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      Photon Token mini event   10/18/20

      Hi, since main event is delayed, we are gonna activate photon token drops while this month. it drops from all enemies, higher difficulty gets higher drop rate. you can add hit% on weapon with photon tokens in bazaar quest (EP2) 1photon token = 1hit%   For Japanese:   ENJOY!


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    MY GUILDCARD: 42001185 Sorry,Im not good at english PM Please! (日本語OK) 1DTs=10PDs wants DTs/PDs weapon LAVIS CANNON [40/35/0/0|15] 8DTs LAVIS CANNON [40/0/0/0|50] 10DTs LAVIS CANNON [0/25/45/45|0] 10DTs LAVIS CANNON [0/40/45/40|0] 15DTs DISKA OF BRAVEMAN [0/0/0/0|75] 50PDs ILL GILL REAPER [30/0/35/0|0] 10DTs LAST EMPEROR +15 [0/40/0/0|0] 5DTs LAST EMPEROR [30/0/40/0|0] 8DTs LAST EMPEROR [0/0/35/35|0] 8DTs LAST EMPEROR +15 [25/0/45/45|0] 15DTs STORMRENDER [30/0/0/35|0] 5DTs HEAVEN STRIKER [0/0/25/0|30] 3DTs HEAVEN STRIKER [0/0/50/0|30] 3DTs HEAVEN STRIKER [25/0/0/35|40] 6DTs HEAVEN STRIKER [0/0/45/0|40] 5DTs HELL STRIKER [20/30/0/0|30] 6DTs GRAVE DIGGER +9 [0/0/35/35|30] 10DTs shields/units BAT WING [def: 0 / evp: 0] 10DTs Heavenly/Resist 15DTs items Dark Matter 10DTs Orb of Illusions 60DTs offer SOUL BITER [0/100/0/0|90] M&A85 FURY [0/100/0/100|100] SEALED J-SWORD [0/0/40/0|0]
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    I'll buy STORMRENDER [30/0/0/35|0]