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  1. Show your screenshots

    1st Ill gill reaper i believe..
  2. Halloween 2019!

    Wow. Alrighty thanks for clarrification
  3. Halloween 2019!

    Whats the difference between bat wings and demon wings?
  4. Ahoyyyyyy ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽

    Its been a pleasure playing with you, im super stoked that you're having fun here. Psttt... thats my Red Ring.... how you get that.. btw you lucky *Beep* i cant believe you got a Seal J sword. I want one just for bragging rights hehehe!
  5. I need your help..

    Appreciate the help and advice, it means alot to have somewhere as kind a community to go to when you got troubles. I will try out all these different things to see if i can try get on top of this
  6. I need your help..

    Well i tend to skip breakfast quite a bit, im also not eating lunch on tuesdays because of my college schedule. Sometimes my class does not go to lunch because of my teacher rushing us through class content. So what im eating and when is a bit up in the air.
  7. I need your help..

    The video was very interesting, i have indeed heard most of it before. Thank you for all the advice and help. I will try some of the things you and the video mentioned. Hopefully i can get my sleep back on track
  8. I need your help..

    So im a 17 year old who suffers with really bad insomnia, on a college night im going to sleep at 6am, waking up at a little passed 8am and missing my classes. I will then take that 2 hours sleep and that will fuel my body till the next day where the cycle repeats for days on end. Many of you guys on here that know me somewhat will know that ive been trying to combat insomnia for years, to no avail. Im just looking for any unique tips and tricks to help me with my insomnia. Im asking here because i have no where else to look. All internet research has been tested and it really doesnt seem to have any advantages. Maybe some of you have had similar issues and could share your thoughts. ~ Thanks Wrath
  9. Email...

    Well i mean, i was just hoping you could tell me the email for the account and then i would change the password from there. I would assume you could check email.
  10. Email...

    Okay so ive forgotten my email for 2 different PSOBB accounts. Im trying to get into the email to change the passwords for the accounts. It is driving me nuts. Is there anyway for you guys to check the emails for those 2 accounts. I have the usernames for both if needed. If i cant get into them then i wont be able to login to them when i get my new PC since i use the remember me option instead of actually inputting passwords.
  11. Windowed vs full screen

    On my computer i have noticed that some areas do run a little better in full screen, however i dont play in fullsceeen very much because i use the floor reader here so i would recommend doing a TTF, POD and RT just to check the majority of areas in each style of window
  12. Halloween Event Update

    any update as to where we are with the event?
  13. Wrath's Quiz

    Weldone OranFayte! That was the last question, thankyou to those who participated Winners should meet with me in game to recieve a prize.
  14. Wrath's Quiz

    What is the name of each episodes final storyline quest?
  15. Wrath's Quiz

    Weldone Orgo! Next question at 4.00 PM GMT