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  1. Destiny v0.6.8 patchnotes

    Oh so... TFS reference too? ^^;
  2. Destiny v0.6.8 patchnotes

    Haha! When did you say it? The reference that comes in my mind is TeamFourStar Vegeta interaction with Dende lol.
  3. Destiny v0.6.8 patchnotes

    Thanks for the hard work Magicman! I'm loving the new improvements and can reset my mats now ^^; Interesting incorporation that was notified to be impossible or refused as Socko mentioned. Tis a shame I didn't try and grab more Grave Diggers when I had the chance! D'oh! No more /matcount lulz too! Vol Opt #2 loved getting an early beating lol.
  4. Halloween Event 2017

    I'm a bit late as I have been busy and took a few days off PSO but awesome introduction, graphics and execution! Thanks for the hard work behind the scenes Team Destiny! Some intriguing, unique and wonderful stuff ^^; @Janemba I lol'd at your screenshot with the pumpkin head, jesus christ lol.
  5. New Flag - PGF

    Hahaha, not bad at all Jim! Good and funny topic Misombre! (no bare kitty allowed =3) LMAO! ^Not my proposal but I thought it was a funny gif xD! Someone could screenshot all our chars heads in there ahaha! I'll post this one lol:
  6. Guide to Play as DRAGON Boss

    Hahaha! I forgot all about this little trick. Thanks for the reminder, it'd be quite the surprised for some who are not expecting it lol.
  7. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    Charge would make Exterminator take a back seat lol; since that's a berserk spread with lower ATP stats then Tormentor. Charge could be done but one would have to buff Exterminator/de-buff Tormentor in the ATP scenario etc... Then we have to think about Baranhz's charged spread also as we don't want to make that useless either. Its always tricky thinking about implementing new weapons because its hard to not devalue vanilla weapons atleast.
  8. All Custom Gear stats + pics

    Probably been raised before but why is: Tormentor a Demon's shot? It would of made more sense if it was Hell? Grave Digger pretty much decimates it because it is: 1) Easier to get. Therefore easier to acquire better % especially hit. 2) Needle animation and speed therefore OP demons. 3) 170.0 range, whilst Tormentor has 130.0 range. Though Tormentor has a lower required ATA, higher total ATP and 10 more ATA. But the aforementioned above, really do outshine those Tormentor's pros. I personally think it needs a different special to be honest to at-least make it a useful weapon because its taking a backseat at the moment because of Grave Digger. GRAVE DIGGERType: Needlemin ATP: 400max ATP: 460Grind: 9total ATP: 478ATA: 40Required ATA: 190Special: Demon'sRange: 170.0 (targets: 5) Class: ramar, ramarl, racast, racasea TORMENTORType: Shotmin ATP: 415max ATP: 415Grind: 85total ATP: 585ATA: 50Required ATA: 180Special: Demon'sRange: 130.0 (targets: 5) Class: ramar, ramarl, racast, racaseal
  9. Team Members Section ID's.

    Alrighty guys and gals! So I first tried inputting the data on Google docs: Word and Spread but they both failed because them both being very difficult to 'split' columns. After a few google searches, add-ons and failed attempts I just thought to post an image of it (will update as we go along) of the document in Microsoft Word. Atleast I can be a bit more creative and have more freedom to express and neaten things up too ^^; Tell me what you think so far. Its only a testing image. I may need to increase font size I think lol. But here it is for now. I have updated it with all the information above. Thanks, enjoy! *Click on it multiple times to be able to zoom in/better perspective.
    1. RedSniper


      So fcking epic my Friend Jesus Christ.... probably we have to wait for the Next season:c

    2. Junsui


      Yeah totally, ahaha!

      Thought to share the amazing art work, hope it gives off some inspiration and brightens your day young Hero! :)

    3. RedSniper


      Its super amazing ^^ Thanks man!

  10. Zwene the Ranger

    Happy Destiny Arrival!
  11. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    AFAIK there is no 'new' drops yet in the BPD 1 + 2 quests. They just use vanilla drops. But that's not to say later down the line drops will be implemented to it. ^^;
  12. Special daily quest challenge

    I'm in ^^; I was thinking of stocking up on crates my mates, so that I can splash out and see what I can get. Have to hold the urge in for sure! Nocrate will be our virtual and PSO version of Nofap. 7 Legendary Crates; requires 7 Heavenly Virtues to rank us our titles!
  13. Team Members Section ID's.

    Ah! Crap I forgot all about this. Was busy doing the event hunts and real life stuff lol. I'll have time tomorrow to smash it out. Thanks for your information!
  14. Commands

    Okies thanks! If I see you online or another GM I'll ask then if they're not busy! TY.