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    I think its important for everybody share their stories, so here is mine. So, i started to play this server about 1 and half years ago, i was around about 16 at the time and i will say a lot has happened since then. I've seen new players step in, old players leave, countless updates and many an event, however I've always felt part of a family here no matter what happened and i am extremely grateful for that. I've honestly sunk so many sleepless nights playing with some of you and creating friendships and memories that i will never forget that it blows my mind. This game, server, you all, mean the world to me and i can never, in a million words, describe how each and every one of you have affected my life and shaped me to become the person i am. I've taken a huge break from this server and that is mainly due to not having many people to play with, dont get me wrong, i still do love playing here occasionally but to be honest it gets quite boring playing solo, stupid timezone hehe. If there is one piece of advice i would give any new player is to definitely find a group of mates to play with, it makes the experience 100 times better. Those mates for me were the almighty Oran, the ever so majestic Matticus, the noisiest man on the server, Mr. Noise himself and so many others. These guys have been awesome and stuck with me for most of my journey, if not all of it. However as many a story should, mine ends here. I've recently moved on to do many things. I've got a girlfriend now, i am doing my second course at college, i am still playing games of course and even coding some of them, i am fighting my insomnia and diving into fitness but most importantly i am growing. As i said, i am not the person i was when i started playing this server and i am now realising that. My mag making shop will be closed for the foreseeable future and i will most likely only be coming back for events, whatever peaks my interest. The staff of this amazing server have been wonderful. Sab, Magic, Vel, Shiva you have all done an amazing job and i am proud to have say I've been apart of this community and Orgo my man, Beyond the veil was a masterpiece, much respect to every quest and every single piece of code you have contributed to this server and contribute in the future. Thank you all for the memories. Thank you all for every nice thing you have ever said to me. Thank you all for supporting me in my times of need and in my darkest hours and my brightest days. If you ever need me whether it be for advice or someone to talk to without fear of being judged or if you need any support what so ever, you can contact me on discord at Wrath#4858. This has been my story. - Wrath
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    @Wrath thanks for the nice words! but you definitley forgot about one of the most important stuff member... @Mylandra
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    I think you've made me about 10 mags since I joined (I have a problem) It's great to hear that you're doing better. Hope to see you in the future events
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    We gonna miss you man. You always have a place here. Thanks for making my first mag on here. I wish you the best on your future endeavors
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    Welcome to the LegendClub Piv
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    Super fast! Highly recommended
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    Great time @VEL + @Alt I would love to see a video run of BTV in the future - I love the quest I might start posting some times on quests with my chars, even if they aren't the record, just to get some more times on the board and have a record of progression haha
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    Unboxing with @Misombre yesterday. Once the seal was broken... TP was flowin' all over the place things lightened up towards the end. Some eagle-eyed viewers may recall me posting this :3 Kinda back to front but everything worked out: GG
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    got that beauty today :3 my first lame drop on this server