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  1. Here's how the anniversary event went for me...

    Nice vid, Jan. Scared of people hacking your account though or why did you not show any weapon stats? (Edit: oops, didn't see the spoiler) @Velt: " total of crates is maybe less than 300 " -> lol, "maybe" less. Too much energy drink consumption (aka「緑の爪」だね) made this amount possible, methinks. Here's my own video, then:
  2. Show your screenshots

    That Shisui sure is lucky to get such a ludicrous 1/1,000,000 drop:
  3. Show your screenshots

    I bet he trades all the Photon Drops we give him in Gallon's Shop for Meseta ...
  4. Show your screenshots

    Your Eternal Night almost has the same stats (just in a different order) as one of my Twin Cyclones did back in Halloween event:
  5. Show your screenshots

    Hunting Mortal Ruin for weeks now, never got a red box on my screen (it did drop for Shisui when we played together) until now: Yeah, considering the drop rate, it is much easier to find this one, huh:
  6. Show your screenshots

    Congrats on that double Immortal/Battle drop @Rsnemesis I got something similar (when it was still called Cent/Battle) a few months ago, I have posted it before but here again for reference
  7. Show your screenshots

  8. Disgusting Behavior

    Look what Magictrick wrote back in May - " 17+ players online. I can't be more proud " ... And now we are nearly to double that figure. Let's see what the playerbase will be in a year or so. Oh, about the playerbase ... I like a lot it as there is next to no drama here and the forum shoutbox is not being inundated by inane drivel.
  9. Max Stat Plans and Improvised Calculator

    No State/Maintenance, Mr. Depassage? Hmmm ... Of course, you could equip State/Maintenance (and ditch Immortal/Battle) if you use D-Virus Armor and don't mind having just the 80% instead of 120% battle speed increase.
  10. Hello.

    Welcome to the server and thanks for your quest. I'm the one who was talking to you about this in EN/JP in lobby about a week ago By the way, I thought Detonator = PSOBB Sommelier, so I was wrong and called you that name in lobby, sorry about that.
  11. Happy Hour/XP Boost Alert!

    HH 180
  12. Looking to join a team

    4 FO stuff is always fun ... gotta do something in Tower, I'm sure Shisui is up for that too.
  13. Show your screenshots

    ↑ Looks like Luck's Luck in this Happy Hour still was sufficient to help Shiva get that drop Yesterday during the Happy Hour, Shisui and me also hunted Zu's Punishment doing 2 FOnewm PODs. We get a few Kondrieus and in one of those fights, I died as the boss died. Could already see the red box, just waiting to be revived. It wasn't a PD, but Shisui was not amused not getting a drop himself because he didn't plan to play PSO the next day, so this was his last chance to get the weapon before the end of the event. Or was it ...? Today, I decided to make it up to him. A Happy Hour began (the one where I joined Sab, Holbe and Shiva later) and I decided to hunt a Shadow Cloak for Shisui. After 6 or 7 runs: Having recently put hit on my Celestial Fusion to whittle down Astark/Zu/Dorphon HP to save time, I decided to try my luck again - literally, by sending my FOnewm (aptly named Luck) into POD. First run, Kondrieu - no drop. Second run, Kondrieu again! This time I died from two missiles hitting me at the same time and I had no Scape Doll. Grabbed a Scape Doll from the bank, and this time sweet revenge was mine:
  14. B>Celestial Fusion / Passion Haze

    yes, give me 2 mins and I'll be in lobby