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    Game changes Droptable updated (please check below) Added banner to Amitie's memo, Pioneer Parts, Tablet, Yahoo! Engine, Heart of Morolian, Section ID Cards. ■VERY HARD ■Ultimate Also you can check official droptable list, thanks! https://playpso.net/drop-tables?diff=3#ep4
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    The reader has been updated to version v0.9.9. v0.9.9 Update The new version will not retain v0.9.5 settings / position / size / etc. Added map items option! This will show items on your map. These items are filtered in the same way you choose to filter items on the reader now. If you use multiple monitors and Display Scaling within Windows, a borderless game tool, or have other issues with map items appearing correctly, you may need to manually configure the setting. Fixed mouse-over behavior for reader items so item icons no longer disappear. Clicking an item in the reader will make the icon on the map pop out. Using your cursor to hover over an item on the map will show details about that item. Added a settings reset option that appears in the JumpList from the taskbar. (Requires restart) Lowered the minimum Opacity and added a warning about using 0% opacity. Changed some button behavior for 0% Opacity cases Added a Dark GUI option that changes the title and buttons to black. (This also prevents resizing the reader)
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    v0.9.10 Update Fixed issue with items disappearing after walking away from them. Added option for players to manually choose icon size.
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    Hi all, I'm Kiwi. I used to LOVE playing PSO on the Gamecube back in the day. I would do couch coop with friends and it's honestly one of my favorite games. I've played on SCHTSERV in the past, but it's been a long time. Another friend of mine recommended Destiny so here I am. I hope to be playing for a while!
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    i don't know of a 1 card game to play. 5 card stud maybe?
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    These are some nice changes to the less used Hunter IDs Thank you for the refreshing update~
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    Event has ended, freeid will be on for 2days. so please do not forget to change back your ID, thanks
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    Welcome, happy to show you around if I run into you, all my characters have Hamma in the name.
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    Isso ai mesmo Retro, obrigado por responder! Mas, a primeira coisa que eu fiz foi upar o personagem até 200, sem materiais e nada, após segui os planos que o fórum traz (max calculator), porém observei que nem todos os itens estavam contando nos pontos base, o que acabava dando mais pontos em certos status do que outros, assim fui obrigado a refazer o uso de materiais após estar com todos os equipamentos que queria (,2nd anniversary wigs, Shadow cloack+30ATA and trap search more, v503,immortal battle and ability,V802. e por ultimo fazer o mag com o status necessário. That's right Retro, thanks for responding! But, the first thing I did was level the character up to 200, without materials or anything, after I followed the plans that the forum provides (max calculator), but I noticed that not all items were counting towards the base points, which ended up giving more points in certain statuses than others, so I was forced to reuse materials after having all the equipment I wanted (,2nd anniversary wigs, Shadow cloack+30ATA and trap search more, v503,immortal battle and ability,V802. and finally make the mag with the necessary status.
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    How you did this ? Mag and Materials ? Units ?
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    Thank you Valentine
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