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    Welcome to my shop! Everything has been Booma approved! SWORD/DAGGER/CLAW/PARTISAN/SLICER/DOUBLE SABER WEAPONS HANDGUN/RIFLE/MECHGUN/SHOT/NEEDLE WEAPONS CANE/ROD/WAND/CARD WEAPONS ARMOR/SHIELDS/UNITS MAGS/MAG CELLS/ANIMAL PARTS/Etc. WANTS: PDs, PTs, Dark Flow, PGF (for these two i can offer PDs, PTs, DTs, PS'). PM me if you are interested in anything!
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    Now that's a shop were I would buy my equipment
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    thank you! i know yours has been out for a while but i wish you luck too
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    understood! I will try in the game immediately. Thank you for your kind answer!
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    Hi all, Valentines is extended for 1 week. So the event ends on sunday 17th. Enjoy the last week
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    HH 180 :3 Good luck to everyone c:
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    Happy hours have started again HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU <3
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