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  1. B> Tons of Stuff

    I can sell these items. DOUBLE CANNON [0/0/0/0|0] ANCIENT PROPHECY [0/30/0/0|0] GRAVE DIGGER [40/0/0/0|0] DEATH REAPER [0/0/30/45|40] CLAW OF ELEMENTS [0/0/30/40|0]
  2. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    Please PM me if you want to take something Notes : All weapons are tekked Price : 1 Donation Token = 10pds, 1 Photn Token = 5pds Prices are subject to change and items might be removed, added and/or altered in the future Team DUCK is my Closed Team So if you find Team DUCK in game, please feel free to talk to me You're more than welcome to tell me in game My guildcard : 42000726 Weapons For Hunters Weapons For Rangers Weapons For Forces Armors Shields Units Mags Technique Disks Others Thank you for reading this to the end
  3. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    New PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List is here. Please PM me if you want to take something. I'm open to negotiating the price.
  4. New PSOBB Sommeliers Trade List Coming Soon

  5. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    First of all, I would like to thank all the Messages and Posts. I am currently working on deals and get back to you individually. If you don't get a Private Message, please send your message again.

  7. S> Cryo Warhead for 28dts

  8. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    Thank you for the post 8dts + 2pds will do We should meet up when we are online
  9. Show your screenshots

    That's my line
  10. S> ANCIENT PROPHECY for 3dts or 36pds or 12pts

  11. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    Sure We should meet up at a mutually convenient time.
  12. S> Syncesta for 1dt or 12pds or 4pts

  13. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    I just changed Prices and New items have arrived. Private Message or Posting, either is fine.
  14. S> V802 for 3dts or 36pds or 12pts

  15. B> Parts of Egg Blaster for 3pds

  16. Show your screenshots

    I'm thinking about opening my own flower shop
  17. S> Photon Booster for 1dt (Donation Token Only)

  18. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

  19. topu's Trade List

    I'll take them please. It's 80pds in total.
  20. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    Noted with thanks. We should meet when it's convenient for both of us. I'll login after 4 hours.
  21. Show your screenshots

    The big event occurred yesterday
  22. Show your screenshots

    Fake PGF with Sword
  23. PSOBB Sommelier's Trade List

    I'll do. Could you trade now by any chance?
  24. S>C/Battle for 2dts or 24pds

  25. Show your screenshots

    Mad Hatter