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  1. A>Charge Yasminkov9000m (0/70/70/0/90)

  2. First come, first served!

  3. yuzushop

    GC No42002044 1DT = 10pds 1PTs = 5pds 1PS = 10DTs PGF plsPM D-VIRUS LAUNCHER [0/0/40/0 | 0] 9DT D-VIRUS ARMOR 12Dts  Storm render [] 15pd Ra FROZEN SHOOTER [ 30/30/0/0 / hit45 ] 28pd FROZEN SHOOTER [0/0/0/30 / hit45 ] 25pd FROZEN SHOOTER [25/0/0/0 / hit35 ] 5PD HAVEN STRIKER [0/0/0/40 / hit0] 8pd HAVEN STRIKER [0/35/35/30 / HIT0] 18pd SPREAD NEEDLE [0/40/0/0 / hit40] 35pd SPREADNEEDLE [0/0/0/30 / hit25] 5pd Fo Zuspunshiment [0/0/0/0/0] 18pd Resta lv16 1pd ATackDisk 25〜29 2set pd1 unit and shield State maintenance 6DT REDPHANTOMFIELD4pd Dphotoncore 35pd mat def mind×10 = 1pd(def200mind100 keep) hpmat4 = 1pds (keep200) pmat4 = 1pds want list PDsPTs DTs PS hit90〜100LAVIS Hit85↑Calliver
  4. Price guide

    pricecheck Heavenly Resist ?
  5. Price guide

    pricecheck please frostbyte?
  6. B> Robotnik's Plan B (DONE!)

    hi i sell please PM
  7. yuzushop

  8. Price guide

    DVA is very difficult to drop, so I think 15DTs
  9. yuzushop

    bunp  Increased means of purchasing PGF
  10. Hi. New player :)

    welcom and enjoy Destiny
  11. Show your screenshots

    2ndwing I played the wings complete  bad luck me? 1run purple 20 skyly 10runs Greenil 16~8 Blue 40runs Viridia 35runs Oran 50〜60run Red(MR) 200〜360 run Whitil(MR) 1run pink 5〜10run yellow It was very hard but I'm happy
  12. yuzushop

    bump Replenished PGF
  13. yuzushop

  14. yuzushop

    New item added
  15. yuzushop

  16. Nice to meet you i yuzu

    Nice to meet you I am Yuzuponko Recently started Destiny Newcomer  'm not good at English, but I use Google Translate to talk  I will be indebted from now on
  17. B> Power and Luck Mats

    I have a long login so please talk to me
  18. B> Power and Luck Mats

    Can you login now?
  19. B> Power and Luck Mats

    hi Lord I can offer it