again. The best 3 Wins good prizes, Prizes will be: 1st Place: @torico FINAL EGG BLASTER [0/0/0/0|57] (Rolled 57) 2nd Place: @HHawk4 SNOW QUEEN [0/0/0/0|90] (Rolled 90) 3rd Place: @R-78 YASMINKOV 9000M [0/0/0/0|91] (Rolled 91) Prizes will be handed out differently. 1st place gets to pick any prize, 2nd place picks from the two prizes that are left, 3th place gets whatever isn't picked. This time its going to be different. All the prizes are 0 stats, However the winners can get hit on them, while in game i will hand out the prizes to the winners they can use the in game command /roll The number rolled with this command will be the amount of hit they receive on the weapon they won. For example: You rolled 65, you get 65 hit. Hope that's clear enough. Every one that participated in this event but didn't win will get 2 Phantasmal crates as a consolation prize. This event will end on Sunday 14TH of February at 12 PM server time GMT/UTC. I hope you guys have fun. Good luck.