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  1. When a mag is dropped instead of it saying what mag it is it says Monomate and then the level and what stats it is

    Hello, welcome to my mag making service. Note that this is a SERVICE not a SHOP. I will not be selling MAG CELLS. This is because I sell COMPLETED CUSTOM MAGS. If you want a custom mag you need to get in-contact with anyone in the Hunter's Association Team. Details that need to be given about the mag you wish to be made are... STATS, what MAG you want it to be and colour (If the chosen mag is affected by colour). I am notorious for making fast mags so It wont take long. Mag Cells: Parts of RoboChao = RoboChao Mag x3 Heart of Chao = Chao Mag x5 Heart of Devil = Devil's Wings and Devil's Tail x5 Kit of Hamburger = Hamburger Mag x1 Kit of MARK 3 = Mark 3 Mag x1 Kit of MASTER SYSTEM = Master System Mag x1 Dragon Scale = Tellusis Mag x1 Heaven Striker Coat = Striker Unit Mag x9 Ideya Cell = nIghts Mag x5 A New Friend = Twin Sato Mag x2 Pandora's Box = Twin Wraith Mag x1 Dragon Tear = Coelum Mag x15 Other Mags: Sato Pricing: 20 PD or 4 Photon Tokens for MAGS THAT USE MAG CELLS. 10 PD or 2 Photon Tokens for SATO Other Important Info: IF YOU BRING YOUR OWN MAG CELL FOR THE CUSTOM MAG IT WILL BE REDUCED BY 1 TOKEN. SO INSTEAD OF 4 TOKENS, IT WILL BE 3 TOKENS FOR THE COMPLETED MAG. IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME DIRECTLY; PM ME ON THE FORUMS OR LOOK OUT FOR MY CHARACTER NAMES, NEBO, EITUR, BUMBLE.
  3. Hi! Buying Soul Devourer and Type ME Mechgun with double stats (Preferably Dark and Machine)
  4. Buying Gear

    V503, State Maint, D Virus Armour, PM me your price and ill get back to you
  5. Mag cells

    Im looking to buy a ton of mag cells, im a mag maker and always down to make a mag for someone in no time at all. Looking to buy everything other then dragons tear and dragon scale. Thanks PM if you have any
  6. B> Heart of Devil

    Buying heart of devil reply to this post or PM me
  7. B> Power materials

    Buying power materials, PM me if you got some, need 60 mats
  8. Trade List

    Death reaper: 45 0 60 30 Death reaper: 40 0 0 30 Death reaper: 0 0 0 0 15 Heaven striker: 40 0 40 45 Kroe sweater: 4 Slot Shadow Cloak: 4 Slot Molten Ring Three seals Zanba: 0 0 0 0 PB/Flow Want PDs, PTs, Offers
  9. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

  10. B> Cheap SKYFALL

    Can be closed
  11. Price guide

    Price Check on Red Ring
  12. B> Cheap SKYFALL

    I'm buying a cheap Skyfall, stats don't matter. I have 30 PDs or 3DTs. PM me if you can sell for a bit cheaper then normal -Thankyou all
  13. Price guide

    Price check: Psycho Wand Skyfall Claw of Elements
  14. Price guide

    Price check: Immortal/HP Stormrender Mother Garb +