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    Basically on a baby mag the lowest you can raise in DEF is +5 per single item (as shown on feeding charts) via Monomate/monfluid/antidote/antipara. If you Bank the mag after EVERY item the +5 will round down to +4 thus less defense increases as you lvl. You can do this on any increase of DEF, not just the baby (so for 187 POW you'd just continue to 35-50). It can be long a tedious, but since this server has infinite mag feed it's not so bad. Other servers you'd have to wait 3.30 each item you fed then banked mag. This is the bank trick. Using this method is how I got my 0DFP mag to remain 0DFP upon evolution. (without doing so it would always gain 1DFP): Picture below~ This example was using antidote but it would work the same as long as the 4 specified, just other stats. @thelionorion it does work here, I did it here~
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    Do you require assistance?
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    im never going to visit dat nurse....
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    Requirements: Quest: Towards the Future Minimum 2 Players (2 Male Characters) Maximum 4 Playerrs (at least 2 Male Characters) Only Room Leader can be the DRAGON After the DRAGON dies, the Player dies too and wont get the EXP When the DRAGON kills all players, you will get teleported back to the Boss teleporter while the others are at the hospital. What to do: Enter the Quest, go to the Bank and talk to the black dressed Fomarl. She will give you an Access Code. Now depart to Forest 2 and access the Terminal in the first room. Activate it. Hit "Yes". If you have done this, you can enter the Boss Teleporter Explore and enjoy your new gained Powers. Note: u can only dive into the ground after u RAAAWWWWWWRRRRR!!! once.
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    Nice! I'll have to get some 0def mags >:3
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    Hi i am selling those items Exterminator 0-0-30-0|25 Virus armor LAfuteria RR ( could trade for something interesting) Sold Hadgun:Milla 0-0-0-0|30 HIt Kitetsu 0-0-40-30 0-0-30-0|40 Dragon Slayer Spread Needle 25-0-0-20 Zalure lv 28 Resta lv 30 mind material x6 def material x10 hp material x3 Evade material x7 Sold pds dw Wants: Inmortal/power Inmortal/arms D-Photon core / gael giel mag 4 addslot Any nice weapon that could be interesed Pm me ^^
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    Greetings, as the title suggest i'm trading either my Business Jacket 288DFP/min Glide Divine X/ hitlesy boondock saint/ virus armor lafuteria and/or Dragon Tear mag cell for Either a Glide Divine S or Red/Blue Phantom Field Please post and pm if you want to trade. I'm also selling them for a fair PDs/DTs offer
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    Very well done NDW and group. 1st place 37'43. Awesome! 2nd place 32'06
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    Finally I got one for like the past 5-6 days of hunting. Now to try to get Red Ring plus Dark Matter.