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  1. Thoughts on Orb of Illusions

    The things stated in your post about solo play were spot on to how I feel, when I used to play frequently I noticed that there were dedicated groups of players that would play together mostly, the Japanese players would play together and those of legion would typically play together, not that this is a bad thing, but it made it so solo players who couldn't get into games were unable to efficiently farm certain pieces of gear just like the "ORB OF ILLUSION". I've thought for a while now that it needed to be lowered or even moved to a few different mobs. I don't have a problem with the RNG side of things, but certain items on this server are an absolute pain to farm without a couple other players and within the past year or so I have found myself playing more and more by myself and not being able to farm certain gear because of the difficulty of some of the quests for solo players.
  2. umm... Hi. Im Sorry...

    Welcome welcome, I too love to give stuff away whenever I come across stuff I don't need, you sound like you'd fit in with the hunters association 😋 *hint hint* never the less I'm glad to see one extra face here and hopefully we can play some time soon 👍
  3. Show your screenshots

    Did it take you an hour and 20 mins to get through RT? Or is the timer just wacky? Either way that is my dream lol back to back Pgfs very nice guys well done 👍😊
  4. Both my mag shop and trade list are up and running! Pls take a look 🏃😉


    BUMP! Back up and running my mag shop
  6. Wrath's Trade list

    Bump! Shop is up and running!
  7. Show your screenshots

    10th PGF this event? Or in general?
  8. Show your screenshots

    I got this off of falz during Christmas spirit hunting lol

    Hey there, im looking for a full yellow humar stat build. the build must allow for; DVA, V503, state and 2nd anniversary wings
    Enjoy your day 

  11. Hi! I am Wrath...

    I think its important for everybody share their stories, so here is mine. So, i started to play this server about 1 and half years ago, i was around about 16 at the time and i will say a lot has happened since then. I've seen new players step in, old players leave, countless updates and many an event, however I've always felt part of a family here no matter what happened and i am extremely grateful for that. I've honestly sunk so many sleepless nights playing with some of you and creating friendships and memories that i will never forget that it blows my mind. This game, server, you all, mean the world to me and i can never, in a million words, describe how each and every one of you have affected my life and shaped me to become the person i am. I've taken a huge break from this server and that is mainly due to not having many people to play with, dont get me wrong, i still do love playing here occasionally but to be honest it gets quite boring playing solo, stupid timezone hehe. If there is one piece of advice i would give any new player is to definitely find a group of mates to play with, it makes the experience 100 times better. Those mates for me were the almighty Oran, the ever so majestic Matticus, the noisiest man on the server, Mr. Noise himself and so many others. These guys have been awesome and stuck with me for most of my journey, if not all of it. However as many a story should, mine ends here. I've recently moved on to do many things. I've got a girlfriend now, i am doing my second course at college, i am still playing games of course and even coding some of them, i am fighting my insomnia and diving into fitness but most importantly i am growing. As i said, i am not the person i was when i started playing this server and i am now realising that. My mag making shop will be closed for the foreseeable future and i will most likely only be coming back for events, whatever peaks my interest. The staff of this amazing server have been wonderful. Sab, Magic, Vel, Shiva you have all done an amazing job and i am proud to have say I've been apart of this community and Orgo my man, Beyond the veil was a masterpiece, much respect to every quest and every single piece of code you have contributed to this server and contribute in the future. Thank you all for the memories. Thank you all for every nice thing you have ever said to me. Thank you all for supporting me in my times of need and in my darkest hours and my brightest days. If you ever need me whether it be for advice or someone to talk to without fear of being judged or if you need any support what so ever, you can contact me on discord at Wrath#4858. This has been my story. - Wrath
  12. Wrath's Fancy Costume Competition

    Due to insuffiencent amount of entrees i cant judge the costumes very well because there are only 3 entrees. Which means everybody wins, i did hope that many more people would take part but it seems this wasnt something people were interested in, i wont be handing out the official prizes because i wish to use them for other events down the road. However those of you that did enter will be getting a 10 PDs, 5 luck mats each and 2 Bouquets. I hope the participants understand that i loved all of your designs and appreciate you dearly for taking part