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  1. I wish all Destiny Mommy's an happy Mother's Day

  2. Happy Mother's Day hope you will be celebrated like a Queen today :D
    I wish you a wonderfull day Sabrina <3


    1. Sabrina


      Thank you verry much man :D 

  3. Arashi's Trade List

    update please lock/close this tradelist thansk in advance
  4. Arashi's Trade List

    THIS TRADELIST IS >>>CLOSED<<< AT THE MOMENT!!! Hi and Welcome to my Trade List 1DT=10PD's MY GUILDCARD: 42001525 WEAPONS: ARMOR/SHIELDS/UNITS TECHNIQUES,MATERIALS,ITEMS,OTHERS DISCOUNT = 1PD if you are in Team Legion everything listed here at Discount is for free!!! THINGS I NEED: DTs PDs THIS TRADELIST IS >>>CLOSED<<< AT THE MOMENT!!!
  5. Destiny v0.6.17

    ok today i did a test run with my maxed Last Emperor solo BTV dmg is still good but you did underestimate the now drastically increase of TP consumption dmg was nerfed by about 40ish% but the TP Special cost is still the same, this way it feels like a double nerf i would consider to lower the TP cost for special by also 40% just my 2cents for Last Trifluid ehm Emperor
  6. Show your screenshots

    cg Sabrina
  7. Destiny v0.6.17

    Last Emperor nerf i know it was op and broken but still very sad farewell o dear Emperor good happy op times we shared together so much fun Death Cannon and Christmas Spirit bug fix

    Outstanding as always thanks @ Destiny Staff Hello D-Virus Launcher and good bye Exterminator
  9. Music

  10. New here! Hi!

    Welcome to Destiny you have found the best PSOBB private Server enjoy and have lots of fun

    1. Arashi


      its sooo sad we only have season 1 and 2 i want to see them all
      its so cool so many womans are in seasen 6

  12. Arashi's Trade List

    I havent been active many months now and my Tradelist is pretty outdated il try to update it asap im sorry for any inconvenience caused by that *sorry i will also reply to your pms soon
  13. Hudo's Organic Item Shop

    good luck with your Shop
  14. Buy Wings of Life for DTs
    also lookin for Gush Needle

    1. Arashi


      just saw event will be extented il try my luck til its over

  15. Ello? hiya

  16. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180
  17. God bless merica :D



  18. VEL's Trade List



    1. Sabrina


      Thank you :D 

  20. Deldepth Farming?

    Deldepth[Extermination] Phantasmal World #3,need to enter Seabed 2 nouthernmost room (31)[VR] Maximum Attack 4th Stage-B- (24) But imo The easiest and fastest way is 8-3 it takes about 3-4 minutes to kill 7 of them. After you have killed the first spawn in room 4 wich contains 3x Deldepth you /Lobby out and repeat. You can use Shadow Cloak for some traps on the way and Hell Weapons for Dolmolm and Domdarls and you will also face 4 blue Sinow's easy and efficient thats how i farm Grave Digger if i have to