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    keep in mind that you can not run faster with imm/legs and ramar rabarta doesnt do mo dmg either. Ive tested it
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    Dorphons-eye view. Here we see Hopkins getting into trouble as usual...
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    Reformatted + updated! After any stat Red Ring + Imm/Legs edit: thanks orgo! After a High Def RR now.
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    Baranz Launcher 100 hit, 90 dark from Daily Crate.
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    Hello All I think we can say we had a great xmas event, so before it ends we wanna give all of you guys a STUNNING last weekend. There for we decided were raising the XP to X10 once more! Also, for this last weekend, we increased the rate for: Presents by 100% Photon Tokens by 100% Christmas Spirit droprate 1/64 This will all end on tuesday the 16th of January at 10:00 AM GMT/UTC. Also Xmas Event ends on this date and time. We hope you guys had fun this event. Don't forget to change back your section ids before this time. Enoy the last days!