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  1. Looking to buy "starter" things

    Thank you so much!
  2. Looking to buy "starter" things

    Getting into this server has been a little tricky since I don't have the gear I had in other servers, leveling is slow, and everyone is only in Ultimate mode when I log in. How much would it cost to buy a few things to expedite this process? I'm hoping for a heavenly/battle, a few god or heavenly arms/power, a few addslots, and some 0hit weapons that can get me any mileage like Varista, Slicer of Assassin, Gae Bolg, DB's Saber, or 0hit Black Paper items like Spread Needle. I'm sparse on PD's but I'm willing to throw in some Donation Tickets (or whatever you call them). Secondary question, I have a few Photon Tokens from some past event. How do you get Photon Tokens and what do you use them for? Final question, I see a thing on the homepage about daily quests with rewards, but nothing explains this. Can someone help me understand? Thanks! (edit) Also what is Rothalos on the drop tables?
  3. Valentine Themed Symbol Chat Event !!!

    i made a symbol chat for person who is too nervous to ask someone on a date. let me know if it uploads wrong, and i'll try again