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    My 2nd lvl 200 on Destiny Quite the game - 3 characters hit lvl 200 and an Orb dropped for D Vader! PSO trolling while hunting a 50 hit arrest laser...
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    Because Meme aside, I could talk endlessly on how aesthetic is important to me but long story short, since I'll see my toon for hours I'd rather find it pleasing to my tastes so seeing one fashion faux pas or a missing piece triggers me lol That's why I'm down for it, oh and plus the fact that it is a limited edition item, which is always nice as a collector
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    Hello, For Whitill 2nd Anniversary Wings I'm offering one of those trades: 1) TIGER'S FANG & DRAGON'S CLAW [0/70/70/0|90] 2) ORAN CARD [45/0/0/35|45] + PROPHETS OF MOTAV [0/0/0/40|0] 3) SKYLY 2ND ANNIVERSARY WINGS [def: 0 / evp: 0] + 20 DTs 4) 30 DTs Contact me if you are interested in one of those options (or a mix of some). Thank you EDIT: Trade done ✅
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    finished 4th TP maxed char
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    Trade done! This topic can be close now. Thanks to @JanenbaDMS and @Howitzer in the first place who traded me the Sky ones
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    I legit considered answering my own question with A E S T H E T I C S Well I can swap you for the Skyly ones and the DTs. I missed most of anniversary event so Whitill were the only ones I actually got
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    i think Magic got all ofem at the end. He farmed and bought from everyone for 15 DTs each on event
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    jk, i like ur offers here. Prty interesting ones ^^
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    B> SJS/TJS pm me pls (TY T)