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  1. Quick Question, Quick Answer Thread.

    Hey just wondering if Nightmare's Hell Storm Special is affected by Hit?
  2. Wade's Flea Market

    I'm willing to trade you my x2 D-Photon Cores for your PGF =)
  3. Arashi's Trade List

    BUSINESS JACKET [slots: 0 / def: 1 / evp: 15] 5PD I'd like to buy this please =)
  4. Arashi's Trade List

    135: Grants LV27 disk5PD 164: Barta LV29 disk Id like to buy these please =) *Team Legion*
  5. topu's Trade List

    I'll be right there
  6. topu's Trade List

    Yes make a room
  7. topu's Trade List

    ANCIENT PROPHECY [0/50/0/0|40] 30PDs I'd like to buy this please =)