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  1. Destiny PSO Unique Feature list

    Infinite Mag Feed is permanent. Episode 1, 2 and 4 monster stats are rebalanced with the emphasis on minibosses and boss fights. • ATP, DFP and/or HP adjusted where needed for the following monsters: Hildebear, Hildeblue, Grass Assassin, Nano Dragon, Pan Arms, Sinow Blue, Sinow Red, Baranz, Delsaber, Chaos Sorcerer, Chaos Bringer, Dark Belra, Sinow Berill, Sinow Spigell, Mericarol, Merikle, Mericus, Gibbles, Gi Gue, Del Lily, Ill Gill, Sinow Zoa, Sinow Zele, Deldepth, Morfos, Delbiter, Astark, Goran Detonator, Girtablulu. • Baranz: Missile damage increased. • Gran Sorcerer: Grants damage increased. • Recon: Bomb and saw damage increased. • Ba Boota: Foie damage increased. • Dragon: HP and DFP increased. • De Rol Le: HP and DFP increased. • Vol Opt: HP slightly increased. • Dark Falz: HP slightly increased. • Gryphon: ATP slightly increased. Tornado/lightning damage increased. • Olga: DFP increased. All attacks rebalanced. Note: no picknick. • Shambertin/Saint Million/Kondrieu: Beam/Tornado/missile damage increased.
  2. Daily Quest: Item Crate

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